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Designing for Humans - Responsibly

Designing for Humans - responsibly

Sirajuddin MustafaDirector, Human Experience Design


disarm now

May I kindly request you to disarm NOW 2

this weapon is capable of destroying our attention

This smart device is capable of DIS-TRACTING us 3


And let me tell you why


because we arethe users

Because, we are the so called USERS



Users? REALLY? ----- that DEFINATION itself sounds to me A BIT emotionLESS and QUITE mechanical 6

users | humans?

How about the word HUMANS instead? Once you replace the term USERS with HUMANS. WE can FEEL a Natural empathy from Within, .. A feeling of CONNECTEDness towards THIS HOLISTIC creation, we are all part of...... HUMANITY 7

users | humans?

STRIKE OUT the users and Adapt a more Human centric approach 8

humans at the core of our UX thought

Perhaps lets have the humans at the CORE of our UX Thought. Well thats. 9


Pretty Simply take a step back from letter U 10


..to the letter H will always existed in that word 11

humans at the core of our U HX thought

So Human Experience not just User Experience 12

how do you measure ?


How do we measure product success these days? What is our contemporary yardstick? 13

revenue $

Revenue made, 14

revenue# of users


No of Users, 15

revenue# of userssocial media buzz


Media attention 16

revenue# of userssocial media buzzdownloads


Downloads or active users 17

revenue# of userssocial media buzzdownloadsratings


Reviews & ratings define truly if a product is successful or not 18

users as commodity

So in a way users are more or less like commodity. Our natural tendency to commodify everything that we do sadly, is nature to us. 19

Empathy is the capacity to step into other peoples shoes, to understand their lives, and start to solve problems from their perspectives. Human-centered design is premised on empathy, on the idea that the people youre designing for are your roadmap to innovative solutions. All you have to do is empathize, understand them, and bring them along with you in the design process.

For too long, the international development community has designed solutions to the challenges of poverty without truly empathizing with and understanding the people its looking to serve. But by putting ourselves in the shoes of the person were designing for, human-centered designers can start to see the world, and all the opportunities to improve it, through a new and powerful lens. Immersing yourself in another world not only opens you up to new creative possibilities, but it allows you to leave behind preconceived ideas and outmoded ways of thinking. Empathizing with the people youre designing for is the best route to truly grasping the context and complexities of their lives. But most importantly, it keeps the people youre designing for squarely grounded in the center of your work.

If only we empathize with the user 20

humans commodity

users as commodity

and recognize the human instead, you might want to agree Humans does NOT equal commodity. Talking about empathy 21

Image: http://www.hercampus.com/sites/default/files/styles/full_width_embed/public/2015/03/03/photo%201%20-%20empathy%2C%20in%20feeling.gif

Which is nothing but putting yourselves in someone elses shoe and realize that the user we are designing for is after all human - its that simple. 22

user requirementshuman needs?

So lets us talk about it a bit the human needs 23



Love - Belonging

Self Esteem

SelfActualizationMaslow's hierarchy of Human needs

I would like to use the Maslows theory of Human needs, they are Physiological, (Food, water, sleep, oxygen) Security, (your health, safety, job, future) Love belonging, (your community)Self Esteem (reputation, achievements, social status etc) & Self Actualization (creativity, innovation, sense of purpose, good moral being etc.)


The Empathy Gap

Understanding these Human Needs could helps us fill the Empathy Gap 25

The Empathy Gap for Humans

The empathy gap For humans, Now to truly understand this let us get a little bit into the headquarters of these needs 26

where does it reside?



The Human Brain. This is where it all happens. We are born with billions of neurons, 28

a great blessing

billions of neuronsfew connectionslogs our experiences

with very few connections in our childhood. And as we grow, 30

Newborn1 month6 months2 years

every object we see, hear & feel gets saved in our brains neural pathways, each as a unique connection. And as we fill these trillions of connections, Our brain recognizes and tags when we will like or feel good about something. These produces the brain chemicals which scientists call 31

the happy brain chemicals

The happy brain chemicals, I will talk about just two of them: 32

Dopamine & Serotonin

Dopamine & Serotonin 33

Dopamine + Serotonin Seeking rewards like information, knowledge

Dopamine (a neurotransmitter) is produced when your brain senses a good PAST experience. Think about the curiosity you have after making that Facebook Post and wondering who is the first person to like, total likes or comments, what makes you keep checking out those notifications that craving for information is Dopamine? Dopamine is produced: When you Win a Video Game, When an Alcoholic sees a bar. When you work towards a well sought out goal. So every time you seek reward, its Dopamine 34

Dopamine & Serotonin Seeking importance

Serotonin on the other hand (is also a neurotransmitter) & is all about seeking social dominance, Personal importance, and really feeling great about one-self. You may call this as Narcissism 35

Dopamine + Serotonin = Happy brain chemicals

At face value, a little bit of dopamine may seem harmless. After all, dopamine and serotonin are naturally occurring brain chemicals that make us happy. The difference is that dopamine can have both positive and negative effects on an individual. When we receive the anticipated reward, we feel good. When we dont receive the reward, we feel terrible until we get what we want the reward. 36

the jolt

What holds you back from changing that Television Channel or even taking your eyes from your phones for a few seconds even while driving? They are known as Jolts. Which is essentially holding your attention 37

an art of forcefully holding the viewers attention by rapid audio, visual or content changes

the jolt

Forcefully indeed with the use of special techniques like rapid audio, visual or content changes. Here is tiny example of it 38

Warning:Audio/VideoIntended to create jolt

But let me warn you that this is an intentional jolt using audio and video content. 39

Let me start it,40

Rock band: (2002)Thirty Seconds to MarsEntire song is about 6 minutes in YouTube

that was the Rock Band of 2002 the entire 6 min video can be found in you tube. That song was about peace by the way 41

jolts per minute


this is what 15 jolts/minute used to be

Bob Ross - Valley View (Season 21 Episode 1)

Jolts are typically measured in a span of minute. So back in early days 1950s if someone was trying to teach you how to paint in television, you need about 15 Jolts to stay connected and not fall asleep. 43

Over time, Satellite TV and internet based contents like social media have contributed in the excessive usage of jolts. to the amount according to experts as high as the effects of drug addition. 45

jolts per minute



60x increase


this is what 900 jolts/minute looks like


negative impact

the long term negative consequences of this is 48

shorter attention span@ work@ study

Shorter attention span. How long are you able to focus on reading, how easy is it to get distracted? 49

Young people including toddlers addicted to videos / online contents

Brilliant young, minds are strayed are perhaps wasted, A whole generation is at stake


Online videos & game addiction is so common among children that once my visit to a pediatric ophthalmologist was so shocking the overwhelming no. of cases the doctor was dealing with. 51

What about we adults? talking to spouse while simultaneously busy with friends on IMs and some times its exactly the opposite, we are with friends right when your spouse wants to chat.


This one is interesting How many Pokemon Go fans & players here?-- thank you. -> again in our Contemporary measurement, 53

revenue $4~$5mm# of users 26mmsocial media buzz10m downloads 13h ratings - viral


The revenue made was between 4-5 million on day 1, 26mn active users Got a great media attention The 10million app install mark happened in just first 13hrs. That was an extremely successful product. But wait a second look at this.