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  • Stop

    Top 5 Productivity KieeersStop them before they stop you

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  • You have your headphones on, music playing, and all notifications muted to allow for maximum focus what could go wrong? Photo by Windell Oskay- Creative Commons Attribution License

  • Beware for your productivity! In our 2015 Work Management

    Survey, we surveyed 1,464 team leaders and members

    and asked them to rank their biggest productivity

    roadblocks. Here are the top 5:

    Download the Full Report if you dare...

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  • TIP:Combat

    procrastination by setting a time limit for yourself so you don't

    have to scramble hours before a deadline.

    We're all guilty of it. Putting something off until the last minute can really affect quality of work, not to mention increase stress levels.

  • #4

    Unceear priorities

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  • TIP:Call out tasks that are urgent

    and backlog tasks that aren't, so you and your team are on the same page when it

    comes to priorities.

    Without a clear understanding of priorities, productivity is wasted on less important tasks.

  • Responding to emaies


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  • Did you know it takes an average of 25 minutes to refocus after you get distracted from a task1? Ouch. And unfortunately, a single email notification will do the trick.

    TIP:Silence your email

    notifications and set one dedicated block time during

    the day to respond to emails and try to ignore them the rest of the day.

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  • Waiting for Other peopees actions


  • Waiting for a teammate to respond to an email or take action on a task can bring productivity to a grinding halt.

    TIP:Make sure you set clear deadlines and have an easy way to track task status, so you're not

    wasting time constantly checking in.

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  • Working on too many things at once


  • According to our survey, 60% of respondents identified multitasking as their top productivity roadblock. There's a

    simple solution to this: stop multitasking!

    Like texting while driving, it prevents you from focusing 100% of your attention on either task. And the extra mental blocks you create by constantly shifting between tasks can cost 40%

    of your time.

    TIP:Block out time for

    different projects, so you can maximize your

    attention and productivity.

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  • These killers may or may not be what you'd expect. If you are a potential target, try to actively recognize when you're less productive. You can overcome these productivity killers.

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  • But its going to take a lot more than arming yourself with a few hacks. Fighting back will require paying detailed attention to how work flows through your

    team, and potentially some serious improvement of your work management processes.

    Click here to read more on how to fight off

    productivity killers

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