the amazing adventures of chicago's climate action heroes

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Brought to you by the Chicago Field Museum and illustrated by Lisa See Kim this comic book tells how neighborhood residents are brought together by four species whose habitats are being threatened by changes to Chicago's climate. Together they figure out how to make a difference.


  • 1. OUR WORLDS CLIMATE IS CHANGING TEMPERATURES, HUMIDITY, AND WIND ARE CLIMATE CHANGE IS LARGELY BEING BECOMING LESS STABLE RESULTING IN CAUSED BY HUMANS BURNING MORE FLOODS, DROUGHTS, AND HIGHER FOSSIL FUELS TO DO THINGS LIKE TEMPERATURES. DRIVE THEIR CARS, HEAT THEIR HOMES, AND RUN THEIR FACTORIES. Hmmm... No kiddin! You dont say... CLIMATE CHANGE IS A HUGE PROBLEM... WHO ARE THE HEROES THAT WILL RISE TO MEET THIS CHALLENGE? WHAT SUPER HUMAN POWERS MUST THEY POSSESS? Ok, Hold it, Mr. Narrator!HUH? OH, HELLO THERE, BIRD. WHAT IS Climate change is a Once we understand IT? HUGE problem, but that climate change, we can doesnt mean you have figure out what we can all do You had to have SUPER HUMAN to help. me up until powers to be able to do Take, for example, what my that whole something about it. friends and I are doing in the hero Chicago Region.... baloney. WHAT DO YOU MEAN? 1
  • 2. It all started one day.... Hey everybody, thanks for meeting me here! Well, you did say that it was important.... Beaver, this wetland you built is quite lovely. Oh, thanks! Well, the Mrs. always wanted a place, and... Sorry, but we really do have some important issues to talk about here! I think we all have been noticing that were in trouble, Chicagos CLIMATE IS CHANGING, and its making it harder for all of us to live around here. Yeah... I mean, who knows Oh my, yes. I do whats goin on with this rain. believe it has beengetting a bit warmer. First there are droughts, then BAMfloods! Hows a And the beaver weather has supposed to been crazy! build a dam? I think we need to find some humans who are willing to help us.... 2
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