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  • 8/20/2019 Tips for Building Log Homes


    #1 Tips For Building Log Homes

    21 Log Cabin Builders Share Their Thoughts

    by jasonw - Wednesday, February 10, 2016, !"# $%

    Below are the &1 ti's and 'ie(es o) ad*i(e )ro+ 21 log (abin owners, builders +anu)a(turers

    1. Brett Youngstrom

    The .oungstro+ )a+ily owns yellowstonelogho+es who ha*e shi''ed o*er 10,000 log (abin /its

    around the world )ro+ daho sin(e 162

    ee' your logs dry3 would suggest that you are (ertain you are getting dry logs )oryour ho+e 204 +oisture (ontent is (onsidered green iln dried logs are usually dried

    to 14 124 to 1#4 is better With lower +oisture (ontent in the logs settling be(o+esa non-issue $ro*isions li/e settling ja(/s (an be eli+inated )ro+ the stru(ture with dry


    Long roo) o*erhangs, (o*ered de(/s, and 'ro'er lands(a'ing should then be in(luded

    into the design to /ee' water o)) )ro+ the logs a)ter they are installed 5oo) o*erhangsshould be at least )eet S'rin/ler syste+s should be /e't well away )ro+ the logs a

    +al)un(tioning s'rin/ler head (an s'ray logs and go undete(ted )or +onths


  • 8/20/2019 Tips for Building Log Homes


    2. David S. Mann

    7a*id is the Chie) 89e(uti*e :))i(er o) ;lta Log

  • 8/20/2019 Tips for Building Log Homes


    your ho+e will last ?)ore*er@

    . Doug7oug is a log (abin owner in eorgia Dnited States

    For +e, would say that the &1 +ost i+'ortant ti' is 'ro'erly 'rote(ting your ho+e)ro+ the ele+ents EWaterrainsnow, ter+ites, e*erything else Gow, this is true )or

    e*ery ho+e built in the world, sure But, log ho+es and (abins (an in(ur da+age )ro+

    these ele+ents )ar easier than traditional housing

    $. Joe Fol%er

    >oe is the owner o) Ti+berha*en Log

  • 8/20/2019 Tips for Building Log Homes


    le*el o) (o+'leteness and Huality standard now what youAre getting, *ia a detailed

    esti+ateHuote, be)ore +a/ing your de(ision

    &. Han% S"a''eld

  • 8/20/2019 Tips for Building Log Homes


    (. Bill) *iou+

    Billy is a log (abin owner in Canada and an enthusiast with a .ouTube (hannel to do(u+ent his


  • 8/20/2019 Tips for Building Log Homes


    The &1 ti' is to wor/ with a (o+'any that has a solid re'utation, 'lenty o) e9'erien(e

    Eso they are not 'ra(ti(ing on your (abin and treats the ho+eowner with res'e(t )ro+day one

    . Mar% Long%ar/ Long is a log (abin designer )ro+ :ld Iirginia Log

  • 8/20/2019 Tips for Building Log Homes


    1/. Justin Met0

    >ustin owns Broo/ridge Log Custo+

  • 8/20/2019 Tips for Building Log Homes


    11. Je'' !lliot

    >e)) 8lliot is the owner o) (o*entrylogho+es whi(h is a )a+ily run business s'e(ialiMing in highHuality log (abin ho+es

    belie*e the +ost i+'ortant ti' is to always go )or the highest Huality +aterials you (an

    a))ord t +a/es a huge di))eren(e in the li)e o) the ho+e and in the long run it willa(tually sa*e +oney and ti+e

    12. David ordon

    7a*id is the Chie) 89e(uti*e :))i(er at %aineAs largest white (edar +ill /atahdin(edarlogho+es

    thin/ +y single +ost i+'ortant ti' would be! ?Be)ore starting the 'ur(hasing 'ro(esstal/ with 'ast (usto+ers and see what their total e9'erien(e was Iisit a (ou'le o)

    ho+es )ro+ the (o+'anies that you are (onsidering +a/e sure that these are

    inde'endent o) the (or'oration Be sure to loo/ o*er the (o+'leted 'rodu(t and see how+u(h the logs ha*e settled and shrun/ o*er the )irst (ou'le o) years 7ryness o) the logs

    'ro*ided in the 'a(/age is 'robably the single +ost (riti(al )a(tor when sele(ting a(o+'any


  • 8/20/2019 Tips for Building Log Homes


    13. Dre -ro"a0%a 7rew is a business +anager )or Bea*er %ountain Log Cedar

  • 8/20/2019 Tips for Building Log Homes


    1$. Stepanie Jonson

    Ste'hanie is a +ar/eting o))i(er at $FB Custo+ anet is the author at log (abin hub  an online (o++unity to share log (abin ad*i(e and ti's

    The +ost (o++on 'ie(e o) guidan(e gi*e to 'eo'le when (onsidering building a log(abin is to really understand the to'i( Buy so+e boo/s, wat(h so+e .ouTube *ideos

    and read so+e blogs on log (abins to better your /nowledge to +a/e sure you a*oid

    (o++on +ista/es :n(e you are /nowledgeable on log (abins then you ha*e a +u(hbetter (han(e o) getting the design and build right3


  • 8/20/2019 Tips for Building Log Homes


    1(. Dorie 4or%man

    7orie is the Ii(e $resident o) a''log who build ;''ala(hian Log Stru(tures in West Iirgina

    The single +ost i+'ortant ad*i(e )or building a log ho+e is 'ur(hasing a Huality log

    wall building syste+ The log wall is what +a/es the ho+e sustainable )or +any years,so it is i+'erati*e that the logs ha*e been grade sta+'ed, 'ressure treated )or wood

    digesting inse(ts and de(ay, and designed )or settling

    1,. *us%ee

    5us/ee is a log (abin owner in the Dnited States

    The +ost i+'ortant thing is Lo(ation, Lo(ation, Lo(ation3 t too/ +e +any ho+es to

    )igure that one out and itAs 'robably T

  • 8/20/2019 Tips for Building Log Homes


    1. Janet 4ilson

    >anet Wilson a log (abin enthusiast and owner in ;+eri(a

    The biggest +ista/e +ade when building +y (abin was to a''ly +y (aul/ to seal the

    logs be)ore a''lying +y )irst (oat o) staining ;s used an oil based (aul/ the staindidnAt sti(/ *ery well to it and it ga*e an un'leasant )inish %y ad*i(e would be toalways a''ly a )irst (oat o) stain be)ore (aul/ing or (hin/ing your (abin the )uture

    2/. *on Silli5o)

    5on is head o) (or'orate sales at Ward Cedar Log

  • 8/20/2019 Tips for Building Log Homes


    21. Je'' Jones

    >e)) >ones is a log (abin owner in ;+eri(a

    The one thing wish Ad (onsidered be)ore building +y log ho+e was the di))eren(e

    between +anu)a(tured logs or naturally har*ested logs