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Tips, Tricks and Tools for Writing. C.A.S.E. Assistive Technology Team Paula Costello MS, OTRL Tricia Sharkey MA CCC-SLP/L Mary May, Orthopedically Impaired Itinerant Teacher Barb Layer, Orthopedically Impaired Itinerant Teacher. Writing Instruction Components. I. Writing Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Tips, Tricks and Tools for Writing

    C.A.S.E. Assistive Technology TeamPaula Costello MS, OTRLTricia Sharkey MA CCC-SLP/L Mary May, Orthopedically Impaired Itinerant TeacherBarb Layer, Orthopedically Impaired Itinerant Teacher

  • Writing Instruction ComponentsI. Writing Process

    II. Transcription Skills

    III. Language Structures

  • I. Writing Process

    Writing Process: Brainstorming/Planning/Organization Editing and ProofreadingDrafting

  • 6 + 1 Traits

    Stages of Writing Process6 +1 TraitsPLANNINGIdeas


    DRAFTINGWord Choice


    Sentence Fluency



  • Brainstorming, Planning and OrganizationGenerating Ideas: What do I have to say?Setting goals: Who am I writing to and what do I want to communicate to them?Organizing: In what form will I express my ideas? What will I include and what will I leave out?

  • Supports/Tools

    Assistive Technology supports and tools should be thought of on a continuum ranging from low to high technologic supports.

  • Writing ProcessTask: Brainstorming/Planning/Organizing

    Low TechPaper Graphic OrganizersDry erase boards- Checklists- ModelsHeadingsPost It notes

    Mid TechHigh Tech Computersoftware with word processing capabilitiesWord featuresoutline or notebook view; Audio notes toolbarSoftwareInspirationDraft BuilderKurzweilWeb Tools

  • DraftingGenerating the language: How do I translate my ideas into words? How do I select good words? How do I connect ideas within and between my sentences?Transcription: What spelling and punctuation marks do I need to include?

  • Writing ProcessTask: Drafting

    Low Tech- Outlines- Sentence Starters- Model assignments- Use of checklist in writing process- Photographs to support writing - Word banks- List of transition words and phrasesMid TechHigh Tech - Interactive Writing SoftwareExamples:- Classroom Suite- Kurzweil- Read/Write Gold- SOLOCo-Writer, Write OutLoud, Read OutlLoud Draft Builder- Clicker 5- Clozepro- Word Q

  • Revision and EditingRead and Review: Is the message complete, logical and clear?Revise and edit: Did I engage my audience? Did I use conventional grammar and spelling?What should I delete, add or change?

  • Writing ProcessTask: Revision/Editing

    Low TechWord Walls Portable file folder word walls- Cards/Books- Dictionary- ThesaurusMid Tech - Hand Held Dictionary/spell checker- Electronic Dictionary- Electronic ThesaurusHigh Tech - Computer Software to support word processing (spell checker, thesaurus)- Screen/Text Reader- Talking Word Processor- Interactive Writing Software

  • II. Transcription Skills

    Transcription: SpellingHandwriting/KeyboardingCapitalization/Punctuation

  • LOW TECH MID TECH HIGH TECH Transcription Skill Task: SpellingDictionaryWord wall/banks/listsHand held audio spell checkerSpell checker in Word ProcessorBuilt in-features of Word ProcessorStand alone spell checker with speech and auto correctCoWriterPicture Support Software PixWriter Clicker5WebBased software such as Ginger


    Transcription SkillTask: Keyboarding

    Handwriting programs: e.g.. HWTKeyboarding vs. Handwriting- Writing Productivity Profile (Website)Keyboarding Programs -Type to Learn-Custom Typing-Dance Mat Typing

    Key guard

    Keyboard Stickers

    Portable Word Processors

    Software Strategies and Accessibility options:

    -color backgroundFont sizeSticky KeysAbbreviation Expansion

    Alternative mouse/keyboard -Trackball -BigKeys -Intellikeys

    Onscreen Keyboard

    Touch Screen/Window

    Switch Control

    Voice Recognition

    Alternative Writing Software - Pix Writer -Clicker 5

  • LOW TECH MID TECH HIGH TECHTranscription SkillTask: HandwritingPencil gripsSpecialized pens/pencilsRaised lined paperGrid paperSlanted surfacesMagnetic lettersRubber stampsLabelsPost-it-notesStencils to trace lettersHighlighted lines/lettersHandwriting program

    Tape recordersDigital recordersDedicated word processor

    Alternative keyboardWord processingWord prediction softwareOn-screen word banksOn-screen math/computer calculatorsSpeech recognition softwareOn-screen keyboardTouch screen monitorAlternative methods to access keyboard

  • LOW TECH MID TECH HIGH TECHTranscription SkillTask: Capitalization/PunctuationTalking word processor-Write Outloud-Draft Builder-IntellitalkProofreading option in word processor Writers workshopPartner editing

  • Remember.Use of the TOOL is part of the IEP plan, it is NOT the goal


    The use of the tool to successfully complete the task is the goal.

  • IEP goals for writing skills using Assistive TechnologyMust be linked to academic goals focused on written expression.Be task specificImplement interventions and use sequentially, break goal down into smaller steps for use of the new technologyMake progress measurable-how will I determine if the device or strategy has been successful?Data collection is important!! Take a look at the Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative website (

  • Resources:The following slides provide screen shots of popular software and websites that are available to educators for tools to support struggling writers.

  • Web 2.0 Writing Resources:

    www.myinfinitec.org (graphic organizers) (graphic organizers) (D.97 AT Specialist created this google doc to compile all resources from workshop-EXCELLENT RESOURCE!!!!)

  • Materials for this presentation adapted from information obtained at the Infinitec Writing Linked Series Workshops (2009-2010)