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From the 2014 Rotary Convention (#ricon14) in Sydney, the 2 June workshop about how to transform your newsletter content for social media as well as tips for using images.


<ul><li> 2014 ROTARY INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION Transforming Your Newsletter Content for Social Media </li> <li> 2014 ROTARY INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION 20 years communications experience 6 years social media experience Manages tary, @rotary, LinkedIN Antoinette Tuscano Communications senior supervisor at Rotary </li> <li> Telling your story across channels </li> <li> Creating content isnt enough for people to find it. Saves time. It lowers costs of content creation and increases efficiency. Benefits of using newsletter content </li> <li> 1 newsletter article = 5 social media posts </li> <li> Rotary Facebook post </li> <li> Photo gallery from </li> <li> From @rotary </li> <li> Set to automatic </li> <li> In WordPress </li> <li> Help your readers reuse your content </li> <li> 80 percent of your content should be relevant content for your readers. Your readers are an audience of potential members or those who are interested in your clubs activities. Who matters? Your readers. </li> <li> Making the most of images </li> <li> Ellissa Nolan, marketing and digital manager for Rotary Down Under 20 years experience working in media, arts, entertainment, advertising and education industries across national and global contexts. </li> <li> Balancing act Local &amp; global communities Humanitarian fundraisers Who we are Who we help </li> <li> Creative + digital + storytelling process Define subject Equipment &amp; Preparation Get personal with subject Experiment different angles Importing from camera EditingDeleting Uploading Tagging, sharing + providing content EG: #Local community + amount raised + #beneficiary Channel Facebook, Twitter etc </li> <li> What is the event for? Who will be attending (Official dignitaries, community and sponsors) Who is taking photographs? Why are you taking photographs? Internal distribution E-Newsletter (internal/external) Website Social Media Can you source better photos of the beneficiaries? Know the reason you are taking photographs </li> <li> Anything out of focus Any photograph of anyone eating The backs of people People not looking like they are enjoying having their photograph taken Pictures that dont make sense to someone not at the event Bad backgrounds Throw away </li> <li> Up close happy to have photo know they are being photographed nice background </li> <li> ADD + SEARCH FOR: Rotary Members Community members Local politicians Local businesses Other community organisation pages Other Rotary clubs and members Growing your online networks how to reach beyond your own members </li> <li> Membership development Fast sharing &amp; communicating + Fundraising in times of crisis Growing online communities is important </li> <li> Images are a window pane to our world our communities our travels our partners </li> <li> Getting results with Infographics Create some / Share some Highly shareable content Information + graphic </li> <li> Making your social channels beautiful </li> <li> What does a beneficiary look like Wrapped with Love Hashtags why use them? To be visible for people searching by topics #wrappedwithlove #knitting #socialgood #rotary </li> <li> Be funky with Facebook Cover images mix members + beneficiaries + community </li> <li> You dont need Photoshop to be a professional! Free Drag and drop images Crop and Edit Design layout templates Easy export Upload to e-newsletters, website and social media </li> <li> TAKE ACTION, EXCHANGE IDEAS, JOIN LEADERS Questions? </li> </ul>