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The World GovernmentG8Federal republic

intelligence complexAlpina




Lucis Trust

G8-member state

StatePennzoil Quaker State

Civil code Protestant 34% Median age 41.3 yrs fossile 61,8%

civil law median age23,5 yrs hydro 84,7% Roman catho..90%

Peruvian state

Private Bank


agrobusiness weapon

mass media pharma

Adam Smith Institute (UK) Manhattan Institute (USA)

Sidney Myer

chimical petroleum

State under the control from an other state

Sidney Baillieu Myer The founder of the Tasman, was Sidney Baillieu Myer, Chairman of N.M. Rothschild Australia.

Baronne Thatcher, LG OM FRS


European-Atlantic Group (EAG) founded in 1954 - the same year as the Bilderberg Conference also an "Atlanticist" grouping - to specifically support and promote NATO and the Council of Europe.New Atlantic Initiative (NAI) Its objectives are to renovate NATO, integrating the new democratic states of Central and Eastern Europe, and to create a vast zone of Euro-American free trade. (source, Rseau Voltaire, 16 March 1998) Patrons: Vclav Havel, Margaret Thatcher. Members: Henry Kissinger (president), Alain Besanon, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Colin Powell, Jean-Franois Revel, Luc de la Barre de Nanteuil, Donald Rumsfeld (source: Board of Trustees Open Russia Foundation Henry Kissinger, Lord Jacob Rothschild, Khodorkovsky, Piotrovsky "With the backing of Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachov and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Soros reached the height of his inf1uence in the Soviet Union when he was asked to assemble a team- including Jeffrey Sachs and Romano Prodi of Italy - to critique the Shatalin Plan, which was based upon IMF-style "shock therapy." "I was a great supporter of the so-called Shatalin Plan," Soros writes in Soros on Soros. " (Georges Soros, Underwriting Democracy) Mikhail B. Piotrovsky Membre de la Fondation Open Russia. Member of the Dutch Order of Orange-Nassau

chairmanborn in 1858

Sumitomo Mitsui Third world largest financial institution with a capital of $ 936,17 billion. The richest man in the world in Tsutsumi the beginning Yoshiaki of the 80' MOGI Yuzaburo Chairman and CEO of the K i k k o m a n Corporation. Gouvernor of the Global Forum of Japan (GFJ)

cration 1673

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking corp. ?

Sumitomo Clan Mitsui Clan Mitsubishi Clan Soong family

Mitsui & coSOGO SHOSHA

Rothschild Clan



Legal system: basic description of the historical underpinnings of the legal system used. Religion: the percentage does not indicate the number of practicing believers but the culture of origin (ie. Poland, 95% Roman Catholic, 75% devout followers). Median age: median age divides the population into two numerically equal groups, one half younger, the other half older. Principal source of electricity production: percentage of national electricity generated by fossil fuel, hydro, nuclear or other (solar, geothermic, wind) sources. All information taken from the August 2003 edition of the CIA Fact Book. ( ok)

Bohemian Club

? counterpart intelligence mercenaries car law

Council on Foreign Relations CFR


The Bruges Group Lotis Tasman Institute (Australia)

Masahide Shibusawa

billionaire club

Shibusawa Eiichi

Koo family


Sumitomo Kichizaemon?SOGO SHOSHA

owner (100%) of the Mori Group

Mori Clan

KeidanrenEuropean Bank

Central bank

Lobby, association of employers

Committee for the Economic finance Development of Australia China Institute for Rockefeller uk Mont Reform and Development Club of Plerin Ditchley Trilatrale Inst. der deutschen Wirtschaft (Kln) Society Foundation Commission Rome Keizai Doyukai (Japan) Aspen Consejo Empresario Committee Hoover Atlantic Institute for Institute de America Latina (CEAL) Council usa, japan, Economic usa Stichting Maatschappij france, Develop. en Onderneming (Netherlands) germany CED Business usa Center Roundtable Chairman for USA Strategic Heritage uk-usa USA USA American & Internat. Foundation Enterprise Rand Hudson Brookings Studies Corporation Institute Institute Institute CSIS Edwin J.

Masahide Shibusawa Masahide Shibusawa, President, Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Foundation, Trustee Japan center for International Exchange

Trilateral Commission Minoru Murofushi

Mizuho Financial Group


Mitsui Family

Hitotsubashi Clan Matsushita Clan

Bush Clan


financial heartLi family Bin Laden ClanSaudi Arabia El-Baraka




Expert Richard V. Allen of the Richard Chairman V. Allen Heritage Foundation's Asian Studies Center Advisory Council. Member of the presidential'Task Force concerning the World government International Broadcasting James R. James R. Schlesinger Schlesinger former firector of the CIA. Member of the Commission for National security in the XXI century. Member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council


Barclays Plc

Hedge fund : fa fund engaging in speculative management on behalf of institutional or private investors Insurance Conglomerate Zeibatsu (japan) Chaebol (korea)

Investment group Banking company

Baron Georg ThyssenBornemisza

Shen Kurong


Rating Agency

Order of Malta

club or brotherhood mafia

Meaning of acronyms : KBE - Knight Commander of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire CBE - Commander of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire OBE - Officer of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire CBE - Member of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

Individual, family,lineage

Council for National Policy treasurer and trustee, Mont Pelerin Society

World Trade Organization OMC

International organization






Tie of administration Tie of affiliation or control Percentage of property: x holds 2.2 % of y

Safari Club

IISS ukInternational Institute for Strategic Studies

RIIA ukRoyal Inst. of Intern. Affairs (RIIA)


Area of Free Trade

Open Society Institute

think tank

Nixon center usa

Frank C. Carlucci chairman emeritus South Africa 1957-1960 Zaire 1960-1962 Tanzanie 1964-1965 Life member Brazil 1965-1969 ambassador of of the CED Rand CED Frank the US to Portugal until 1978 Corporation usa C. Carlucci deputy director of the CIA (1978George 80) Founder of the Manhattan P. Schultz Yemen 1979 Knight of Institute (1980). Organisation of Malta Philippines 198. the Reagan-Gorbatchev'summit Alan Vice-prsident, Henri A. from 29 may until 1er june 1988. R. Batkin Kissinger Kissinger Ex-chairman of Carlyle Associates, Inc. Group.Rand Corporation' Member. United Defense' Member , Vice chairman Pharmacia Corporation Brent Kissinger Zbigniew Scowcroft Associates, Inc. Brzezinski trustee Pennzoil Quaker State (Bush) special advisor of the Prsident for Yotaro Yotaro Kobayashi the national security Kobayashi Chairman of Fuji Xerox. Former former director chairman of of the CIA Keidanren + Trilateral commission Keidanren (Keizei Dantai Reng-kai) Association of employers The Keidanren is one of Keidanren Prsident the components of the US-Japan Business Council, and brings together almost 90 executive presidents from Minoru the most powerful Mitsubishi Trilateral Makihara multinationals in North Corporation Commission America and Japan.


Shijuro Ogata former deputy governor ofr international relations of the Bank of Japan Member of the Trilateral commission



Shijuro Ogata

SorosOpen Society Institute

Japan Japan surpassed the United States in the early 1990s, becoming the leading aid-donating country. In 1999, Japan gave out 67% more foreign aid than the United States. The UN is the largest international organization to depend largely on Japanese money (Japan provided almost 20% of the UNs budget in 2001).

MOGI Yuzaburo

creation 1630

Kikkoman corporationSOGO SHOSHA

Wheelock Co. Ltd.

Dar el-Malcap. 1530 milliards$ employees 69 000

Rockefeller familyhistoric owner of Chase


Mitsui Group (Sogo Sosha) of 325 companies in Japan and of 421 foreign companies. In 1995, 3 Japanese Sogo Shosha, Mitsubischi, Mitsui et Itochu was respectively the 1st, 2nd and 3rd most important compagnies in the world (in terms of revenues). In 1999, these 3 companies returned to the 7th, 6th and 10th rank respectively because of the asian crisis.

Rockefeller ClanAl Saud ClanSaudi Arabia

Nicholas Clive-Worms Grandson of Hyppolite Worms, founder of the Banque Worms (Jewish banker, converted to Catholicism, anti- family Semite, promoted to the rank of Honorary Aryan by special decree of Philippe Ptain, financier of the synarchic movement, condemned after the liberation of France (source: rseau voltaire, 2000) Antoine Bernheim

Nicholas CliveWorms


German state

The indication mentioned in the header (republic, constitutional monarchy, etc.) is given as a guideline only (CIA sources).

Industrial firm or conglomerate

Skull & Bones Oldest and most prestigious of Yales seven secret societies. Among the others are : Scroll & Key, Book & Snake, Wolfs Head, Eliahu and Berzelius. The fraternities serve as a recruiti