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TRAINING GAMES AND GIMMICKS MAKING PRACTICE FUN Slide 2 WHY? WHY? Motivating Motivating Creative Creative Simple Simple Challenging Challenging Distracting Distracting Engaging Engaging Attendance Attendance FUN FUN Slide 3 An engaged swimmer is more likely to continue swimming and improve. David Marsh SWIM MAC Carolina Auburn teams won 12 NCAA Championships. Swimmers will leave practice with a smile on their face, anxious to come back for more Bob Groseth Northwestern University Director of the College Coaches Assn If its fun to watch, its fun to do! Entertain yourself while coaching. Bob Steele Slide 4 ORGANIZING Create it Name it Winners and Losers Creating Teams (time, height, eyes, boys/girls) Rewards Quiet Outcome Re-dos Slide 5 Games and Gimmicks Workout List 1) LA FreewayRock Band / Race Horse 2)2 vs. 1P 6x150 (2@75) - 2:15HORSES 3)K Phelps 50s S M FSteppenwolferAintworthanickle 4)DiceK __ x 25 10 srXYZMagic Berti __00(__BC)Brass HatMill St Blues __ x 25 40BandiniStormy Hostage P __ x 50 10srBuzzards BayOlympic Experience 5) King of the Pool hear GO!BarbaroLil Firefly 6)Rock Band/Race Horse 6 x 50 - ?Discreet CatWild Axe 7)Trivia__ x 50 1:10HambiltonianSurf Cat 8)Old Time Events f/bplungeb/uw Sharp HumorReally Slick 9) Wicked Wenden 100? TTMan O WarFlower Alley 10) GOS 100 x 2 5 of 8BushfireDicepherence 11)IDEALS 12 x 50 40Sacred LightBlack Cat Sally 12)Yard Stick SwimsSunriverLink to the Moon 13)400 IM World SeriesSplended BlendedImamyto 14)Ups n Down 50sSeattle SlewHarmony River15) Crazy Strokes(Hold n Go) BANDS 16)Catch UPCoal KitchenBird Name 17)DetailsBeatle StixLynard Skynaard 18)Demo DerbyVelvet UndergroundRaised on Zenith Slide 6 21) ShorteningFrisbeGomez 22)Over and Under Warm-downs/sitsLongshotFaun Fables 23)Up nDown I.M.sElectric Eel ShockMoxie Motive 24) Faster Than You Can Swim setDrowning PoolBuzzcocks 25)Pom PomBlack MambazoTalkdemonic 26)Animal BallKid BeyondAceylone 27)Rocky Road 6x50@2 - 5 x 100 @ 3SpazmaticTwo Gallants 28)ChasePugslee AtomzRose Hill Drive 29)King of the PoolFuzzy CousinJadan and Jalock 30)Waverunner 50sGym Class HeroSuffocation 31)Gators (4 X 25 no breath rest)Leftlane CrusinNouvelle Vague 32)NB/BO Sprint 100StarflyerGrazyna Auyisuk 33)Relay Run-downsBig WhiskeyShadows Fall 34)Push-up SprintsPlastic CrimewaveDarlyne Cain 35)AnimalKill HannahBeatle Stix 36)Backwards WorkoutNaked SundayTwo Timin Three 37)Rock, Paper, Scissor Relay Green MachineS.T.Monroe 38)Leftovers Steel TrainNyco 39) Kickboards 40) T-shirts 41)Bucket O Blood 42)Kickin Steelers Slide 7 Slide 8 Slide 9 Slide 10 Slide 11 Slide 12 BACKWARDS WORKOUT nwodmraW RF 002 teskciK 2 @ MI 001 X 4 tes niaM miws 03:@ MI 001 X 01 tes-erPhctiws 1 @ 05 X 8 pumraWeciohC 004 eerF llA llirD004 kcik 004 noegip pu-naelc Slide 13 Slide 14 Slide 15 Slide 16 BEAT THE CLOCK Slide 17 CREATIVE CONTRIBUTIONS Rock-Paper-Scissors Relay - Set Lotto Set Text Set Tour de Championships Fastfeet Streamlining Peer Stroke Set Slide 18 STREAMLINING Teach 3 standing and 4 relay starts 4 underwater streamlines Time swimmers to 15 meters (sub-7 seconds) Six second whistle First to 15 meters similar speed waves Winners of 15 meters champion of the day Winning lane? first to 15 scores point for lane Slide 19 DEALERS CHOICE ___00 (3-5-7-9) ___ x 100 @ 1:30 P ___ x 50 (___)@ :45 K 5 x __0 @ 10 sr ___ x 25 (1) @ 40 (2 dice) ___ x 25 @ 25 (___ rate/25) K ___ x 50f @ ___0 sr (U/W) Start up the ladder if others have not finished going down the ladder. Slide 20 FUNS FUN Slide 21 YOUR LEVEL OF EXPECTATION AND ATTENTION DETERMINES A SWIMMERS SUCCESS AND YOURS Bob Steele Bob Steele Slide 22 Swim Shops on-line. BOOK CAMPS CLINICS HANDOUTS ( STROKE GEAR SKILL DRILLSDVD ONLY $29