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    Theme: Novel Trends and Advances in Bioworld Innovation: Biopolymers –Bioplastics

    Tentative Program

    Conference Secretariat

    2360 Corporate Circle, Suite 400

    Henderson, NV 89074-7722, USA

    Tel: +1-888-843-8169, Fax: +1-650-618-1417

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    “Attendees will be certified with 17 CPD credits (17 hrs.) and also with the certification by the International Organizing Committee Members (IOCM) of the conference”

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    Organizing Committee Members & Renowned Speakers

    Baki Hazer Bülent Ecevit University,


    Bharat Bhushan The Ohio State University


    Andrei Surguchov Kansas University Medical

    Center, USA

    Amar K. Mohanty University of Guelph


    Dominique Hourdet ESPCI PARIS


    Ajay Kumar Mishra University of South Africa, South


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    Keynote Speakers

    Media Partners

    Speaker contribution at Biopolymers and Bioplastics

    Title: Biobased adhesive for construction applications

    David Grewell, Iowa State University, USA

    Title: A Review of Biodegradation of Biodegradable Plastics under Industrial Compost,

    Marine, Soil, and Anaerobic Digestion

    Joseph Greene, California State University, USA

    Title: Easing the Environmental Impact of Disposable Packaging: New Sunlight-Degradable Bio-Sourced Polymer Materials

    Christopher J. Barrett, McGill University, Canada

    Title: Preparation of Functionalized PCL-Based Materials for Biomedical


    T. Aoyagi, Nihon University, Japan

    Title: Edible Biological Materials

    Challa Vijaya Kumar, University of Connecticut, USA

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    Title: Precious Metal Nano Composites based on Autoxidized Unsaturated Plant

    Oils/Fatty Acids

    Baki Hazer, Bülent Ecevit University, Turkey

    Title: The Future of PHA Bioplastic

    Yash P. Khanna, Innoplast Solutions, USA

    Title: The poly(ethylene 2,5-furandicarboxylate): a new emerging biobased polyester

    from sugar stream

    Nathanaël Guigo , University Nice Sophia Antipolis, France

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    Title: Effect of organoclay networks formed by an electric field on rheological and

    electrical properties of biodegradable poly (lactic acid)/organoclay composites

    Jung Hyun Ahn, Seoul National University, Korea

    Title: Developing a Low Temperature Spinning Process for Polyhydroxyalkanoates

    Bhavya Singhi , North Carolina State University, USA

    Title: Comparison of Polydioxanone and Polyhydroxyalkanoate Barbed and Non-barbed

    Surgical Sutures: The Effect of Hydrolytic Degradation on Mechanical and Morphological


    Hui Cong, North Carolina State University, USA

    Title: Mechanical stability of wood flour / polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) composites modified by boron nitride and talc

    Clement Chan, The University of Queensland, Australia

    Title: How biodegradable plastics can help to solve plastic pollution and accumulation

    Leela S Dilkes-Hoffman, The University of Queensland, Australia

    Title: Enzyme-incorporated metal-organic frameworks for biocatalysis

    Jun Ge, Tsinghua University, China

    Title: Thermo-responsive Hybrid Microgel Particles with Gold Nanorods

    Aslam Khan, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

    Title: Synucleins form oligomers and induce oligomerization of other proteins

    Andrei Surguchov, Kansas University Medical Center, USA

    Title: Poly(trimethylene carbonate) polymers and networks. Synthesis, properties and medical applications

    Dirk W. Grijpma, University of Twente, The Netherlands

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    Title: Innovation & Sustainability in the contemporary Fashion

    Liliana Rubio, PMO Polymer Business Intelligence, Brazil

    Title: Development and characterization of polysaccharides/carrageenan based biofilms

    J. P. Nirmala, Anna University, India

    Title: Recent Advances in Pineapple Leaf Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites

    Jyoti Jain, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India

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    Title: Biopolymeric nanoparticles in analytical sensing tools

    Meenakshi Singh, Banaras Hindu University, India

    Title: Studies on Modification of Poly Lactic Acid to Enhance its Thermal and Mechanical Properties

    S. Ananda Kumar, Anna University, India

    Title: Production of PHB (Poly-ß-hydroxybutyrate) Based Biodegradable Plastics from Algae

    Rebecca Robert, Women’s Christian College, India

    Speaker Slots available!! Submit abstract today to grab your slot…

    **Note: Tentative Program has been designed with the projected Speakers Names and Titles. Dates and timings in this Program are subject to change

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