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  • LIV fl\ Brief Sketches <


    Born December 27, 1835. near Ridgev6ay. Entered Army at commencement of War in Com- pany B 9th Regiment. Slightly wounded Aug. 21. near Peters- burg, Va. Has farmed since the war.


    Born in 1845, and entered Army in 1863, Company B, 7th Bat. Inf. Now farming near Blythewood.


    Born .August 6, 1842, near Blackstock. Entered Army at the beginnirg of the War as a member of Little River Guards. Afterwards transferred to the Companies of Captains Edward Means and Boykin Lyles. Wounded four times at Drains- ville, Seven Pines, Second Manassas and Fort Harrison. Now farming at place of his birth.

    "The Little River Guards

    which I joined in organization early in 1S61. or the latter part of 60, disbanded at S2mmer- ville the greater part. joininlg Capt. Ediward Means' Company, Buckhead Guards. at Orange Court House. Va. At expiration of one year's service' we were musterei into service for three years o:f the W~\ar undter Capt. Boykin~ Lvles combined with Capt. W~eston's Company from Richland. Surrendered at Ap- pomatox under Capt. Robert Clowney."

    LEFROY D. EL.CK. Born Dec. 20. I16:3. in Chester

    County. Entered Army Dec. 1861i. Cc.. B. 6tzh Reg. Now a substantial farmer of the Stover section. Has been very feeble the past

    few months. and suffered heavy afriiction~in his faulyI.

    R. D. BOLICK.

    Born Oct. 22, 1846, near Lebanon church. Entered Army 1863 in Black's Reg.. under Capt. Barber. Later transferred to Haskell s Bat. of Art. Re-

    oeived slight wound from spent ball. Surrendered at Appoma- tox Va.. in April. Got home in July, 1865. Now living at Ridge- way.


    Born May 29. 1844, at Crosby- vjlle. Eentered Army April 1861 in Co. B. 20th Miss. Reg.. under Capt Massey. Wounned at

    JGFAI 4f Their Lives ']

    selves, Cont; Kennysa. Ga. Was prisoner at close of War. Now farming.

    JOHNR. 3OYD.

    Born July 23. 1846. Entered Army June 1, 1863, in Co. B. 7tl

    S. C. Bat., under Capt. LukE Kennedy. Farming near Rion.


    Born July O. 182. near Winnsboro. Entere:, Army in spring of S161. Co. F. 12th S. C. V.. under Capt. Hayne McMeek- ing. -Wounded in the battic oL

    the Wilderness. "I was capture1 on line be-

    low Petersburg on March 25. be- fore the surrencder and carried to Fort Lookout as a prisoner. On the morning after the assas- sination of Lincoin we were formed by Divisions by order of the fact. The next 'morning Major Brady congratulated thE prisoners on their not makino any demonstration the day be- fore, as his orders were to firE

    on the point with the gunboats and batteries while there wvas a prisoner left. Was released about July ist."


    Born Sept. 16. 1840 in the New Hope Section. Graduated at Erskine College with the first honor. Entered Army April 10, 1861. in Little River Guards under Capt. Michael Brice. Promoted to Corporal and Color Guard of Reg. Wounded at

    Seven Pines and Fort Harrison. Represented Fairfield County

    for several terms both in the House and Senate. Was for a number of years County Chair- ran. Now living at Shelby, N. C.


    Was born July 23. 1847, and joined State troops July 18, 1854. Co. B. urder Capt. McClurkin. W~asnever v:oundied.

    Now+famingo nea Winnsboro.

    LIRF'I] ['ogether With ining Much His

    SAMUEL W. BROOM. Born January 2. 1848 at placi

    of present residence. Entere( Army April 9, 1861 in Co. C 1. S. C. V. promoted to Ord Sergeant. Wounded Dec. 13 1862 at Fredericksburg, Va Went out first in Capt. J. R Harrison's Co. 6 S. C. V., unde: Col. J. H. Rion. When a

    Summerville two Companie pulled out. The one I was it came home, organized. electe< o,ficers and as placed in Gregg' Brigade. later in McGowan's. was present at Charleston whei Fort Sumter was surrendered and was present at Appomato: when Gen. Lee surrendered.

    DAVID BRANHAM. Born July 9, 1836. near plac,

    of present residence. Entere< Army in the spring of 1861 ii Co. D, 1st Reg. S. C. Inf., unde Capt. Thomas Bovkin. Wa private prisoner at close of War

    "I was taken prisoner a Gettysburg in July. and wa taken to Fort Delaware on Dela ware Island and remained unti close of war. Rode on ship fron New York to Charleston an< walked home at close of war Fought at the bombardment o: Hilton Head Island. Was at th, siege at Fredericksburg.Va., arn other skirmishes too numerous ti make mention of here. Farmx ing."

    WILLIAM E. BRAZIEL. Born May 31. 184.5, near Ridge

    way. Entered army April 12 1861 in Cedar Creek Rifles Transferred to Co. C. 12 Reg Wounded at Wilderness an< Gettysburg. "At Deep Bottom, Va., Jer

    kins, Kershaw and McGowan' Brigades were sent to captur the breastworks. Negro tried t push off with loaded gun, whic1 was shot of? behind his knap sack. 500 were captured."


    Born Sept. 29, 1846. nea: Ridgeway. Entered Army Dec, 28, 1862, Co. C 6 S. C. Cavalry, under Capt. P. WV. Goodwyn, Was never wounded. Now merchant at Blackstock. "Capt. Goodwyn's company

    was originally made up of twc Counties. Abbeville and Fairfield The Captain was fiom Abbeville, and the 1st Lieut. R. WV. Ken ne- dy of Fairfield. 1 mention this

    to show that Capt. Goodwyn was not a Fairfield man. I had the good fortune not to be wounded, although- I was in every engage- ment that my Company was mn. Met Sherman in Columbia, and was in front of him every day until the surrender. I never surrendered, leaving the army the night before, my whole corn pany leaving at the same time.' THOMAS FRANKLIN CURLEE.

    Born Aug. 24, 1847, near Rior Entered Army Nov. 1864 in Go. B S. C. Re res under Capt.

    J,hn McT.nin Was never

    EBD\ Vqany Incidents c tory Never Pubb wounded. Now farming near! Rockton.

    "I went with the Reserves to guard prisoners at Florence, S. C. Went to Goldsboro, N. C., Feb. 1865, until we exchanged all of the prisoners we had in charge, and then came back to Chester, S. C. Our captain gave all that twere come to Fairfield a furlough for ten days, so before I was able to go to my Company the War closed.


    Born Sept. 4, 1844 at Feaster- ville. Attended Feasterville Academy and Kings Mountain under Cols. Jenkins and Col. Coward. Entered Army in 1861 in Buck-

    head Guards. 6th S. C. V., under Capt. E. J. Means. Transferred from 6th to 17th S. C. V., J. H. Means' 1egt. At close of War was Sergeant of Co. B, W. P. Coleman being Captain. Was :wounded at Second Manassas: and Sharpsburg. Now farming near place of

    birth. "I and brother. Allen G. Cole-

    Sman, swapped placed with .John

    1s t

    Banks and Andy Mobley, they e to the 6th and I and brother -1AlIen to the 1th We entered oservice in Means' 17th Reg. the

    - day previous to the second Manassas. There were five: brothers there then, Henry. Preston. Allen. Franklin and' George, now the only survivor. Capt. Preston lost a leg there, -came home and died. Lieut. Frank died at Brucetown, Va. and Alien was killed in front of Petersburg. Henry came home, as well as I. Jacob F. Ccleman died at Wilimington. N. C. He was a member of this same com-Spany and Regiment."


    Born Nov. 22. 1842. near Ridgeway. Entered A r m y rApril 9. 1861 in Company C,. 12 S. C. Regiment. under Capt. *H. C. Davis. Was a Corporal at close of War. Was wounded at Gaines Mill and Second Manas- sas. Now farming near Ridge-i way.

    "Was in the battle of Gaines'


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    FETE' f the War as shed Before. Mill, Second Manassas, Chan- cellorsville, Fredericksburg, Deep Bottom, Ridley Shops, Jones Farms, and the battles around Petersburg and many others that I cannot recall. Served in Stonewall Jackson's command, and was on picket duty near the point where he was killed. Heard the report of the gun that killed the great warrior, and this was perhaps the turning point in the great struggle for States' Rights."

    JOSEPH W. CLARKE. Born March 14, 1844, in Union.

    Entered the Army in the fall of 1861 as a member of Macbeth

    Light Art., under Capt. R. W. Boyce. Was wvounded at Antie- tam in 1863. Raises the finest horse apples

    in the countyv. 'Now farming. CHARLES MAZISON CHANDILER. Born August 20, 1848 at

    Columbia. Entered service of Confederate States as Clerk in Commissary Department a,t Winnsboro, February 1765, whenbe was only fourteen years old. Later enlisted as a member of

    Co. H 3 Reg. S. C. S. T. Now Jeweler at Winnsboro.

    ISAAC SMITH CHAPPELL. Borrn Dec. 9, 18R48. Entered

    Arm eal5 n16 samme

    of~hAStatTopunder Capt. V tiam roo. Nwfrig roablyolsthefiethrecordles

    in n the Re-nion.Nowrig

    CHA.E MASOCHANDE. Born Augt.120,1884ntd Confedat StatesCo as Cler ieg. Commisapt. Derm. cle, at

    BlackoroFaeruary 175whmg "Ah soeawasony16rteyearsd

    Sateropenlitders apt.beJon

    Hr,Co. E.anC.veSuT.NtilJeeenofr. aat Goldsboro,

    ISCHARD CHDOVE. Born Dec.11, 184. nerte

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