unit 5 canada---- “the true north” period 1 warming up listening and speaking

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  • Unit 5 Canada---- The True North Period 1 warming up listening and speaking

  • Which country has the second biggest area in the world ?Warming up Step 1

  • CANADA ? CHINA ? USA ? CUBA ?Canada Do you know something about the country Canada ?

  • Find out the location of CanadaWarming-up--II----discussion (2m)

  • Task 2 quiz 1. What language(s) do Canadians speak ? A .English B. English and German . C. English and French D. English and Spanish

  • 2. What is the capital of Canada?A. B.

    Vancouver TorontoC. Q D.

    Calgary Ottawa


  • 3. What is the national animal of Canada? B.

    Beaver Grizzly bearC. D.

    Polar bear Penguin

  • 4. What is the leader of the country called? A. President B. Prime Minister C. Queen

  • 5. How many Great Lakes are there in Canada and what are they?Lake SuperiorLake HuronLake ErieLake OntarioLake Michiganrefer to the map on page 33

  • You score two points for each correct answer .10 is best , 8 is good and 6 is ok.

    Canada is a multicultural country like China .It is the second largest country in the world .There are some similarities and differences

    How many scores have you got ?

  • Step 2 Listening1.Pre-listening Brainstorming

    There are some similarities and differences between China and Canada

  • similaritiesBrainstorming

    Large areaRich in woodLies in the north globeBeautiful

  • differencesBrainstorming

    Long coast in China Cold in winter in CanadaSand and desert in China Small population in Canada

  • 2.First-- listening After listening ,decide which statements are true and which are false .1.Friends in Canada invited the two cousins to dinner at a restaurant .2. They could not talk about all the geography of China because it is too big .3. China is over 7,000 kilometers from east to west .FFT

  • 4.Both China and Canada have world-famous waterfalls.

    5.Canadian people cannot talk with their neighboring country because they do not speak English


  • 3 .Second - listeningCompare China to CanadaLarge countrydifficult to talk aboutHigh mountains in the west Have long rivers and many lakes

    More mountains and highlands where many great rivers have their sourcesnothing in the great Gobi Desert Has 15 neighboring countriesNot easy to talk with all their neighbors Different climates

    1.No beach can be sit in winter.2 .has only one country USA.3.cold

  • Find two places that are a long distance from your home and explain to your partner where they are and how to get there .present your conversation to the class . You may answer the questions like these .

    How far is ? Where is?In what direction is ?How does one go to ?Is close to ?Is far from?

  • Use these expressions to help youIn the north /south of East/west ofOn the borderto the south/ east /northwest of Within kilometers of Away from On the west /east Along the coast Go northward

  • Sample dialogue :(students living in kunming)

    A: I need to go to Qingdao .in what direction is it from here ?B: Qingdao is northeast of here ,on the east coast .A: Is it far from Beijing?B: Its a little southeast of Beijing . You need to take an overnight train .A: How does one go from Kunming to Qingdao ?B: I think you go northward to Xian ,then continue to Beijing . Perhaps you could also take a ship from Shanghai and go north along the coast .A: Is Qingdao close to Harbin ?B: No , Harbin is north of Qingdao and in the northeast of China .A: Thanks . I think I will go to Harbin this time. It is southeast of here and will be warmer now . Also its within a few hundred kilometers of here . Qingdao is too far north . Harbin is also a good choice , but maybe ill wait and go in the summer

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