the change of game rules martin jung (for the first job seekers in canada)

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The Change of Game Rules Martin Jung (For the first job seekers in Canada) Slide 2 Profile : Martin Jung, P.Eng., M.A.Sc. of Mech. Eng. 2011-Present Test Engineer/Integrator, BAEX, Core Engineering, Bombardier Aerospace Montreal 2008-2011 Test Engineer, Diamond Aircraft, London, ON 2009 Licensed P.Eng. from PEO 2007 Graduated from M.A.Sc. of Mech. Eng. at Carleton University, Ottawa, ON Slide 3 Profile : Martin Jung, P.Eng., M.A.Sc. of Mech. Eng. 1999-2004 Test Engineer, T-50 Structural Test Team, Korea Aerospace Industry (KAI), South Korea Dispatched to ADD (Agency for Defense Development, Dae-jeon, South Korea) for T-50 full scaled fatigue test 1996-1999 Test Engineer, R&D Dept. Automatic Transmission Div. DAEWOO PRECISION IND., South Korea 1996 Graduated from B.A. of Aerospace Eng., Ulsan Univ., South Korea Slide 4 Chapter.0 Warm-up for starting Whats the job ? Who will be hired ? High qualified person vs. Qualified person who can pay min. Slide 5 Chapter.0 Warm-up for starting Q) 1.What was your biggest obstacle in obtaining your current job? How did you over come them? I really did not know how to start it. So, I tried it and learn from the mistakes. Next steps are 1) tried to find out my mistakes 2) Get information from BOOKS, Internet and etc 3) Feedbacks from YMCA, Library, job workshop and etc Slide 6 Roadmap for Hiring Process Company Survey Qualification Self- assessment Resume & Cover Letter Phone Interview On-site Interview Job Offer Relocation Package & Reference check Get hired !!! Start of work Maybe 1 st & 2 nd &(3 rd ) Counter Offer (if you want) Maybe Or Maybe not Chapter.1 Overview Slide 7 Chapter 2. Set up (I) Self-assessment Status - Citizen, immigrant, international student Legal status for work in Canada or U.S. company invests to new employee a lot of money ( do not say I will start ph.D soon in the interview) Ex) a company in windsor (automotive company), work in military Searching for companies Whos who (book) Association ( ex) AIAC-Aerospace Industry Association of Canada, OAC - Ontario Aerospace Council) Directories of companies ( in library) Journal, Newspaper, Internet and so on Slide 8 Chapter 2. Set up (II) Qualification Professional Engineer (P.Eng.), PMP (project management professional), CPA and so on Association membership such as ASTM Security Clearance for government jobs wait, wait, wait.. (Do not stop current work before you can get 100% clearance.) Q) Do I have to take a Photo in home vs. photo studio ? (in case of South Korea resume) your competitors are 99% same like you Slide 9 Chapter 3. Job searching Job posting or/and Job description Where could you find it ? Monster ( or Workpolis ( ) and so Individual company website (career section) Job agency (recruiter-internal&external) * be careful for SCAM !!!(no family, no money) Slide 10 Chapter 3. Job searching Sample of Job description Aircraft Certification Engineer Aircraft Certification and Compliance Engineer to complete the procedures outlined in the aircraft certification process including preparation and signature of statement of compliance (SOC) documents for production aircraft in accordance with CAR 561. Maintain visibility of aircraft status through production process and final delivery. Prepare, review, certify all documentation required for the Aircraft Certification Process. Liaise with Transport Canada TCCA and related aviation departments to obtain flight authorities, compliance approvals and ground /flight test procedures acceptance. Provide training, mentoring and guidance for certification support personnel. Review aircraft specifications for compliance with domestic and international airworthiness requirements. Provide input and contribute revisions to production flight test procedures and flight operations manuals. Desired Skills & Experience: Previous related experience in aircraft manufacturing, certification and compliance procedures. Working knowledge of AS9100 Quality Management Standards, Transport Canada Regulations (CAR 561, 573) and an excellent understanding of aircraft systems, maintenance practices and aviation regulations and standards. Mechanical /Aerospace Engineering Degree /Diploma and /or M1, M2 designation with related experience. Key Words: Airworthiness, Aircraft Certification, AS9100, CAR 561, 573, TCCA, Statement of Compliance Slide 11 Chapter 4. Resume & Cover letter(I) Resume : Formal doc. about your info. No more than 2 pages except Ph.D (Curriculum Vitae) You may add technical notes if you want to explain more. Cover letter : Informal doc. about your motivation to apply the company (1 page) Send by FAX, Email and phone. + feedback Slide 12 Chapter 4. Resume & Cover letter(II) Do All keywords in Job Desc. Should be in your resume Get feedback as much as you can Use Problem solved-Action taken-Results format if possible Focus on related works to job desciptions Ex) MacDonald, Burger King, KFC and so on. EX) study projects instead of too many AKCSE activities Dont PDF resume List just what you had been done photo, date of birth, sex and so on * Cold call Slide 13 Chapter 5. Phone Interview Practice, Practice, Practice . (Why? All questions looks like the same at first time) Typical questions ( No more than 50 for HR) Avoid simple answer (Yes, No, or I can/cant) Type : HR or Technical (ask if you dont know) Prepare comport place or/and device *B/T headset *Best place for current employee ( parking lot of company) Do as much as you could Slide 14 Q1Accomplishments/getting results Ex) overcome obstacles Abilities to persevere solve problems, take charge, and goal oriented composites of your experiences and skills. P(problem solved) +A(actions taken) +Results ( accomplis hments) 1) I am very proud of my experience of finishing 1 st and 2 nd durabiltiy test of full-sca led T-50 project for 5 years. Sometimes, I had to work over than 12 hours because of its tight budget and time schedule. However, the result was huge because our c ompany can sell our product to Korean Airforce since our team could accomplish t he durability project without a major problem. 2) Also, I worked for GM-Daewoo company. At that time, I joined a new automatic t ransmssion factory from the very beginning. We had to install over hundreads of di fferent machine. In addition, trying-out sample, meeting the standard requirement were big challenges since no one has such an experience. However, we made a ta sk force team to solve many problems and I was a member of team and at the sam e time, one of representative for R&D team. I compared the test results and final a ssembly results then, solved many problems. Finally, we can provide our products to GM-DAEWOO Motors within 2 years. Maybe other company takes more than 5 years. Chapter 5. Phone Interview (II) Slide 15 Chapter 5. Phone Interview (III) Q1Accomplishments/getting results Ex) overcome obstacles Abilities to persevere solve problems, take charge, and goal oriented composites of your experiences an d skills. Q2Taking initiative Doing something when it needs to be done, instead of waiting for someone else to do it first. Q3Communication skills Be concise, focused. Q4Problem solving; Thinking and working independently Focus on the obstacles you had to overcome to solve a particular problem Q5Teamwork and team leadership What have you done in the past that illustrates your ability to work successfully with others? Q6Project management Ability to plan, organize, and set priorities. For example, successfully juggled school work, part-time job, clu b activities, a healthy social life and even volunteer work. Q7Decision making Ex) generating multiple solutions to a problem, using your discernment to select the best choice from those options. Being judicious. Following a logical thought process to the end. Q8Strategic thinking Ability to link long-range visions to daily work. A long-range goal where you needed to sustain effort over ti me despite setbacks and unpredictable events. Ex) cut expenses and taking action to cut expenses or sav e money. Q9Innovative thinking Think outside the box. Creative in the area of problem solving. Different from the previous Problem-solving question because its asking about new ideas or how youve applied your creativity when solving problems. Q10Handling pressure Knowing what to do first, how did you control situation, was the results positive? Slide 16 Chapter 5. Phone Interview (III) Q ) what was the most unexpected question asked to you by the interviewer? How did you handle with these questions? A ) What is your weakest point ? (Tricky qustion) Stage 1 : My weakness is xxxxxx Stage 2 : I have no weakness. Stage 3 : My weakness is work too hard. (???) Stage 4 : My weakness was xxx, however, I could overcome this weakness by .. Slide 17 Chapter 6. On-site Interview The last on-site interview should be the company you really want to join. Review many other cases and/or experiences ex) Well-preparation your resume, cover letter and presentation material if you want Actively ask questions about the company May be provided for lunch or/and city tour Thank-you note after on-site interview Slide 18 Chapter 6. On-site Interview Q ) Do you have any job interview tips that you would like to share? Do you have a personal technique that helps you to do well in a job interview? A ) You could lead the job interview instead of being led by interviewer. You may print out a few pages for your work history and education. Also, you can ask questions as much as you can. Slide 19 Chapter 7. You make it !!! Job offer (maybe max. 2 weeks if you did not receive any news, forget about it for your mental health) Background and reference check First day in your new company Follow your gut. All I followed my gut were right and all I didnt follow my gut were wr