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  • The SOFiSTiK FEM Packages

    SOFiSTiK AG Germany

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    Compatible with Autodesk AutoCAD Autodesk Revit

    The new SOFiSTiK FEM Packages are customized solutions to fit all the engineering application fields, ranging from 2D Slab design to 3D building and bridge design. All Packages provide the possibility of design according to Eurocodes and many other design codes, plus interactive Post-processing and 64-bit solver. To meet the modern requirements, the packages offer versatile Pre-processing options, from the parametric text based input to the AutoCAD add-on SOFiPLUS and BIM Solution with Autodesk Revit Structure. In addition, the optimization and expansion of the leading SOFiSTiK technologies are always developing.

    Which FEM Package fits your needs?

    2D FE Analysisand Design

    3D Buildings / BIM and Design

    3D Buildings and Structural Engineering

    3D Bridge and Structural Engineering

    Which extensions are possible?

    + Rhinoceros interface for complex geometries

    + BASE-DYN for seismic response spectra analysis

    + HASE for soil-structure Interaction

    Contact us for a customized solution.

    FEM Packages Modern Structural analysis

  • 2D FE Analysis and Design

    + 2D FE Slab- and shear wall analysis

    + Down- and upstand beams as finite beam elements

    + 2D R/C design in ULS and SLS according to various codes (e.g. EN 1992 with NAs: BS, EHE, FIN, IDM, NF; BS 8110, ACI, SNIP)

    + Nonlinear slab analysis acc. t. Eurocode for realistic deflections and most economic design

    + Tension cut-off bedding for slabs

    + Interactive graphical post-processing and plotting

    3D Buildings / BIM and Design

    Additional to 2D FEM professional: + 3D FE Beam-, shell-, slab- and shear wall elements

    + Arbitrary beam cross-sections with graphical input

    + Automatic determination of resulting elastic sup-port stiffness for 2D analysis from 3D BIM Models*

    + 3D R/C design in ULS and SLS according to various codes (e.g. EN 1992 with NAs: BS, EHE, FIN, IDM, NF; BS 8110, ACI, SNIP)

    + Steel design according to Eurocode (Class 13 sections)

    Add-on: TENDON-P for post-tensioned slab designGraphical input requires AutoCAD or +X OEM License | *requires Autodesk Revit Structure

    3D Buildings and Structural Engineering

    Additional to 3D FEM professional: + Simulation of construction stages and time-depen-

    dent effects (creep, shrinkage and relaxation)

    + Pile elements

    + Dynamic eigenvalues

    + Nonlinear springs and worklaws for springs

    + Nonlinear R/C and steel material and theory of 2nd order for beam elements

    + Lateral torsional buckling

    + Autom. determination of effective areas for class 4 steel sections

    + Integration of area-element results

    3D Bridge & Structural Engineering

    Additional to 3D FEM premium: + Graphical input of parametric geometry (CABD)

    + Pre- and post-tensioning for beam- and shell-elements

    + ULS and SLS design and stress checks for composite- and post-tensioned sections (e.g. EN 1992-2, BS 5400)

    + Cable elements

    + Full geometric nonlinear analysis (cable sag, shell buckling etc.)

    + Influence line evaluation and traffic load library (Road and Railway)

    Ultimate 50 comprises all features from the 3D FEM ultimate package with the limitation to a maximum project size of 50m x 50m x 20m.

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