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The first series of “Adventures in SportsLand” focuses on bullies. This series consists of eight (8) children picture books (Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Golf, Tennis and Volleyball) that are fun, attractive and educational. The goal of these illustrated sports books is to teach good behavior, sportsmanship, family and moral values to youngsters through sports while using imagination and having fun.



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    The Baseball Bullyby Charles Hellman

    Illustrated by Robert TiritilliThe Bully Series

    The Basketball Bully The Soccer Bully The Tennis Bully

    The Volleyball Bully The Golf Bully

    The Football Bully The Hockey Bully

  • 3SportsLand is a magical place high above all the clouds.Each town has one sport and every game has a crowd.

    Bats, balls and gloves come alive todayFor a fun baseball game right here they will play.

  • 4Twenty gazillion baseballs float in the sky.Every color of the rainbow, they please the eye. Whats all the excitement? What is the reason?

    Why its the TeamMates and Hoo-Doos big game of the season!

  • 5The TeamMates are one of the two teams in Baseball Town,who play by the rules. They have fun and dont frown!

    Sometimes they lose, sometimes they win. It makes no difference. They keep playing again.

  • 6It was now time for the game to start.Coach Wiffle talks to the TeamMates straight from the heart.

    You know how to play fair and you know what is right.Now just have fun and play with all your might.

  • 7Trouble, the Hoo-Doos coach, is not very nice.This purple 8-ball screams and gives bad advice.

    He jeers at Coach Wiffle and the Hoo-Doos do the same. They tease and bully and call TeamMates bad names.

  • 8Look out for Trouble when this bully wants to win.Youll see a smirk on his face, then a wink and then a grin.

    He breaks rules and likes to cheat.When angry, he turns red as a beet.

    TROUBLE getting MAD!

  • 9With Slugger up to bat, be prepared.With his speed, and his skills, no one can compare!

    This outfielder hits the ball with power. Once he hit the ball so high that it caused a rain shower!

    A trash-talking Hoo-Doo calls him a name.He ignores the name-calling and says, Shame! Shame!

  • 10

    Left-handed Homer stands tall on the mound.His favorite rosin bag lies on the ground.

    This pitcher has a great deal of spunk.He throws Hoo-Doo batters lots of junk.

    A curve or a knuckler...Each a knee buckler!

  • 11

    Mitten shines the platinum spikes on her baseball shoes.She makes them sparkle for the game with the Hoo-Doos.

  • 12

    Mr. TweeT, the umpire, says to them all,Dont talk any trash! Its time to play ball.

    Remember - Its not about winning - Its not about losing - Its all about fun - and the friends you are choosing!

  • 13

    The Hoo-Doos bat first. Guess who steps up to the plate? A trash-talking player who yells, I am great!

    Mitten signals Homer to throw a fastball, But this Hoo-Doo is tricky and he fools them all!

  • 14

    He throws down the bat and pulls out a slingshot. Straight into the pouch, the baseball is caught!

    He pulls back real hard, then lets go with such might, The ball flies toward the moon and disappears out of sight!

  • 15

    Now its the TeamMates turn to bat.A Hoo-Doo hisses at them like a wild cat.

    The Hoo-Doo pitcher throws three balls in one lump. Homer misses all three. Youre out! yells the ump!

  • 16

    The Hoo-Doo pitcher throws a curve ball, But for Mitten thats no problem at all!She hits the ball without any trouble,

    And shes on base with a stand-up double!

  • 17

    In the batters box Slugger takes a practice swing. From the dugout the Hoo-Doos call him a ding-a-ling.

    They also make fun of his stuttering words.Call his TeamMates names like geeks and nerds.

    Deep to left field Slugger whacks the ball hard. That baseball might fly right out of the yard!

  • 18

    Then a Hoo-Doo puts on stilts and is nine feet tall! He towers high over the big left field wall!

    He goes for the ball. Will he catch it? You bet! Cause in his back pocket, he has a butterfly net!

  • 19

    Mitten stops running when she hears the crowd roar! The loud noise she cannot ignore.

    The ball is caught so she turns back around. She tries to return, but falls to the ground.

    Those bullies have tied together her shoe laces. A Hoo-Doo tags her out cause she cannot run bases.

  • 20

    Leading off in the ninth inning, a big Hoo-Doo awaits. He flexes his muscles and tries to intimidate.

    Homer says to his TeamMates, Three more outs and were up! And weve got several runs to make-up!

  • 21

    When the big Hoo-Doo misses the first time, Strike one! TweeT calls! And when he misses the next pitch, its Strike two and no balls.

    Homer then throws a knuckler, and WOW does it buckle! Strike three! calls the ump, and all the fans chuckle.

  • 22

    Angry Trouble grabs Wiffles hat and snaps TweeTs suspenders. He laughs at the TeamMates and calls them pretenders!

    Homer strikes out two more Hoo-Doo batters! Troubles face gets bright red as he gets madder and madder!

  • 23

    Trouble winks, then grins, then screams, TIME OUT! He yells so loud all the town hears him shout!

    Hold on to my lead and do what I say, Or Ill bench you for good and no more you will play!

  • 24

    Its the TeamMates last chance. Its the bottom of the ninth inning! They need four more runs, if this game they are winning!

    Dont ever stop trying, always do your best! You must play your hardest when youre put to the test!

    Dont be a quitter, cause quitters dont survive.Coach Wiffle adds, Now give yourselves hi-fives.

  • 25

    BALL FOUR, take your base!

    The first TeamMate batter walks as four balls go by. WOW, whatta really, really GREAT eye!

    Homer singles. Two TeamMates are on bases. Mitten bats next as she double checks her laces!

  • 26

    Hey shorty! Hey loser! Youre gonna strike out! No hitta, no batta. The Hoo-Doos at Mitten shout. A line drive to the shortstop, which he just cant get! Now the bases are loaded and theres no butterfly net.

    Those trash talking Hoo-Doos are bragging theyll win. Trouble brings in a new pitcher with a wink and a grin.

  • 27

    Aw, Shucks! Slugger says to the cheat.That last trick of yours was not very neat!

    This time throw me a gopher ball,And I will hit it over the wall.

  • 28

    But instead of a baseball, a pink marble is thrown! Trouble is smirking, but to him its not known

    That Sluggers vision is super all right, And he hits that pink marble out of sight!

  • 29

    The Hoo-Doos threw a ridiculous fit,Cause they cant see where the marble has lit.

    All the TeamMates runners advance and cross home plate to score! One run - now two - now its three - WOW! Its FOUR!

    And so now the TEAMMATES have won!They feel real good about how they have done.

  • 30

    Three Hoo-Doo players stop Wiffle after the game. The tall Hoo-Doo says, Were ashamed.

    Can we be TeamMates, if we promise to be good?We will to play by the rules and be part of the neighborhood.

    Wiffle says, OK, but no bullying - play fair and right,And you might play as a TeamMate, if you act very polite!

  • 31

    The TeamMates start singing. Its a wonderful sight To see the team win which plays the game right!

    That night as they go back to their lockers to sleep, Wiffle says to his players before counting sheep,

    Keep in mind that the fair road is the one to choose.Then no matter the score, you will never lose.

  • 32

    High above any cloud is a place called SportsLand. Where the game of baseball is so very grand.

    Bats, balls and gloves go to sleep for the night, And dream of the next game that they will play right.

  • 33

    What is SportsLand?SportsLand is a mystical, magical land where sport is KING. It is located high above the highest cloud, above the highest rainbow and it sparkles brighter than the brightest star. SportsLand sits on a brilliant white fluffy cotton cloud. Look up in the sky, maybe you can see it right now! SportsLand is dedicated to the promotion of all sports for FUN and games are played all day, every day! There are many lands, one for each sport. BubbleGum Way is the main highway connecting all these lands. The road is made of pink bubblegum and it smells wonderful and tastes even better.

    What is Adventures in SportsLand?Adventures in SportsLands Bully Series is a collection of sports stories that teach children - (who are just beginning to interact with sports teams, coaches, fans and players) - about sports, along with good behavior, confidence building, playing fair and most important just having fun. These books will help children (adults too!) to better understand how to handle bullies. Bullies in school, sports and play-ground are timely issues. Bully influence can impact and shape young childrens future views of life.

    Who are the LuckySports? LuckySports are SportsLands inhabitants who cartoon characters in the shape of sporting goods equip-ment that come alive to play the sport