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  • 8/3/2019 The Lord Jesus Christ


  • 8/3/2019 The Lord Jesus Christ


  • 8/3/2019 The Lord Jesus Christ


  • 8/3/2019 The Lord Jesus Christ


    The Great Masterpiece Drama of God

    The Eternal Self ExistingThe Author of The Lambs Book of Life and `The Holy Bible.

    The Creator of Angels Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel, WormwoodGod, the Creator of Heaven and EarthThe Almighty God El, Elah, ElohimEverlasting Father Jehovah-ElohimThe Alpha - Son of God in the Pillar of Fire - the Angel of thecovenant -then it was the Lord Jesus; Godthe Holy SpiritKing of KingsLord of LordsSaviour, Director, Producer, Composer, Actor, Counsellor,Finisher

    In the beginning He wasn't even God then. No. God is an "object ofworship." He was only the Eternal, whose purpose he found was to beGod. In this beginning He was the Father, the Father of an EternalPlan. He was alone. He dwelt alone, and He gave Himself a name Elohim, which is the Strong One Bound by an Oath! And He swore byHimself that He would become God, and not by power based in Hisown Omnipotence nor by knowledge according to His Omniscience, butaccording to the Perfect and True Measure of the fullness of Love.Thatis the way He was. He was in the beginning by Himself, thoughtfuland patient in the architecture of what would become a Masterpiece ofMasterpieces.

    In being alone He had only Himself to answer to, but were the EternalOne to bring other Beings into existence He would 1st have to considerand contemplate every possible outcome or scenario that wouldmanifest anything less than the perfect idea of a perfect God. Worshipis vain if forced, and is only truly worship when done voluntarily in thepure desire to wholly honor that which is acting out as God, thankfulfor what it has done, is doing, and will continue to do for those He is tobe God over. So the Eternal One dwelt alone with His thoughts.

    Whew. Before He was even God He thought about how He could be

    God. The Creator plumbed His own depths for billions of years. Thevery beginning of the nature of creation was in building up the idea ofGod Itself according to all the varied attributes that would eventuallymanifest the very nature of His Being as the Person of God. TheEternal Self Alone is Immortal, but now His Attributes have to bedisplayed. In this great Being of the Eternal One there was an

  • 8/3/2019 The Lord Jesus Christ


    attribute to be God, but there was nothing to worship Him, who wasthe great source of all intelligence.

    Now, God's secret mystery starts way back here, when He was still theEternal One. In the back part of God's mind there was something that

    He was trying and was going to achieve, and He had a motive for doingit, in order to let Himself be expressed. There wasn't even a moon, astar, an atom, a molecule, or anything, just the Eternal One whose ownlight remained hidden for there was nothing there to reflect itsilluminating brilliance. Yet in His great mind, He wanted theseattributes to be expressed. And in Him was love and God is Love!

    So, my opinion, the first thing that He made was Angels. And I willdare to say that these Angels had to be recipients of a special andenduring type of Love, giving them a reason and a purpose of Being,and placing them in positions of honor that would be attended to be

    fulfilled in due times and seasons. It must have been somethingspecial God did for them, because they worshiped Him, and that madeHim God. And He started from there. As He asked Job, "Where wereyou when I laid the foundations of the world, see, when the morningstars sang together, and the sons of God shouted for joy? See, now,where were you?" See? That was way back before the earth. They aresouls that were once incarnated in the angels; they were once an angelwho did not fall. You represent a star in heaven, and every star inheaven represents you! You were just not all always right here. Youwere once somewhere else. Angelic beings are ordained ministers ofGod, to come to the earth to bear record of God. And they work

    through mortal beings. I believe it with all my heart. God still hasAngels, and they visit the people... Not a worship of Angels but AngelicBeings who are attributes of God, sent forth to minister to the Church,through the people.

    The first Attribute of His Being was Spirit, God, in the supernatural, thegreat Eternal Self becoming from invisible Soul into the form of Spiritand calling that Spirit God.

    Two - thirds of the angels of heaven fell; that's these evil spiritsworking amongst people, very religious. You know the Bible says that.

    When Light takes its supreme authority, there's no place for darkness.Go find where the darkness went when light come. That's the way it iswhen all things are turned back to God. Darkness had a beginning;

  • 8/3/2019 The Lord Jesus Christ


    darkness has an end. Light never had a beginning or it never has anend

    . He is the beginning of creation. God filled all space and all Eternity,so that all was God, without form, forever, for eternities, no beginning,

    no ending, but notice now, there is nothing; there's just space, and youcant see anything or hear anything. There is light there but the lightis hidden; there's no dark; it's just seems like nothing. But in there is agreat supernatural Being, Jehovah God, Who covered all space of allplaces at all times, the Great Spirit of the living God, covering all spaceand eternity.God filled all space. And in That (Space) was nothing butpurity: pure love, pure holiness, pure righteous. It was Spirit. Hecovered the whole space all from Eternity, where we can't fathom It. Itgoes beyond anything that we could imagine. There you purposed inyour heart to have a creation that would worship Thee, but there wasnothing anywhere, just the vastness of space. I can see all that great

    space begin to move together like this, coming down to a funnel shapelike that, and it moved right down, All that great space came down toone four letter word, l-o-v-e.

    He put the Lamb's Name on the Book. You see the Book, the Bible, wasactually planned and written before the foundation of the world wasever laid - God gave you your inheritance. Your inheritance was first.The members of His Bride, their names, were put in the Lamb's Book ofLife but the Book was sealed up. And now it's being revealed, whosenames were in there. What a great thing. See, we came out of eternity.We were there, chosen before there was a world. Eternity is like a

    perfect circle; it has no corners or no end.

    Isa 40:21 Thus ye have known and ye have heard that which wasrevealed from the beginning, and you have understood His story fromthe foundations of the earth and have seen a consumption of all things.

    Isa 40:12 God hath measured the waters in the hollow of his hand,and measured out heaven with the span, and comprehended the dustof the earth in a measure, and weighed the mountains in scales, andthe hills in a balance!

    He weighed every speck that He would use and calculated the perfectappropriation for the entire similitude, and measured the space that itwould fit, and calculated the bit by bit assembling of this creation asmeasurements of time

    Psalms 147:4 He tells the number of the stars; he calleth them all bytheir names.

  • 8/3/2019 The Lord Jesus Christ


    Isa. 40:26 Lift up your eyes on high and behold who hath createdthese things that bringeth out their host by number; He calleth themall by names by the greatness of His might.

    God made man in His own image. "Where were you before I laid

    the foundation of the world, when the sons of God sangtogether and the morning stars shouted for joy?

    The Creation of God

    The first creation was God Himself; "El, Elah, Elohim," the "all-sufficient, all-powerful, Almighty, self-existent One." There wasnothing but God Himself. He was self-existent. Being that He was Godthere must be something to worship Him, because He loved worship.

    His Own Being created creatures to worship Him. The first thing thatcame around was Angels and Angels worshipped Him and then Hewas God, the attribute. Angels still worship Him. The Angels that standin the Presence of God have six wings. They carry two over their face,two over their feet, and fly with two in His Presence, crying day andnight, "Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty.

    The 1st Son of Creation was Lucifer, the anointed Cherub thatcovers! He was the son of the morning andled in worship. Lucifer, orSatan, was the right hand man of God.

    In the beginning when God spoke, Satan was standing thereand he heard it. He was created to worship God and to lead inworship. He was created perfect in every way. There was nothingcreated but perfection. God created all things good. But Lucifer fell,putting a break in the eternal round and came down here on earth.

    Satan would've spoiled the whole thing, but God seen that there'd be aspace of time outside of Eternity caused by a great disruption in Hisplans. And being the great infinite One from the beginning tobeginning, He looked down and saw what would happen.

    Now, this great chain of perfection was broken by time into space. Seea perfect circle, forever, and forever, and then all at once sin droppedin and put a little breach in the eternal veil so that a little chaindropped down.

    Eternity continues on, but it's not in its perfect condition. When Satanperverted good to wrong, and took the angels with him, a little blockfell out of this perfect circle of eternity, and dropped down to a place

  • 8/3/2019 The Lord Jesus Christ


    called time. It come in right here, goes around, and goes out right overhere. Eternity exists right on down through time.

    Yet it was by his hand th

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