three short stories - short...  the piece “three short...

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  • Three Short Stories Dance and music piece for children and others

  • TEAM

    Dance: Yuko Kominami, Sayoko Onishi

    Music: Toms Tello, Lukasz Szalankiewicz

    Light and Dramaturgy: Brice Durand

    Charge of Production: Jrme Konen


    19th March 2015

    CCR opderschmelz, Dudelange Luxembourg


    Yuko Kominami

    Address: 94, rue de l'Usine, L-4340 Esch/Alzette, Luxembourge

    Phone: +352 621 40 88 86



    Executive Production: Rhysom Danz Kollektiv asbl

    Co-Production: Centre de Cration Chorgraphique Luembourgeois -TROIS C-L

    Centre Culturel Rgional Dudelange opderschmelz

    Subvention: Fonds Culturel National Luxembourg

    Fondation Indpendance


    The piece Three Short Stories is about three different fantastic/supernatural stories using dance, music and light. Each story comes from different places (Japan, Poland, Per). The piece is directed to children from 9 years onwards.

    The aim of the piece is to first of all provide magical experience and also introduce children(and adult) to different stories and different universes.

    Three Short Stories is performed by two dancers and two live musicians and each story lasts between15-20 minutes.

    The first story is about a natural event that occurs in Urubamba in the Andes Mountains (Per) every year. The Nina-Nina (giant firefly) lays it's eggs inside the Apasanqa( Tarantula) and the Apasanqa carries this eggs until the little Nina- Ninas are born and the life of the Apasanqa ends and evaporates into lights.

    The second story is inspired by a myth of the foundation of Warzaw (Poland). According to a legend, one day a Mermaid swimming in the sea stopped on the riverbank near the Old Town of Warsaw to rest. She found the place so admirable that she decided to stay. Local fisherman noticed something was wrong but they fell in love with the Mermaid upon hearing her sing. Later, a rich merchant caught the Mermaid and imprisoned her, hearing mermaid cry, the fishermen saved her. Thankful to their help, shepromised to offer fishermen her help whenever it would be needed. Ever since, the Mermaid, armed with sword and shield, has been ready to help protect the city of Warsaw and its residents.

  • The last story is a Japanese ancient ghost story, In japan, Yukionnna (snow woman) is a beautiful woman in white clothes who appears in the snow storm and with her icy breathe freeze people to death.

    But she can fall in love with a human too, and turns herself into a normal woman and be a wife to the man she loves, keeping her real-appearance secret.

    A long time ago in northern mountains in Japan, Yukionnna meet a young and beautiful woodcutter andfell in love with him, she lets him get away with the promise that he will never tell anyone that he met her. she turns herself into a young woman Oyuki and marry him. but minokichi couldnt keep the promise with the snow woman, and oyuki sad and angry turned back to the snow woman and disappeared into the snow storm.

    Even in her happy marriage life, the normal looking house wife oyuki and the icy snow woman yukionnna are two faces she has. Any moment the secret can be revealed and her real appearance will emerge



    From the age of 5 she started studying classical ballet until age15. From 1975 she studied contemporary dance in the Dance academy led by Mr. Mitsuaki Sasaki. In 1986 she studied dance butoh with Mr. Ipei Yamada in the dance company Hoppo-Butoh Ha, afterwards she began an intensive artistic collaboration under the supervision of Mr. Hironobu Oikawa, absorbing from his mastership the style and the choreographies of butoh dance. From 1990 she began a brilliant carrier as a solo professional dancer within Europe, working at the same time as a choreographer and as a teacher. In 2000 she began living and working in Palermo (Italy), where she started working as a teacher and choreographer for the Associazione Siciliana Danza. Sayoko has received various important international prize, among them in 1997 the 1 prize at the International Dance Competition in Augusburg (Germany) and in the same year the 2 prize at the International Dance Competition in Leipzig (Germany).In 2006 the 1 prize at the Die Platze contemporary dance competition in Tokyo.She has performed mostly as a soloist in international renowned theatres : The Melkweg in Amsterdam, Jackson Lane Theater in London, Tanz Fabrik in Berlin, Art Festival Five Project in Tokyo, Teatro Furio Camillo in Rome. As a choreographer she worked for the Deutche Oper in Berlin; she has been in charge of choreographic project sponsored by the Amsterdam Kunst Fonds. 2012-2013With MA3 project (Move Art three) by the subsidy of EU project , the tour in Germany, Luxembourg, France and China.

    In 2001-2003 , under the sponsorship of several official government institutions of Palermo, she has been directing a lot of dance events with excellent critical reviews. In 2004 she was invited as a guest

  • teacher at the Italian National Dance Academy in Rome and at the Siena University.In 2005 she starts teaching as a regular teacher at the University of Palermo and found the International Butoh Academy in collaboration with the Master Yoshito Ohno from Japanese Butoh Institute.In 2014, The new performance Mishima is produced by the opera house of Ferrara

    Yuko Kominami

    Born in 1973, Japan. She studied butoh and dance in Tokyo. After finishing her BA in Japanese historyat Waseda University, she did a Professional Diploma in Community Dance Studies and anIndependent Study Programme at Laban Centre London from 1998 to 2000. She obtained her MA inDance Cultures, Histories and Practices from the University of Surrey in 2006. She has been workingas an independent dance and performance artist. She has collaborated with other dancers,choreographers, artists, musicians and theatre directors of various landscapes. She has also frequentlyworked with a company Ten Pen Chii directed by Yumiko Yoshioka and Joachim Manger in Berlin,Germany. She lives in Luxembourg and perform in different places in the world including, Finland,Hungary, Romania, Japan, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, China, Peru, India.

    Her work consists of experiments with movements of becoming where intensities of individualsintersect. Those are the movements of metamorphosis where one yields to molecular movements andshow the connection with something or everything else. Through these experiments she aims towardsaffirmations of multiple movements of a life that is in constant flux and communication.

    Toms Tello

    Born in 1981 in Lima, Peru. He had a deep interest in sound from a very early age. He studied harmony and composition with Jorge Madueo and guitar with Andrs Prado. From 2001 to 2002 he lived in Barcelona and attended the Taller de Musics, there he practiced the Oud with Gani Mirzo. Back in Lima he studied traditional peruvian guitar with Gustavo Urbina. From 2004 to 2006 he lived in Buenos Aires. There he studied Alexander Technique lesson with Jessica Nardelli and guitar lessons with Fernando Kabusacki. From year 2006 to 2009 he lived in Lima and was very active in the local musical enviroment. He formed the duo Shaolines del Amor with Ral Jardn and played many concerts in Per and in Chile.

    ukasz Szaankiewicz

    ukasz Szaankiewicz (alias ZENIAL) He is an electronic music performer and sound artist. Lukasz is a member of the Polish Society for Electroacustic Music (PSeME) and the Polish Society for Contemporary Music (the Polish subsection of the ISCM). His formative artistic years began in the early 90s with an immersion in the demoscene an early computer community based around transcending hardware limitations. The multimedia nature of demoscene has remained an important element of his solo artistic work, where sound is often combined with visuals and influenced by a conceptual framework. He currently lives and works in NYC.In his work Szaankiewicz focuses on musical explorations, audiovisual performances and interactive installations.One of these, Dzwiekoswisty, was presented during the Little Warsaw Autumn (as part of

  • Warsaw Autumn Festival) to high critical acclaim.He has extensively contributed to the organisation of several festivals. Hes also a co-founder of Audiotong label/platform. Releasing as Zenial (and formerly as Palsecam) he also co-creates the project AABZU with Maciej Szymczuk and contributes tothe project Dizzy Kinetics with Marek Chooniewski.

    He performed at many Polish festivals including Audio Art Festival and Unsound Festival in Krakow, Wro Festival in Wroclaw and Ad Libitum in Warsaw, as well as in major Polish art centers including Kordegarda Gallery and The Contemporary Art Centre Zamek Ujazdowski in Warsaw, Contemporary Art Gallery Arsenal in Bialystok, Contemporary Art Gallery in Wroclaw and Contemporary Art Center in Torun. Szalankiewicz participated in many international festivals, e.g.inAustria, Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, Holland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, France, China, Hungary, Belarus, Romania, Lithuania, Israel, Kazakhstan, Peru, Brasil, Argentina, Uruguay, USA, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Croatia, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Georgia, Canada , Egypt and Luxembourg.

    Brice Durand

    Brice Durand joined the Viracocha and Des Bestioles theatre companies as director/lighting designer in 1999 after his studies at the Grenoble Science Faculty (F) and Metz Performing Arts University (F). In the same period he worked as a sound engineer on short films by Nicolas Birkenstock and Kevin Dresse.

    His work as a visual artis