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Download to Stocking a PALEO - Amazon S3 ? ‚ Guide PALEO PANTRY by Dr. Brenda Walding, ... Paleo Staples, your pantry likely needs a makeover. We need to get rid of the junk to make

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  • The Beginners

    to Stocking aGuidePALEOPANTRY

    by Dr. Brenda Walding, DPT, FDN & Dr. Chad Walding, DPT, SFMA, RKC II, OPEX L1



  • The Beginners

    to Stocking aGuidePALEOPANTRY


    by Dr. Brenda Walding, DPT, FDN & Dr. Chad Walding, DPT, SFMA, RKC II, OPEX L1


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    The Pantry


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    The second step can be overwhelming and time-consuming for some people. It was for me.

    When I first started eating Paleo, it was challenging to find the staples needed to make healthy, Paleo-friendly recipesproducts like coconut flour, almond flour, and coconut oil. Unsure which brands to buy or where to get them, I spent a lot of time going to multiple stores to find what I was looking for at affordable prices.

    It took time and research, but shopping eventually got easier. Then with the recent creation of Thrive Market, things got a whole lot easierand more af-fordable!

    CONGRATS FOR jumping aboard the Paleo bandwagon!

    Youve finally made the decision to transform your health by trying this Paleo lifestyle out for yourself.

    Now what?HERE ARE two essen-tial components to your success when embarking on the Paleo journey:

    1. Getting rid of the un-healthy junk lurking in your kitchen.

    2. Stocking your pantry with the key staples youll need to make delicious and healthy meals.

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    That is why we created this guideto help you skip the learning curve, avoid the has-sle, and make living this Paleo lifestyle as easy and as man-ageable as possible!

    Here are the common reasons people never give Paleo a shot or quit before they get a chance to reap the benefits:

    1. Its too difficult to find all the ingredients in many Paleo recipes.

    2. I dont know which brands to get.

    3. I dont have time.

    4. Its too expensive.

    This guide will help you solve all four of these issues.

    What if you were able to walk over to your computer, pur-chase all 22 Essential Paleo Sta-ples to make over your pantry, and know they would be:

    Quality brands (giving you peace of mind)

    2550 percent cheaper than what you could find else-where (saving you money)

    Delivered to your door without having to search in multiple stores (saving you time)

    That would be amazing wouldnt it? Talk about a no-brainer!

    You can now do exactly that from the comfort of your home!

    Weve come up with a recom-mended list of 22 Essential Staples (perfect for anyone getting started on a Paleo diet) you can find online and all in one place (Thrive Market), without having to leave your houseand its cheaper than going out to a grocery store or purchasing elsewhere online.

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    All you have to do is follow these steps.

    Clean out your pantry, shop for the fresh stuff, and stock your pantry with the 22 Essential Paleo Staples by ordering from Thrive Mar-ket using this guide.

    To Your Health,

    Chad & Brenda Walding, DP T

    I even took the liberty of comparing the Thrive prices for these items to those at Amazon Prime (if available), which usually has some of the cheapest prices out there.

    I wanted to see exactly how much I would save if I pur-chased everything in one place.

    You arent going to believe the results.

    Its nearly $100 in savings!

    So if youre new to the Paleo lifestyle, this is the perfect solution for you! And even if youre a Paleo veteran, its still super-easy and valuable.

    Now, thanks to this handy Beginners Guide to Stock-ing a Paleo Pantry and Thrive Market, the Paleo lifestyle just got way easier (and cheaper)!

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    Nix the sugar, sodas, candy, pasteurized milk, crackers, cookies, Mac & Cheese, pastas, grains, popcorn, frozen dinners, soy foods, and condiments with a bazillion ingredients you cant pronounce. (If you dont want to throw these products away, donate them to a food bank.)

    Read labels, people! You may think all mustard is harmless. Its just mustard, right? Wrong. Many brands sneak toxins like yellow #5 and high-fructose corn syrup in. Make a habit of checking what is in the food you are buying.

    Dont worry! We are going to give you a list of items that are free of additives and harmful


    Ditch the toxic cooking oils: canola oil, corn oil, safflower oil, soybean oil, margarine, and so on. These must go! We will replace them with safe and healthy oils/fats in our 22 Essential Staples.

    Lets Get StartedStep #1: Pantry Makeover Time!

    FIRST THINGS first. Be-fore you go shopping for your fresh foods and 22 Essential Paleo Staples, your pantry likely needs a makeover. We need to get rid of the junk to make way for the goodness! Get ready. Its time to toss out all the pro-cessed and packaged foods and toxic cooking oils in your house. If it isnt there, you wont be tempted to eat it!

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    Step #2: Get Your 22 Essential Staples for a Healthy Kitchen

    THESE ARE typically unrefrigerated items (at least prior to opening) and will make their way into your pantry. This guide is dedicated to helping you sort this out in the easiest, quickest, and most cost-ef-ficient way!

    Use the list below for rec-ommended brands you can order directly from Thrive Market.

    Here is a list of ingredients that should no longer