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  • 1. Using powerline technology to accelerate IPTV growth Chano Gomez, DS2 NAB Show 2008 Telecom2008, Las Vegas
  • 2. About DS2 DS2 is the leading provider of high-speed semiconductor solutions for Powerline Communications. DS2 invented high-speed Powerline Communications (200 Mbps data rate). We have shipped more 200 Mbps chips than any other vendor. DS2 technology enables the hidden network behind every power outlet. DS2 - NAB Show 2008 - Telecom 2008
  • 3. DS2 Technology Embedded in Consumer Products Today DS2 - NAB Show 2008 - Telecom 2008
  • 4. The problem we are trying to solve: The average installation time for our IPTV service has dropped from 7.5 hours to 6.5 hours per home. Ralph de la Vega, AT&T's Group President of Regional Telecommunications & Entertainment Goldman Sachs Communacopia conference, Sep 2007 DS2 - NAB Show 2008 - Telecom 2008
  • 5. What exactly do we need 7 hours for? DSL/Fiber connection DS2 - NAB Show 2008 - Telecom 2008
  • 6. The traditional approach does not work If you insist on a pure Ethernet CAT5 cable approach, youll be forcing your installers to spend 7 hours laying down cable to specic locations in your customers homes. The problem: Not only you are paying for 7 hours of installation time. You are also annoying your customer for 7 hours. DS2 - NAB Show 2008 - Telecom 2008
  • 7. The traditional approach does not work And after you have spent those 7 hours: What if your customer buys a new TV for the kids bedroom? What if your customer wants to rearrange the furniture and move the TV to a new location? What if your customer cancels the service? How are you going to recover the installation costs? With powerline technology, you can take advantage of those challenges and turn them into service differentiators vs your competition. DS2 - NAB Show 2008 - Telecom 2008
  • 8. Value proposition to Service Providers Powerline technology provides: Lower installation costs/times than any other wired solution (including those based on coaxial cable or phone lines). Opens up the possibility for truly self-installed IPTV Provides consumers with a more convenient solution than cable TV: they can put a TV wherever they want. DS2 - NAB Show 2008 - Telecom 2008
  • 9. Powerline is the most attractive technology to solve the problem MRG (Multimedia Research Group) recently conducted a survey on average home installation times amongst IPTV providers worldwide. The results: Of all the home networking technologies, powerline had the lowest total average installation time: 0.34 person-hours. HomePNA had the highest overall average installation times: 4.47 person-hours. Source: MRG, IPTV Home Networking Strategies, Feb 2008 DS2 - NAB Show 2008 - Telecom 2008
  • 10. Any examples of Service Providers using powerline technology today? DS2 - NAB Show 2008 - Telecom 2008
  • 11. IPTV is growing faster in Europe IPTV Subscribers (thousands) Jun 2006 Jun 2007 Source: DSL Forum, Oct 2007 DS2 - NAB Show 2008 - Telecom 2008
  • 12. ...where most IPTV Providers have adopted DS2 as standard 193.7 M customers Competitive Service Incumbent in Spain Provider in France 61 M customers 30.2 M customers Incumbent in Italy Leader in Nordic markeys (Sweden, 50 M customers Norway, Finland, Incumbent in Denmark) Portugal 29 M customers Presence in Brazil & Incumbent in UK Africa +360 M subscribers in total
  • 13. Case Study: BT Vision BT selects DS2 chips to drive Self Install BT Vision IPTV service DS2, the leading supplier for Universal Powerline Association (UPA) technology, announced today that its powerline chips have been selected for BT Vision to enable the self-installation option of its digital TV services. Richard Grifths, Director of Technology, Strategy & Development for BT Retail and BT Vision, commented: "BT chose DS2 because it delivers a simple to install and very reliable networking technology. We anticipate a big demand for the service and we're delighted to be working with DS2." DS2 - NAB Show 2008 - Telecom 2008
  • 14. DS2 - NAB Show 2008 - Telecom 2008
  • 15. How does BT provide a self-install solution? DS2 - N


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