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  • 1. Are You Suffering from Acid Reflux ?

2. Heartburn: Burning pain which rises from the your upper tummy to your throat. Common symptoms of acid reflux are: Weight Loss Bloody vomiting coughing Regurgitation 3. Dairy Products Pork Red Meat Processed Food White Bread Artificial Sweeteners 4. Dairy products contains saturated fat Too much acid needed for secretion of fat Leads to indigestion and Acid Reflux 5. Contains Large amount of fat Stomach needs to produce strong acids and enzymes. Gastric juices moves up through esophagus Results in Acid Reflux. 6. Meat contains highly saturated fat and the hardest thing to digest. But varies on how they cut and prepared. Eat lean red meat and prevent Acid Reflux. 7. Full of artificial colors, preservatives, Trans Fats Trans fats more worse than saturated fat. Results in Heart disease with Acid Reflux 8. White Bread undergoes refining process Removes lot of natural fiber Low fiber may block the digestive system and cause indigestion Excess acid production for digestion leads to Acid Reflux 9. When more the sugar the body gets It feeds the acidic microforms Over production of acid occurs Results in Acid Reflux 10. For More Blogs on Water Ionizers