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Photographer comparison By Jonah Adshead

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1. Photographer comparisonBy Jonah Adshead 2. Tyrone LebonTyrone Lebon is a photographer and filmmaker based in London, UK. He started taking photos and making films in his teens; at 18 years old he shot his first film, which was screened on MTV, and at 19 had his first work published in i-D magazine, London. Since completing his MA in Social Anthropology in 2005, he has worked on various film and photography projects. They have been shown by a variety of international broadcasters, galleries, and publications. He has also created imagery and film for a selection of relevant clients including Adidas, Nike, Stussy, Dr. Martens and I-D Magazine. 3. This is a fashion portrait photograph that has been posed for. The image has a central focus of the subjects upside down head, with the Stussy logo drawn on his it in very striking bright pink that contrasts the other duller colours. The choice to have the image upside down and taken from a high vantage point is interesting and gives it a slightly surreal effect. Further bringing the focus to the head of the subject and the pink logo is the fact that it is the only part of the image in perfect focus, the rest of it fades out and is blurry. This effect is achieved by setting a higher aperture to lessen the depth of field. 4. This image has been set up and the subject is posing for the image. It isnt taken in a studio but instead in what appears to be a bedroom, this gives an extra interest to the image and allows more things to feature in it around the main subject such as the shelves and ornaments on the right. The model is wearing a school uniform but it has been heavily customised giving it a strange and striking appearance. The model is the main focus of the image being positioned in the centre and staring straight at the camera with quite an expressive defiant look, reflecting the heavily customised uniform. Further making the model stand out, the background is blurred and only she is in perfect focus. 5. Irving PennIrving Penn (1917-2009) was an American fashion and portrait photographer born in New Jersey. He worked for many magazines including vogue, his first cover being in 1943, as well as photographing many famous people such as Audrey Hepburn, Bridget Bardot and Al Pacino. His work still influences the industry today.