the fairfield news and herald (winnsboro, s.c.).(winnsboro ... localintelligence. w* .: : : : 1885....

The Fairfield news and herald (Winnsboro, S.C.).(Winnsboro ... LOCALINTELLIGENCE. w* .: : : : 1885. r TermsofThe News and Herald.. Tri-weeklyedition,fourdollarsperannum, ii advance
Download The Fairfield news and herald (Winnsboro, S.C.).(Winnsboro ... LOCALINTELLIGENCE. w* .: : : : 1885. r TermsofThe News and Herald.. Tri-weeklyedition,fourdollarsperannum, ii advance

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    weenesdav. june 3. : : : : 1885.r

    Terms of The News and Herald..Tri-weekly edition, four dollarsper annum,

    * wa ^aiiotvii advance. >i ccmji cumwu,

    k per annum in advance; two dollarsand

    [ fifty cents per annum., if not paid in adIvance.' Kates for Advertising..One dollarper inch (solid ininion) for the first insertion,and fifty cents per inch for each subsequent insertion. These rates apply toadvertisements of even' character, ana arepayable strictly in advance. Obituariesancl tributes of"respect are charged for asadvertisements. Marriage notices, andsimple announcements of deaths, are publishedfree, and are solicited. Liberal terms

    bfor contract advertisements.

    X v Advertisement*.

    Xotice.H. B. Refo.Head T. T. Lumpkin's advertisement.Calisaya Touic.McMaster, Brice &

    Ketehin.Local Brief*.

    .Xo cases in trial justice courtsrecently- !

    ^ .(Cotton ought to be chopped out. by the first of June.

    .A good rain fell in town onit j

    pi tTuuucsuaj..The crop of strawberries in this

    county is said to be unusually largethis year..Mr. Walter Robertson, of Columbia,is in town showing the boys how

    to ride bicycles..The book-sellers now have on sale

    the twenty-first volume of South CarolinaReports..There was a heavy rain in ther

    t neighborhood of Simpsons' Turnout onmi 1 l_ A

    mursaay mgm..Highest price paid for school certificatesand approved county paper by* T. W. Lauderdale..Notwithstanding the busy season

    rv ) the sessions of the Court arc attended^ by a number ofvisitors.

    .It is remarked that the cultivationof grasses in this county receives moreand more attention from our farmersno >7 every accordance wiui xne agreement

    ||r entered info by the merchants all thestores will close at G o'clock on and

    ^ after Monday, June 1st..}Ye learn thai the Rev. John T.

    Chalmers, of this place, goe3 soon toNew York city, where he will prosecutefor a time the study of the Greeklanguage..A picnic party of colored people

    from Columbia passed here on Thursdayon au excursion to Chester. Aconsiderable number joined the partyat this point.&.Another man has been killed in

    *-* - -l mi

    .Lancaster in the past lew aays. j.neremark of Judge Mackey that Lancasterwas bounded by North Carolina

    I and civilization seems to have beensomething more than a witticism.Ik.Owing to negligence or misconWuection somewhere, Monday's issue ofthe JSeics and Courier was not re~>ceived here, and there has been a gooddeal of srrumblins' in conseauence.This sprightly daily seems to have beLcome indispensable..We had another small menagerie

    in town on Tuesday. It consisted oftwo bears and a conple of managers.The animals, that is the bears, weresplendid performers being especiallyproficieut at dancing. The show was

    kg. apparently not a financial success.. X LiC V/UUUtv ucacuigi luxv/iuio wo i

    r that only a few have availed themft*.selves of the opportunity which hasbeen offered to pay taxes. Those whodesire to pay this first instalmentshould do so with all convenient speedas the books will close on the 31stinst..R. M. Huey has just received

    Boneless Fulton Market Beef, SmokedTongues, Chambers Peaches for cream,something choice, Fresh Oat Meal,Canned Corn, Worchesier Sauce, Cross

    |1 & Blackwell's Fickles, CondensedMilk, Eagle Brand. Give him a call.Terms for these goods, cash. *.The owner of a steam engine and

    thrasher said to as a day or t wo ago,that he would be able to thrash all the

    ^ grain that will be made in the counfevthis year. We doubt it very mnchhowever, as it seems to us that somework will be required to thrash thestraw.

    Index to Liexs. . Twenty-ninehundred and twenty-five liens have

    ^ been indexed in the Clerk's office todate. This is abont fifty more thanappears on the index to same date oflast vear. ''Onward is the mightymovement."

    A Picnic..A very pleasaut picnic atm "Wateree Church on Friday marked the

    close of the present session of PineGrove Academy, a flourishing schooltaught by Mrs. E. J. Powell. We areassured on good authority, that it was

    IT- 5 J3 l... ~ 11 /\greauy eujuyeu uy an present. vurworthy school commissioner was onhand and made, it is said, a very stirringaddress. Perhaps some one willbe good enough to send us a bill ofparticulars.The Public Schools .Instead of

    holding a separate institute for each ofthe counties of Chester and Fairfield,the boards of examiners of the twocounties hav6 concluded to hold aunion institute for white teachers at

    ^ Chester sometime this summer beforethe meeting of the State Institute. Itis also probable that there will be a

    W joint institute between the same countiesfor colored teachers which will beheld at Winnsboro at the same iimethat the institute for white teachers is

    ^ held at Chester.A Liberal Offer..In order to

    advance our subscription list we havetri miitn tho incr nffpr r

    l To any one sending us one dollar cashwe will send the weekly News axd

    mil!. Herald till January, 1SS6, or for twoML dollars cash we will send the tri-week||||lyNews axd Hekald till the same

    HLte. A prize of five dollars will beIea to tnc party who sends us tneteest number of subscribers at thefcing rates, provided the snccess|||ntestantshall send at least ten||||ext.jitairfield Teachers' Associa

    following is the programme

    for the meeting of the FairQeld Teachers'Association, to be held at MountZion Institute 011 Saturday, June 13,at 11 o'clock, a. m.:Address, by Mr. E. D. Ragsdale.Discussion."Ought the Elements of

    Grammar to be Taught in PrimaryClasses".Opened by the Rev. WillardRichardson.Address, by Prof. \Y. H. Witherow,

    Ui VyllCOLCl .

    "Teacher, Parent and Pupil'*, byMr. B. R. Turnipseed.

    An Ice Cream Saloon* ok Wheels..Mr. F. W. Habenicht will run daringthe present season the portable icecream saloon constructed by Mr. Mc.Smith. The machine is quite a con-vemem ining ana. as n seems to usought to be patened. In the boxwhich sits on a couple of wheels afreezer has been placed, this is operatedby means of a band which runs over awhirl fixed 011 one of the wheels, andthus the supply may be adjusted tothe demand at pleasure. With thisarrangement the cream may be keptperfectly congealed too, an advantagethat should not be overlooked. Mr.Mc. Smith says the whole thing is of hisown invention.

    A Timely Move..On Tuesday lasta commercial "evangelist" stepped offthe train, at this place and instead ofgetting new customers for the house,got himself into trouble. He will havethe sympathy however, of the travelingpublic* as the sequel will show. Itseems that upon descending to theplatform, he was politely accosted bythe porter of one of our hotels who insistedon taking charge of his baggageand entertaining him for the night.The "evangelist" however preferred

    ' M mi I"to paddle ms own canoe." ine portertook hold of, and hanging on to thebaggage with a tenacity which wasthought inconsistent with the right ofproperty; whereupon the man of commerceslapped the side face of the manof hospitality, and the latter declinedto tolerate such familiarity and accordinglyhad a warrant issued for thearrest of his cosmopolitan assailant.This gentlemau however, during thenight had concluded not to sell any

    tam fKa -fV\llrvrrrinct nnvgWUO II* IV'IW Vii IUV iVliVHltig MW t Jand had taken the 4 o'clock freight andby daylight was prepared to pleadsuccessfully to. the jurisdiction of theCourt.

    The Excursion to the Boro.The following paragraph is taken

    from the Winnsboro News andHerald, and the columns of the Heyisfrrnrp nnpn to anv of the VOnUS"ladies of the picnic party who feel likepitching into Brother Itagsdale, of theNews and Herald, who is also ashining light in the Bachelors' ProtectiveUnion of the Boro:"The picnicking party of the Marion

    Street Methodist Sunday School ofColumbia arrived iti town on a specialtrain on Thursday morning at 9 o'clock.They repaired at once to the 'FortuneSpring Wood,' and it is said enjoyedthe day immensely. The young ladieswere very prettyj even for Columbia,but if we accept the criticism of theboys here very few of the young ladieswere possessed of those peculiar personalattractions which sometimesenable a carriage-driver to become thehero of a romance. This, however, is''from the opposition, ai>d before committingourselves to a categoricalstatement, we win near irom me oiuerside. The crowd was not very large,but was perhaps large enough for allpractical purposes. They returnedabout b p. m.".Register.We have here, simply additional

    proofof the conclusion, which we haveheld for sometime, that no gentlemancan consistently remain ingtbe churchand hold a place in the editorial sanctumat the same time. The combina- .tions which the "devil'' and the typeare constantly forming against himlead him to forget the third injunctionof the decalogue. In the original manuscriptcontaining the above quotedparagraph we wrote, "The youngladies were very pretty even for Columbia,but if we accept the criticismof the boys here, very tew of tlyoungmen (not ladies.) were possessedetc. Our friend of the Registerwill understand how the "ladies"slipped in here where they had no sort"of bnsidess. The context bears outour explanation^ but if this is not satisfactoryto our fair friends of the capital,

    we hope, as the lawyers wouldsay, thai they will before passing judgmeutupon us hear "further argument"at a time and place to be hereafterdesignated.

    "Oar Comrades."The Columbia Dramatic Leaugue,

    played "Our Comrades" at Boags?Opera House, on Wednesday night toa large and appreciative audience.

    It was expected that the plav wouldbe a success, from the notices of the.League which nad previously appearedin the C

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