the punic wars • what were they? ^ series of wars ... the punic wars • what were they? ^...

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    Rome Notes 2 ':ill in the blank with information about the Ancient Romans.

    The Punic Wars • What were they?

    ^ Series of _ wars Rome fought against v

    empire located in was a rich and powerful


    -i-,, Cors\

    Sateoric^ ^ Sar^'sma Tyn-Jimwi&laiuis'

    Mediten-aiwan Sea

    c^r s^ SyracusrSdtf

    ndiaAilM ns

    ^&^ fw



    • Why Jid they light? ^ Rome fought the over the of in the

    Sea. ^ With

    m$ ^g

    so close, and the other nearby

    felt threatened sfc^lts>Tacuse by.


    > First Punic War 1. Since Rome never fought a battle at sea, what did they have to do?

    2. What was a corvus and what was it used for?

    3. What did Rqme_get out of the First Punic War?


    I B.C.- B.C. Many battles fought for over

    years—many fought at ^ Humiliating J_Carthage loses

    _, Sardinia, and lots of I


    1K ^:

    •It Fi


  • > Second Punic War

    Who were some key people? ^ .— He brought his army from Carthage

    over the with

    ^ Harmjbal — He never Romans in

    to the

    1. Why did Hanibal have to cross^the Ait3s?

    2. How many of Hanibal's men died on the trip over the Alps?

    3. Why was the Battle of Cannae so bad for Rome?

    4. Why didn't Hanibal invade the city of Rome?


    vm ^& *;:

    i. s s s


    w 'I1'.




    5. What is something that happened at the Battle of Zama? c



    .— Crafty who finally defeated

    Punic War.

    in the

    B.C.-_ B.C. Hannibal

    general N


    Legions on their ^ Hannibal outflankedl lured Hannibal

    back to and defeated him.

    II m >»


    ® .:y