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<ul><li><p>8/11/2019 UniFLOW Mobile and Cloud</p><p> 1/2</p><p>you can</p><p>Users are no longer con ned to their desks for their dailyactivities. There is a growing need for providing secureand managed printing to mobile users. uniFLOW bringsprinting into the mobile age, by allowing users to printregardless of whether they are printing from their desktop</p><p>PC, Cloud or mobile device.</p><p>Mobileand CloudprintingPrint jobs securelyanywhere from any device</p><p>uniFLOW allows users to submit jobs eitherdirectly to the printer or to a secure printqueue 1 regardless of their choice of deviceor where they are located - either inside oroutside the organisations network.uniFLOW allows users to submit jobs fromoutside the office, using either a uniFLOWInternet printer driver or by uploading thefile to be printed to a web portal 2 .</p><p> As mobile devices become essential in theworkplace, simply being able to print from aPC or Mac computer is no longer enough.With uniFLOW, mobile users are able tosend a job to the printer via email. Alternatively, a link to a document held in a</p><p>cloud-based storage system can be emailedto uniFLOW.</p><p>Whichever method the user chooses tosubmit a job, the core functionality ofuniFLOW is always available. Users can beidentified by multiple identities, ensuringthat the correct user and budget is chargedfor the print job and that each user onlyappears once in reports 3 , regardless of howmany different ways they have chosen tosubmit documents.</p><p> Administrators can allow unknown users orguests to send jobs to their print devices. An email can be sent back to the new usercontaining a unique code to be able torelease their job at the device.</p><p> All jobs, whether they are submitted from aPC on the network or a mobile device fromanother building, are shown to the user inthe same secure print queue. The user cansee a thumbnail preview of the job and addany finishing options such as duplex orstaple before the job is printed 4 . Users canalso use their smartphones to select andrelease their jobs by using its web browseror native smartphone app, without the</p><p>need for embedded MFD software.</p><p>iPhone native application</p><p>Advantages of using uniFLOW</p><p> An integrated solution with functionsincluding print/copy accounting,secure printing, mobile printing, jobrouting and document capture</p><p> A modular system allowing it to beconfigured specifically to address theneeds of your organisation.</p><p>Advantages of using Mobileand Cloud printing</p><p> Send jobs to a secure queue viaemail, upload via a website ordirectly from a cloud-based system</p><p> Allows guest users to submit print jobswithout having to have a user account </p><p> Allows users to submit PDF filesor native documents such as Word</p><p>or PowerPoint All jobs tracked to the same user</p><p>account as normal printing and secureprinting for consistent reporting</p><p> Allows same budget control as normalprinting and secure printing</p><p> Allows secure jobs to be released fromthe users smartphone either via webbrowser or native app</p><p> Allows users to print and releasesecure print jobs without beingconnected to the internal network.</p><p>1 Features require the Secure Printing module2 Features require the Internet Gateway module3 Features require the Statistics module4 Features require a uniFLOW SPP Device Licence for Canon MEAP</p></li><li><p>8/11/2019 UniFLOW Mobile and Cloud</p><p> 2/2</p><p>Mobile and Cloud PrintingPrint jobs securely anywhere from any device</p><p>Required software and modules</p><p> uniFLOW Base License (WE, BE, CE, EE)</p><p>Software Operating SystemuniFLOW server</p><p> Windows 2000/2003/2008 Internet Information Server 5.0</p><p>(2000), 6.0 (2003), 7.0 (2008)</p><p> Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher(Internet Explorer 7 recommended)</p><p>Internet Gateway Printer driveroperating system requirements</p><p> Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista</p><p>Smartphone releaseapplication requirements</p><p> Apple iPhone/iPad with iOS V4.1 or later Blackberry and Android native applets</p><p>coming soon</p><p> Any mobile phone with a compatibleweb browser </p><p>Mobile and Cloud PrintingGeneral Features</p><p> Allows users to submit jobs froma mobile device Allows users to submit jobs from their</p><p>laptops while away from theorganisation network 2</p><p> Allows users to print jobs stored on acloud based storage system (such asGoogleDocs, SharePoint online or FTP site)</p><p> Allows users to submit PDF or nativedocuments (e.g. Word, Powerpoint, etc)to uniFLOW</p><p> Allows users to confirm jobs via emailbefore printing Users can store multiple login/passwordcredentials for accessing different cloudbased storage systems</p><p> Individual users can be identified viamultiple email addresses</p><p> Submitted jobs can be printed directly toa device, go to a secure print queue 1 or any other output option</p><p> Users can release jobs from a mobile device, web based release queue or the existinguniFLOW embedded MFD application</p><p> All costs and cost savings are tracked tothe correct user account allowing correctreporting and budget control 3</p><p> Allows guests to submit jobs to printersand/or secure print queues without beingconnected to the organisations network</p><p> Native smartphone app and web basedrelease queue allows users to release jobs without being connected to theinternal network</p><p>Methods of sending print job to uniFLOW</p><p> Email via POP3, SMTP or MAPI Upload document via web portal(Internet Gateway)</p><p> Print via Internet Gateway printer driverfrom any application</p><p> Insert email body text or attachmentas print job</p><p> Insert cloud doclink as print job</p><p>iPhone native application Web based Secure Release</p><p>Canon (UK) LtdWoodhatch, Reigate Surrey, RH2 8BF Tel: 01737 220000 Fax: 01737 220022 canon.co.uk</p><p>Canon Ireland Arena Road, Sandyford Industrial Estate Dublin 18, Ireland Tel: 01 2052400 Fax: 01 2958141 canon.ie</p><p>Canon Inc.canon.com</p><p>Canon Europecanon-europe.com</p><p>English Edition 0158W592 Canon Europa N.V., 2011 NT-ware 2011</p></li></ul>