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The Hollywood Blockbuster By Matthew Rogero

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The Hollywood Blockbuster

By Matthew Rogero

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Pre ProductionOne of the most important aspects in the film industry is the huge marketing campaign. From iconic posters, trailers and the cast and crew appearances. For a film industry, the marketing campaign is one of the most important things that they need to consider and work on. Even the smallest films can make millions of money at the box office due to the marketing campaign. These are the key roles that film industries should follow in order to market their film successfully:

• Background – Need for speed was introduced in the early 90’s as a video game and over the years it has been very popular and financially successful.

• Identifying your audience – The main target audience for this film would mostly be the male car enthusiasts ranging from the ages between 15 – 35

• Thinking ahead - The need for speed film distributors would have looked back at their target audience, surveys from the video game itself and focus groups

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Post Production

The post production of a film is usually the longest phase before releasing the actual film. Usually through the process of the post production, it is possible for the film producers to change certain aspects of the film. The producers want to receive feedback in order for them to recognise the flaws in their film and be able to change them. The process that film producers usually do is screen testing. A screen test is the draft version of the film that is shown to a handful of audience before the film release. After the showing the audience is asked to fill out a questionnaire that the film producers organise so that they know how the audience feel and what they think about the film and to see if there are crucial changes that they can make before the release of the film.

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Anchorage• The term anchorage means ‘the fixing of meaning’ through

connotations and signifiers (signs). It also means attracting the audience with the use of print advertising, one of the most popular methods of print advertising are film posters. The two main features that are shown in the film need for speed are women and the use of cars. These two things are both attractive and positive to the target audience which are the males that have an age range between 15 -35. This can be for both film and video game. These two film posters use mise-en-scene and effects that are implemented to the title to make the text look fast.

• The film poster on the left shows super cars that will instantly attract male car enthusiasts and suggest a lot of car chases, in terms of the background it is obvious that they are outside because of the mountains and the helicopter that is picking up a car, again this is implemented to attract audience and also to give it that action look. Aaron Paul is at the centre of the poster as he is the main character in the film. This is done well at first glance due to the fact whenever you see Aaron Paul you link it straight to the film.

• The second poster on the right shows a women and is used as a sexual object for the audience to look at and be attracted to. At the background we can see a fast car and mountains that suggest open freedom. The poster in a way is showing the open freedom with the use of a fast car to drive in.

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Synergy and USP• Synergy is a business relationship between separate industries working together towards

a common interest. The main synergy product for the film will obviously be the video games ‘Need for speed’. This help sells the film due to the fact that the target audience of the games would want to watch the film. It wont be just video game players but also young males who like car toys in general.

• USP simply means ‘unique selling point’. The USP for need for speed is the use of beautiful attractive women and the use of super cars that car enthusiasts will instantly recognise.