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TRADITIONAL CRAFTS. Tradičné remeslá. People in the past were: Ľudia v minulosti boli:. smallholders - roľníkmi miners - baníkmi charcoal burnes - uhliarmi joiners - stolármi carmen - furmanmi weavers - tkáčmi shepperds - pastiermi. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



TRADITIONAL CRAFTSTradin remeslPeople in the past were:udia v minulosti boli:smallholders - ronkmiminers - bankmicharcoal burnes - uhliarmijoiners - stolrmicarmen - furmanmiweavers - tkmishepperds - pastiermi

Popro was a miners village.Popro bol banckou obcou.What and where did people mine? o udia aili a kde?

Agnesa- antimonial ore: stibnite -a ntimnov ruda: antimonit Rfus- iron ore: siderit, hematite and limonite, marcasite - elezn ruda: siderit, hematit a limonit,markazitFortuna- cupriferous and iron ore: pyrite, chalcopyrite,tetrahedrite - meden a elezn ruda: pyrit, chalkopyrit, tetrapyritThere is a mining exposition in Popro by the church where you can see: V Poproi pri kostole sa nachdza bansk expozcia, kde mete vidie:a mining rail - was used for calling down the miners to work by hitting it bansk klopaka pouvala sa na zvolvanie bankov do prce a to derom na ua model of an adit with a mine car full of iron ore and a mine loading-machine maketa tlne s banskm vozkom plnm eleznej rudy a bansk naklada

a mining rail a mine car a model of an adit TRADITIONAL FOLK COSTUMETradin obleeniePopro belongs to Abov, traditional region of Slovakia.Popro patr do pvodnho reginu Abov.In the past, clothing expressed peoples way of life and work.V minulosti odev vyjadroval spsob ivota a prce ud.

AbovThere were different kinds of clothes for different seasons and occasions:

Boli rzne druhy odevov poda ronho obdobia a prleitosti:worn in summerworn in winterfestivemourningnosen v zimenosen v letesviatonsmtonAlso, they distinguished clothes. Taktie rozliovali odev.childrenswomensmensmuskenskdetskHere are some examples of what Popro people used to wear: Tu s ukky o Poproania nosili: childrens clothes

waistcoatfrontbacktrouserswomens clothes

original costume wedding costume


blouseheadscarfunderskirt miners clothes

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