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THE DYSLEXIC READER˜ Dys • lex´ ic Read´• er •ThePAGE 1VOLUME 60DAVIS DYSLEXIA ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONALISSUE 1 • 2012A Committed Mom And Her Daughters Create Real Change In WyomingWe decided that we needed to change the system, but had to pull Alice out of school because her teacher would not assist her with her Davis tools. We were so busy transitioning to home schooling and getting our DLS training so we could get our youngest on the right track, that making systemic change took a



Dys lex ic Read erTHEPAGE 1VOLUME 60


ISSUE 1 2012

A Committed Mom And Her Daughters Create Real Change In WyomingWe decided that we needed to change the system, but had to pull Alice out of school because her teacher would not assist her with her Davis tools. We were so busy transitioning to home schooling and getting our DLS training so we could get our youngest on the right track, that making systemic change took a back burner. In the summer of 2010 we were hanging on some swings in our front yard when the opportunity to make a change walked right up to us. Senator Chris Rothfuss cameAlice and Evee look on as Governor Matt Mead signs the bill into law.

By Kelly Attebery

In November of 2009 our oldest, Alice,

went through her Davis Program with amazing results. At that time we realized how difficult it was for most parents in the state of Wyoming to get their children screened for dyslexia. We did all of ourIN THIS ISSUE

News & Feature Articles A Committed Mom and Her Daughters ...... 1, 3 Journey Out of the Fog .........................1, 4-5 The Dyslexic Brain ......................................3 Every Child, Every Day .............................5-7 Sleeping in Pellucidar ...........................11, 12 Sleeping on Earth ................................ 12, 13 Book Review: The 13 Clocks .........................14 In The News ........................................ 18-20 Regular Features In the Mail ..................................................2 Q&A ......................................................8-10 Lazy Reader Book Club.........................15-17 Famous Dyslexics Remember .....................21 New Davis Licensees ........................... 22, 23 Davis Workshops .................................26, 27

own research before finding The Gift of Dyslexia and seeking out Crystal Punch. Crystal, a Davis Facilitator and Davis Learning Strategies (DLS) Mentor in Centennial, Colorado, became Alice's Facilitator. At that time before a child could be tested for dyslexia in our state, she would have to test three years behind in reading and get placed in Special Education. For obvious reasons this seemed a bit harsh and not conducive to Alice becoming a happy student.

We wanted him to understand that given the right tools these children can to talk to us about his campaign for reelection. As it turned out, he was on the education committee and had no idea that there was no early screening for dyslexia in our state. We shared our story about the school system, gave him a copy of Alice's children's book, The Story of Evee's Sister,(continued on page 3)

Journey Out Of The Fog Davis Attention Mastery For One AdultBy Donna Northcutt, Davis Facilitator in Grapevine, Texas, United States

attended school in the sixties and seventies. Back then, I felt as if I was living in a thick fog. I struggled with dyslexia and symptoms of attention deficit. In the second grade, reading challenges put me behind my school mates. The Catholic school I attended didnt have resources to help me, so I transferred to a public school. In junior high and high school, I attended remedial classes. I also had tutors and phonics instruction, and my mother used to spend hours helping me with my homework. She knew I could learn, that I just learned in a different way. And my mother also knew the amount of effort I put in (even though my grades didnt reflect it) and was always supportive. No matter what we tried nothing seemed to help.(continued on page 4)




In The Mail

The following letter was sent to Ina Hallermann, Davis Facilitator in Thalheim/Fraunber, Germany. The English translation follows this lovely letter from a very grateful father. Liebe Ina, Ich wollte dir schon lnger mal schreiben und dir von Josua berichten. Letztes Jahr hat er als 2.Bester seine Mittlere Reife abgelegt und war und ist sehr stolz darauf und glcklich. Herzlichsten Dank fr deine Begleitung und Untersttzung. Ich bin wirklich dankbar fr diese wunderbare Arbeit nach Davis und sehe wie sehr sie Josua untersttzt hat und es immer noch tut. Danke fr deine Hingabe dafr und fr ihn und fr jeden, der zu dir kommt. Liebe Gre Robert Dear Ina, Let me show you my deep appreciation about the excellent program you have given to my son Josua. Last year he had finished his school career as second best of his grade. You can imagine his pride and happiness after all the years he had such a hard time learning in school. This basic enthusiasm is still with him and has changed the young man such that he looks forward to a better future.

Thanks so much, with all my heart, for your empathy and support. I certainly appreciate your wonderful professional work with the Davis Program. Every day I can see Josua`s psychological growth and improvement in many ways. This makes me happy and grateful. Best personal regards, Robert

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THE DYSLEXIC READERReal Change (continued from page 1)


about dyslexia and her success through Davis. We wanted him to understand that given the right tools these children can succeed. Then we put his sign in our yard and he promised to look into the problem. Through social networking with parents of dyslexics around the globe we shared with the senator many stories, studies, videos, articles and bills proposed in other states. In August of 2011, we convinced director, Harvey Hubbell V., to do a screening and discussion of his film, Dislecksia, the Movie in Laramie, at the University of Wyoming. Senator Rothfuss was invited, attended, and got involved in the discussion after the film. This past legislative session Senator Rothfuss introduced a bill. It includes screening for dyslexia in Kindergarten through Grade 3, as well as intervention for dyslexia. It is a huge step for the children of Wyoming and a blessing for both parents and children in our state! We were lucky enough to be present for the final passing and debate of the bill on the house floor where so many people shared stories about their family members who would have benefited from early intervention. It was encouraging for Alice to hear and see this process and an honor for all of us to be at the signing of this bill into law by our Governor, Matt Mead. This article was previously published as Attebery, K. (2012) A New Dyslexia Law in Wyoming. Davis Dyslexia Association International, Dyslexia the Gift Web site: Read more: library/dyslexia-law.htm#ixzz1qS021mH0 Link to the Wyoming bill: http://legisweb. The book, The Story of Evees Sister: Playmaginating Dyslexia is available at You can also visit the Facebook page featuring the book at: http://www. v

The Dyslexic Brain Wired for Whole Brain ThinkingBy Abigail Marshall, DDAI

But many still make the mistake of Scientists can now capture images of assuming that the gift is also tied to the internal wiring of the brain, using a tool called diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). a permanent disability. They assume, Research can now confirm what was once mistakenly, that the different brain wiring means that reading will be a only a hypothesis: the dyslexic brain is wired differently, in a way that is far more lifelong struggle. Research science tells a different elegant than a mere localized glitch or story. Children who struggle with reading disruption. often grow up to be excellent readers Ron Davis is known for his early and compelling writers. Studies over the recognition that the signature mental past decade show strengths of dyslexia that the dyslexic are closely tied teenagers and to difficulties in adults who do learning to read. His We saw the gift, but best are those who theory was drawn others still saw dyslexia have developed from experience, as the product of some the most robust both personal and sort of brain defect. Now right-brain from working with science has caught up. pathways. For a hundreds of children dyslexic learner, and adults. But reading is a without the brain whole-brained process. In the words science to back up his ideas, many of Ron Davis, the true gift of dyslexia academic researchers ignored his work is the gift of mastery. and continued to look at dyslexia as a discrete dysfunction of the brain. But things have changed. In the 1990's You can find out more here: Studies of Stro