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<ul><li><p>7/29/2019 The SJAC Weekly Update- March 26</p><p> 1/2</p><p>3/26/13 10:he SJAC Weekly Update- March 26</p><p>Page ttp://;id=32ef3bac61&amp;e=a0d6d05f77</p><p>The SJAC Weekly Update- March 26, 2013</p><p>Mapping Accountability Efforts in Syria</p><p>The conflict in Syria is</p><p>considered one of the most well-</p><p>documented conflicts ever- if not</p><p>the best documented conflict</p><p>ever, said Meghan Stewart, Vice</p><p>President of PILPG. But despite</p><p>extensive documentation efforts,</p><p>huge gaps remain. Who, exactly, is doing the documentation? What</p><p>kinds of violations are being documented? What arent? What</p><p>forms of documentation are being produced? These were just a few</p><p>questions answered at Wednesdays Mapping Accountability</p><p>Efforts in Syria event.</p><p>The discussion centered on the Mapping Accountability Efforts in</p><p>Syria report compiled by PILPG and the SJAC. Stewart presented</p><p>the key findings of the report, which maps and assesses efforts to</p><p>document information on violations of international criminal,</p><p>humanitarian, and human rights law in the Syrian conflict. The</p><p>report also seeks to identify potential partners working toward</p><p>accountability, as well as address current challenges that could</p><p>affect future accountability measures. In addition to the report,</p><p>SJAC Data Analyst Husam Alkatlaby presented the findings of his</p><p>recent research in the region providing updated information on</p><p>newly emerging documentation groups. The discussion wasmoderated by SJAC Executive DirectorMohammad Al</p><p>Abdallah.READ MORE.</p><p>The SJACExecutive Director</p><p>discusses Syriawith UN</p><p>Upon the UN request, the SJACExecutive Director, Mohammad AlAbdallah, met on March 12thwith Mr. Ivan Simonovic, Asst. Sec-Gen. for Human Rights to discusshis upcoming mission to Syria.</p><p>Read the Reports</p><p>Visit the SJAC's Reports Page toread and download the MappingReport and Addendum, as well asother documents.</p><p>The SJAC is an independent, non-political, Syrian-led, and multi-laterally supported organization that serves as a</p><p>coordinating body for all actors promoting transitional justice and accountability for Syria. The SJAC provides</p><p>vetted, accurate data on human rights violations occurring on all sides of the conflict in Syria. The SJAC expertise</p><p>and data is used in the transitional justice process for Syria.</p><p>RSSTranslate</p>;id=32ef3bac61&amp;e=a0d6d05f77#translate;id=0a7405c641;id=32ef3bac61&amp;e=a0d6d05f77#translate;id=0a7405c641</li><li><p>7/29/2019 The SJAC Weekly Update- March 26</p><p> 2/2</p><p>3/26/13 10:he SJAC Weekly Update- March 26</p><p>Page ttp://;id=32ef3bac61&amp;e=a0d6d05f77</p><p>Our mailing address is:</p><p>unsubscribe from this list update subscription preferences</p><p>Copyright 2013 Syria Justice and Accountability Centre, All rights reserved.</p>;id=0a7405c641&amp;e=a0d6d05f77;id=0a7405c641&amp;e=a0d6d05f77&amp;c=32ef3bac61</li></ul>