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  • 1. Child Adventures

2. Lessons

  • When Atticus wants his kids to learn a lesson in the book he lets them experience it and learn from them. Now kids are often told what and what not to do. In my opinion this will give a child a more likely chance of doing something wrong because instead of experiencing what they shouldn't do they are told what not to do and they are curious to know what will happen if they do that thing.

3. Entertainment (present)

  • Kids now us a lot of their time doing things like watching TV or playing video games. In doing these things they dont have much imagination and might have trouble interacting with other children.

4. Nigger-Lover

  • In this photo you see white people marching with the blacks in the segregation march. Both kids but mainly scout had live with people who constantly bantered her father because he was trying to help a black man. He was referred to as a nigger-lover.

5. Peace

  • Now race isn't that big of an issue. Most black and whites are living in peace and unity, now that each group sees each other as equal.

6. Dog Killer

  • Jem and Scout had to witness their father kill a dog.

7. Boo

  • For fun Jem, Scout and Dill would mess with their neighbor Boo Radley. They tried hard to interact with Boo, but kids now are either to lazy to go outside and be adventurous or their parents wouldn't allow them to be snooping around in other peoples yard

8. Courthouse

  • Not every parent would let their child in a courthouse for a trial. Atticus keeps Jem and Scout in there to help them learn a moral lesson that no matter what you do you should do the right thing.

9. Church

  • When Scout went with Calpurnia to church she felt how black people had felt when they were treated differently because of their skin color.

10. Guns

  • Knowing that there people calling them names and insulting them, Atticus still allowed Jem and Scout to have guns. Now kids do all kinds of things with guns like kill teachers in a school. This show the amount of trust Atticus has with his children

11. The End 12. Links

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