ultrabot ie robotic automated storage and retrieval system (asrs)

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Warehouse order picking and order fulfillment UltraBot IE Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) provides up to 1440 lines per hour with tremendous levels of space savings and fast ROI. Totes or cartons are delivered to ergonomically designed work stations all integrated with pick to light and software. Provides comparable benefits of floor robots and Shuttle technologies at a fraction of the cost.


  • 1. UltraBot IE Robotic Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS)

2. Robotic Automated Storage & Retrieval System 3. What Is The UltraBot IE? ASRS Combines High Performance Horizontal Carousels & Dual Transaction Robot Delivers Totes And Cases To One Or More Work Stations Goods To Person Principle 4. Operation 5. UltraBot IE VideoSee This Video on YouTube 6. Benefits 100% Flexibility Labor Free Automated Operation Saves Up To 85% Of Existing Floor Space Reduces Labor By Up To 2/3 Improves Flow And Accessibility Higher Performance & Lower Acquisition Cost Than Floor Robots and Multi Shuttle Technology 7. Features Up To Three Carousels High Dual Order Platform Picks From Prepositioned Carousel Capable Of 8 Transactions Per Minute 480 Transactions Per Hour Flexibility To Change Products Size And Capacity 8. Applications Order Picking and Fulfillment Buffering Inventory for Manufacturing Order Consolidation Feeding Production Lines Returns and Reverse Logistics Sorting and Staging Sequencing Kitting High Density Storage Work in Process Quarantined Items Receiving Buffer Storage 9. Specifications


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