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  • 1. Gesturing Our WayThrough Social MediaVincent John Vincent,Co-CEO, President, Co-FounderGestureTek 30, 2012 1

2. Social Media is a long time in the makingJanuary 30, 2012 2 3. From our 1st Personal PCs Media started to become more democratizedJanuary 30, 20123 4. Networked Interactive Computer Displays in our homes, schools, work, etc.January 30, 2012 4 5. Networked Interactive Computer Displays where we shop, play, workout, travel, etc.5 6. Multiple forms of mobile interactive devices and gadgets, etc..January 30, 20126 7. A cornucopia produced on a second by second basis7 8. Gesture Control gives us a more natural user interface 8 9. A marvel of evolution9 10. Computer Displays Interface evolution not so straight forwardThe Evolution of Human Computer InterfaceButton press KeyboardMouse Touch screenA clear technologytrend that can be tracedthrough bothinteractive publicdisplays, interactionwith consumerMulti-touch2D off screen 3D off screenmonitors and nowscreen control controlmobile devices.?? 11. Immersive Gesture Control came from a completely different VISION The Evolution of Human Computer InterfaceButton press Keyboard MouseTouch screen Multi-touch screen 2D off screen control3D off screen control (2000) Immersive Full Body Gesture Control (1986) 12. Keyboards and Mouse control contributing to a more sedentary lifestyle 12 13. A Natural User Interface for all aspect our lives13 14. Creative medium for interacting within the virtual world 14 15. Performance Tool that allowed Full Body Engagement15 16. USERshould not have to WEAR, HOLD, or TOUCH ANYTHING 16 17. Video Cameras as Interfaces to Computer Worlds 17 18. FULL BODYIMMERSIVEVIDEO GESTURECONTROLIN VIRTUAL WORLDS18 19. What we invented would change the nature of how we physically engage andare engaged physically by our computing devices 19 20. Finding an affordable computer to invent Video Gesture Control on inthe early 1980s20 21. The Initial Technology 21 22. 1st Video Gesture Control Installation 22 23. Fully Dynamic Interactive Virtual Worlds 23 24. Testing Full Body Speed, Flexibility and Agility 24 25. Whole Body Fitness and Rehabilitation25 26. Todays virtual fitness and training 26 27. The Worlds 1st Virtual Reality Performer27 28. Gesture Based Virtual Video Conference Worlds since 1989 28 29. Invented the worlds 1st Interactive Virtual Sets for Immersive Video Production --- licensed to WSIJanuary 30, 2012 29 30. High Profile Console LicenseesSony Eye Toy Microsoft XBOX 360January 30, 201230 31. Immersive Education Games for Kids HasbroJanuary 30, 2012 31 32. Worlds 1st Gesture Control / Immersive Experiences on Mobile PhonesNTT DoCoMoJanuary 30, 201232 33. 1St interactive Surfaces: Gesture Controlled Floors, Walls, Tables, & Windows: 199833 34. Gesture controlled Surfaces of all kinds since 199834 35. Point to Control Technology Touch Surfaces since 1999 MULTI-TOUCHJanuary 30, 201235 36. Point to Control Technology Touch Surface MULTI-TOUCHJanuary 30, 201236 37. Other forms of Multi-Touch technologyTouch Screen TechnologyResistiveSurface CapacitiveProjected CapacitiveInfraredSurface Acoustic WaveOptical Sensors for Touch ScreenResistive Touch Foil (for projectors)Surface CapacitiveInCellCamera-based (2D/3D cameras) Infrared Projected Capacitive Surface Acoustic Wave 38. Gesture, Point & Control from Distance starting in 1999 39. Combining Gesture, Point to Control, and Touch Surface Technology together 40. Social Media Interaction with Digital Signage


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