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The Digital Museum as Platform Jacob R. Wang, DR Byen, Dec 2012 #sharecare12 // @jacob_wang

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Presentation given at the Sharing is caring seminar i Denmark, december 2012. #sharecare12 More info here:


  • 1.The Digital Museum as PlatformJacob R. Wang, DR Byen, Dec 2012 #sharecare12 // @jacob_wang

2. Lets get real!Concrete cases on opening up and collaborating with the public!Challenges engaging with people we dont normally reach?How do vision and reality interact?What are the keys to success?Biggest barriers when letting go of control over our assets? 3. The National Museum of DenmarkEstablished 1807 550 employees | 1 million hours | 35 million Euro 4. MISSIONThe National Museum embody and develop the prerequisites foreveryone to be able to gain insight into cultural history 5. Zuse Z3 (1943) 6. 1950s - Invented and developed1990s - Commercially available2000s - Exponential growth all over 7. Were here 8. Newsocial, communication, learning, creation, sharing mechanics Graphics from Smithsonian Learning Model >> CLICK ME 9. ResourcesMuseumsOutcomes 20th century BROADCAST idiom we dothey consume