the fairfield herald (winnsboro, s.c.).(winnsboro, s.c ... the states of oleidlnirg andanmai-.havo

The Fairfield herald (Winnsboro, S.C.).(Winnsboro, S.C ... The States of Oleidlnirg andAnMai-.havo
Download The Fairfield herald (Winnsboro, S.C.).(Winnsboro, S.C ... The States of Oleidlnirg andAnMai-.havo

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  • lufJ I_VOL. 11JI S OO .CW D EDi MORNING, JUL , 16.[O


    41&iltlgard E1nos1portet & 00I'rms.--Ti.: iilia.ln is publisheod Wooli

    ly in the Town of Winnshoro, at 13.00 invarcabiy in advance.

    g All tramsicut advertiseinonis to bpati in advance.

    Obituary Notices and Tributes $1.00 psqitare.

    [Fail 'nwF lI~iiAl-P.)"'The shields of the earth helong uito (h4

    Lord." 11palins 17th.Strange thought, most comforling,That. o'er tlie spirit sicIlsWith awe, inmastirable,Ch'.ming each liitidein ftear

    ilach niotioni of unrest;The thought, that mnighty shieldsCatellitig celestii light,

    Fb From that white throtteWhereon, tlio King of Kings,Rleigns, Lord Ominipotent,Aro ever held by HlimAni llis bright. messengersTwixt. ts and iemon ill!Ho-o'on tie tilly babeUpon Whose nnowy browTie cross baptismsal, glowsA'rVsh-has slhdicl iot ecl ingAll his owni-and dying-Pa~sses the jewell'd gatesOf leavonly lIoiue--:ts safe,As Christian olh-whosoRest Is won, by l'aith inlThose same Shields rerllgenitLUpon nitose shiling faceThe cross of sut'ering Christis sIan pel-'oreverl-The shields of nil the (artlUnto fihelord belong,"'l'ake heart ye wari-riors,i i 1110 Stril' ilulilliolt!Z,It'God abuve iti he,IllIding Wlli .rm111 o rleh41cli'dThe if'4' his Love,Yulre baitle mu1.sthlk" won,And yotra ill' extiltant cry,"Oh Der th! where is iby siingAnd Orave -I i y Viet ory !

    Siy La W.Mr. Stephens llaintliaed, tat telawhpstponliing the) purIld -(ifor~ n&my.

    and sale of property unde41r exnmotin,wias of fhte naiture o' a1 statuto oe imita-tion. Its constituitionlity w .i to betested upoll the salic prinoip IS. Ifthe time was reasonable and defnito itclld iot be ,aid to interfero yith orimpair the obligation of cgitracts.This was a law regulating thotniuedy.The obligation of i t ra isonethinig, anid the remeldy an1othet. Theobligiationi of a coitiati ill(tIe initse If. It springs froll its rddity,with it proi-ii ilterpretat-ion f itsterms under tile laws regulatill) cntracts tlcmilIselves, whlOe it is madoaid not the laws regllatiig .Tdiciallroceellngs for holding parios totilriv legal respolsibilities foj theirbreaches. The latter class 91 lawsare known everywhere as the 1hws ofreelidy.Theso latter vary with eve y State

    or nation. Tlicy never enter into or

    with it under the "leox loci COntractus"whlerever it goes or in whiatovit fornmwit seeks redress for a birc. I [ombattodb iroadly and ilorogily theidea that the obligation of contracincluded in tihe least degroo tile lawtmado to enforce themi. Stictl~Jspeakinlg, thero is and~can be nO 8suchthing as enforcing contracts by Judimll proceedings of any sort. All thatthte courts and that class of laws knownas remedies can do, is to providecompensation for contracts brok-en b-efore the courts or remdies arc appeal-ed to. The chligation of a eontract ias counscl whio hlad proceeded hiun(Hion. Linton Stephens)haud wellstat.ed, "the liability which the law at.tacihes to the terms used by the 'partics." This liability or responsibility, tis "juris viclm as Judge Story styles it, or this "legal tic," a1s tih

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