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  • English 9 Final Exam Review

    I. Grammar: You will have to fix mistakes in an article involving these grammar usage concepts. Also,

    you will have to pick out the parts of speech listed to below!

    *Parts of Speech: noun, verb, adjective, adverb

    *Prepositional Phrases




    Apostrophe & Title of Literature Example:

    In the novel (1)To Kill A Mockingbird (2)Harper Lees attitude toward Scout is very critical.

    1. 2.


    b.To Kill a Mockingbird b. Lees Kill A Mockingbird c. Lees

    d. to kill a Mockingbird d. Leess

    The Simpsons are a great show. (3) Its first time on television was in the 1980s. paintings, operas, ballets, and other plays. 3. a. NO CHANGE b. its c. Its d. its In the (4) 1600s, there was no electricity. 4. a. NO CHANGE b. 1600s c. 1600s d. 1600ss Capitalization Example It has everything a (5) mexican or southern beach would have. 5. a. No CHANGE b. mexican or Southern beach c. Mexican or Southern beach d. Mexican or southern beach

  • Parts of Speech Examples (1)Tens of thousands are feared dead in the aftermath of Haiti's worst earthquake in more than two centuries. (2) Relief workers warn that the devastation from the quake, which measured 7.0 on the Richter scale, could rank with the 2004 tsunami as one of the world's worst natural disasters in living memory. Bodies lay everywhere; the capital city, Port-au- Prince, is in ruins the presidential palace, Catholic cathedral, parliament building, schools, hospitals, and countless homes have collapsed. (3) And rescue workers both Haitian and those streaming in from abroad are having difficulty reaching those trapped in the rubble because of blocked and ruined streets. Is the U.S. doing enough to help Haiti? (4) Haitians have long been prey to hurricanes and coups, their nation ravaged by erosion and corruption, mudslides and marauders, poverty and violence. Now the few economic and political gains made over five years of relative stability have been buried along with thousands of corpses in the rubble of a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. The presidential palace, parliament, government ministries and hospitals -- indeed most of the capital of Port-au-Prince -- are in ruins. (5) An already dysfunctional state now lacks even the edifices of government. Gone too are some of the buttresses: the archbishop and his cathedral; the head of the United Nations mission and some of his top aides, who died when their headquarters collapsed.

    1. What is the simple predicate in this sentence?

    a. thousands

    b. aftermath

    c. worst

    d. are feared

    2. The word Relief is what part of speech?

    a. adverb

    b. verb

    c. adjective

    d. noun

    3. Which of the following is a prepositional phrase?

    a. in from abroad

    b. in the rubble

    c. of blocked and ruined streets

    d. all of the above

    4. What is the adverb in sentence 4?

    a. long

    b. ravaged

    c. their

    d. prey

    5. What is the simple subject in sentence 5?

    a. dysfunctional state

    b. state

    c. edifices

    d. government

  • II. Reading Portion:

    Terms to know: You will be asked to pick these out these literary terms below in two short stories, and

    to answer questions about them.

    Plot: Exposition rising action falling action climax


    Point of view: First person Third person

    Literature Elements: irony simile foreshadowing

    allusion imagery symbolism mood

    theme alliteration onomatopoeia metaphor

    hyperbole personfication

    Other Skills: Infer meaning of vocabulary words

    Tell the authors purpose

    Authors attitude about the topic he is writing about

    Summarize the story

    Reading Examples on the following page: