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  • 1.TREX 1001 Geistman
    Crime in Literature and Film
    Prof Traci Welch Moritz
    Public Services Librarian
    Assistant Professor
    Heterick Memorial Library

2. What well do today
Figure out what search strategies to employ to satisfy assignment requirements
Learn how to use library resources
Learn how to identify best resources to use
3. How to remember all this stuff
4. The assignment
Crime in Literature and Film from 1840 to the Present
Students will use primary and secondary sources to examine and discuss changes in the ways in which the detective, the police, criminals, or prisoners are portrayed in crime literature and film from 1840 to the present.Basically, you will discuss how, say, detectives . . .
are presented in each of the eras we discuss in class
describe how they have changed over time, and
explain why they have changed

To do this, you will rely on your class notes and texts, books on the history of detectives, policing, and corrections that I will put on reserve, and books and journal articles that you will locate through library databases.

Cite from at least 3 of the reserve books[1]
Cite from at least 1 book that you locate in the library
Cite from at least 2 journal articles
5. What I need to know to begin this project
Primary vs. Secondary resources
Scholarly v. Popular
Finding Course Reserves
Identifying search terms
6. Finding course reserves
7. ONU ID is Library card
Eva Maglott
Eva Maglott
Please use all digits in your student ID number.
8. Research Strategy

  • Finding the right search term

9. Start big and then use patterns you see in the results list to narrow your topic 10. Most resources will have built into their system a thesaurus or subject or suggested topics links, use them 11. Ask a librarian or your professor for suggestions