using bluetooth with lpwan networks

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Using Bluetooth with LPWAN Networks March 8, 2017

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Using Bluetooth with LPWAN NetworksMarch 8, 2017

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What is Link Labs? LTE Cat-M1 Connectivity Software and HardwareOptimization of Low Power Operation and Low Data ConsumptionAirFinderProximity Real Time Location SystemSymphony LinkIndustrial LPWAN SystemLong Range Wireless for Industrial and Enterprises

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Symphony LinkSymphony Link IoT GatewaysLong RangeInterference avoidanceIndoor/OutdoorExpandable with repeaters3G + LTE BackhaulEmbedded Radio ModulesLow power use - Adaptive broadcast power and data rateScalability Allows thousands of end pointsMessage acknowledgment bi-directional acknowledgement guarantees receiptCloud-based Management White label brandingConnects to 3rd party data

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LTE-M Bluetooth BridgeAllows OEMs to combine high density Bluetooth connectivity with sparse MNO based LTE-M1 coverage

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Link Labs IoT SystemApplication Enablement in HoursCommunications and Host BoardPower and Sensor BoardEnclosureSubscription and Data ManagementLTE MNB IOTSymphony

+ Atmel Host MCU with open source libraries and communityBatterySolarAC/DCOpen Source

+ Huge array of available sensors (GPS, IO, Motion, Environmental, etc)Internal AntennasIndoor ratedOutdoor (IP67)

+ Fast customization via our enclosure partnersManages MNO SubscriptionManages data flowHandles sleepy device addressingFirmware upgradesTLS/VPN Security

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It will be available by mid 2017 nationwide in US.Provides power efficient data transport, with (relatively) high speeds.Modules costs ~$15, data $1 - 3/moLook for LTE CAT-M only modules that do not require Linux and long boot times out of PSM. LTE Cat-M1 Key Takeaways

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How is this different?Cat- NB1200 kHzMax 144 kbps uplinkHalf Duplex

Chipsets could be slightly less than LTE-M1

Technology Snapshot NB-IOT

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If LTE-M is LTE-Light, then NB-IOT is LPWA on steroids. Appropriate for sending sensor messages but not data streams.Deployments in 2018. US may lag significantly. Modules