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    Regional Conference 2

    Career Seminar II



    National Forum



    Upcoming Events 10

    Scholarships 10

    NIGP Course 11

    Membership 12

    New Certifications 12

    New Members 13

    Member Spotlight 14

    Connected? 15

    President—Bill Munch, CPPB 602-677-1988

    Vice-President—Joe Guy, CPPB 602-506-8718

    Treasurer—Sharon Brause, CPPO 480-644-2815

    Secretary—Heather Hodgman 480-474-8500

    Immediate Past President—Irma Guzman, CPPB 602-506-8715

    2016 Executive Board

    Oh my goodness, it is

    already September. Just

    4 short months left in the

    calendar year. We had a

    great month of August

    with a most excellent

    Career Seminar II and

    some of us were even

    lucky enough to attend

    Forum back in National

    Harbor, Maryland.

    We should, as a chapter,

    be very proud of the

    awards we took home

    from Forum. First and

    foremost, our Chapter

    received an Excellence in

    Membership Retention,

    Recruitment and Engage-

    ment Award. Special

    thanks to Kristy Garcia

    not only for being a fan-

    tastic Chair of our Mem-

    bership Committee but

    also for all the work she

    put into to the application

    to tell our "story".

    Whether you know it or

    not many chapters look to

    us for our best practice

    methodologies. I had

    many leaders in other

    chapters at the Forum

    reach out to me for advice

    about how our chapter is

    successful doing this or

    that. Our Chapter is


    At Forum, we won anoth-

    er award for having a

    high percentage of our

    membership as members

    of NIGP Members at Na-

    tional. A total of 71% of

    our chapter members are

    national members as

    well. At the President's

    Luncheon, we were also

    recognized as one of a

    very few chapters that

    held 5 or more national

    classes in 2015. Special

    thanks to Telma Bearden

    and the rest of our Educa-

    tion Committee for their

    work in this area.

    Finally, at Forum, it is

    with humble pride that I

    accepted an award as

    Professional Manager of

    the Year. This award has

    a direct reflection on our

    chapter. Without all of

    you, this award would

    never have been possible.

    The nomination included

    all the many positive

    things we do every day at

    our Chapter. I am grate-

    ful to each and every one

    of you for allowing me to

    be your leader and giving

    The Purchasing Exchange The Official Newsletter of the Arizona State Capitol Chapter of NIGP

    President’s Message by Bill Munch, CPPB

    Sept em ber / O c t ober 2016

    me an opportunity to receive this

    award. I would be remiss if I did-

    n't acknowledge Gary Barkman for

    his steadfast persistence in put-

    ting together my nomination for

    this prestigious award. I pledge to

    continue to lead in a transparent,

    collaborative and enthusiastic

    atmosphere throughout my tenure

    as President of our great chapter.

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  • 2

    Our next business meeting is going to

    be held in beautiful Tempe Arizona on

    September 13th. This will be a great

    opportunity for us to celebrate the

    recognition we received at Forum this

    year. Please go to our website and reg-

    ister ASAP before all the seats are tak-

    en. The program will also include a

    presentation by the Arizona State Li-

    brary and Archives Department. Since

    all of us deal with public records, this

    presentation will be near and dear to

    our hearts. Don't miss out.

    The CPPO and CPPB Review Sessions

    start this month. More information is

    available on our website. Please know

    that there is no cost and you don't have

    to attend all the sessions. However, in

    order to get credit you must be in at-

    tendance at all times. Even if you're not

    considering taking these tests until the

    spring, it's never too early to start now.

    The CPPO will be facilitated by Christi-

    na Pryor from City of Chandler and the

    CPPB will be facilitated by yours truly.

    Once again, don’t forget to SAVE THE

    DATE for our 2016 Regional Confer-

    ence and Vendor Expo on October 20,

    2016 in Mesa. The conference is our

    premiere affordable professional devel-

    opment opportunity of the year. The

    Game Show theme should be fun and

    exciting for all of us so "Come on

    Down". Please let your vendors know

    that there are still booths available and

    they can secure a booth by visiting our


    Thanks again, everyone and Go Pur-

    chasing Go!

    Countdown to Regional Conference

    Regional Conference

    If you have not already registered please do so now as time is running out to reg-

    ister and attend this year’s Regional Conference and Vendor Expo being held at

    the Mesa Convention Center on October 20, 2016.

    It will be an exciting day filled with many professional development classes, a

    vendor expo, game show games and prizes, a social event and networking oppor-

    tunities with peers and vendors.

    Come join us for this important event and educational opportunity. Don’t miss

    this annual event that is fun and a huge fundraiser for our chapter.

    President’s Message (Continued from previous page)

    Don’t forget to vote in October’s

    election for Vice-President and

    Treasurer. Your vote counts!

    Results will be announced at the

    Regional Conference.

  • 3

    The Career Seminar II was held on

    August 9, 2016 at Deer Valley Unified

    School District in Phoenix with 90

    members in attendance.

    “Expertise-Driven Project Delivery”

    was the topic with Dr. Kenneth Sulli-

    van an ASU associate professor as our

    guest speaker. His presentation was

    exceptional and learning outcomes

    were definitely achieved. It could have

    easily been a full day session with all

    the important information he had to


    The day also included our Chapter

    business meeting where we enjoyed a

    delicious lunch, heard from committee

    chairs and recognized and welcomed

    new members.

    Committee Chairs provided brief re-

    ports on what they are currently work-

    ing on.

     Our next luncheon meeting will be

    held on September 13, 2016 in

    Tempe. Registration now open!

     If interested in running for Vice-

    President or Treasurer please sub-

    mit your nomination form no later

    than September 13, 2016. The

    nomination form is available on

    the chapter website.

     Don’t forget to support our charity,

    St. Vincent de Paul. They are in

    need of many items to support

    their mission and cause. Charity

    information is also available on the

    chapter website.

     If in need of funds to pay for a

    class you can submit for a scholar-

    ship. There is always money avail-

    able and left over each year be-

    cause members don’t take ad-

    vantage of this free benefit.

     The Young Professionals/Student

    Chapter are always looking for

    members to join their committee. If

    you are a Young Professional

    (under 40) please consider joining

    and contributing to this committee.

     Cooperative committee is diligent-

    ly working on comparing all the

    available coops across the country

    and will present their research and

    findings to the board soon.

     The Strategic Plan for 2016-2020

    was presented to the chapter.

    These are the goals set for the

    Chapter and will take us through


    Several members won prizes as part of

    the pro-d prize drawing, and Larry

    Hall, City of Mesa and Ernestine Tesa-

    rek, Town of Gilbert, won a free lunch

    to attend a future luncheon meeting.

    Career Seminar II Recap Click here to see more pictures from this event.

  • 4

    Congratulations to the Membership

    Committee for an outstanding presenta-

    tion of our Chapter and it’s members.

    This year the Chapter submitted an

    award entry for Excellence in Member-

    ship Recruitment, Retention and