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This is an advertising campaign I made in a group for the launch of the new VW Beetle in 2012.


Page 1: VW Advertising Campaign

Alexis HalladayWhitney ThomasSean McGowan

Daniel BatesAbby ChristensenThomas Graham

Page 2: VW Advertising Campaign

Executive Summary

Situation Analysis

Advertising Strategy

Creative Plan

Media Plan



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2012 Volkswagen Beetleadvertising campaign

Wieden + Kennedy

Daniel BatesAbby ChristensenThomas GrahamAlexis HalladaySean McGowan

Whitney Thomas

Page 3: VW Advertising Campaign

Executive Summary

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We take full advantage of all advertising mediums to reposition the Beetle and regain the love and trust from a “love bug” group that has been on the decline in recent years. We must redefine ourselves and the Beetle name and submerge from the competition. Thus our efforts must be seen, heard, and felt everywhere if we wish to attain these objectives.

We addressed our main concern first: poor positioning for the male demographic. We believe that totally repositioning the Beetle will show people like Ben that this car is for them as well, breaking a barrier with the last Beetle model. Our most important goal is to win back the support and respect of males, while increasing the perception in all consumers’ minds that the Beetle is the “people’s car.” To meet this goal, we built a strong campaign targeting males. Our advertisements portray the 2012 Beetle more as a masculine car. We also advertise the customizable capabilities of the Beetle to match the personality and character of the driver, with essentially the car and its driver being mirror images of each other. We hit this idea hard in the nose with the tagline “Drive what you are.”

This campaign was designed for Ben, a 33 year old male. He is unmarried but has been dating his girlfriend for two years, putting off major commitment. Ben expresses himself and his independence in every way possible, through his attire, where he lives, and what he uses. Ben longs for a classy, sophisticated vehicle that he can be proud of driving and that has the ability to express who he is. Ben was the inspiration and point of reference in developing our strategy, product, and advertisements.

Page 4: VW Advertising Campaign

Situation AnalysisCompany and Brand BaCkground

Situation Analysis

1 2

German-made since 1938, the Volkswagen “Beetle”, coined the “people’s car,” has proven its reliability and quality throughout history.

In 1946, Volkswagen produced 1,000 cars a month in a factory heavlily weathered by WWII. By 1955, production of the Type 1 (Beetle) Volkswagen reached 1,000,000.

Although the “Beetle” was becoming outdated, during

the 1960’s and early 1970’s, through American exports, innovative advertising, and a growing reputation for reliability, production figures surpassed the previous record holder, the Ford Model-T.

It was on February 17, 1972 when Volkswagen could officially claim the world production record for the most-produced, single make car in history. By 1973, total production was over 16 million.

Nearly four decades later, Volkswagen has pumped out over 21 million Beetles and increased its reputation to be a world leader in market value.

In fact, in 2008, Volkswagen shares rose as much as 93.3 percent, giving it a market value of 296 billion Euro ($376 billion), surpassing the $343 billion Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM.N). [1]

At the end of 2011, Volkswagen’s market capitalization increased to $70.1 billion from $66 billion in 2010. “The six percent increase was enough to push Europe’s largest

automaker past Daimler AG and Honda Motor Co. and to halve the lead that Toyota had over Volkswagen in 2010.” [2]

VW’s climb was “fueled by substantial global growth by all its brands, while Toyota, Daimler and Honda all took hard hits due to economic factors or natural disasters.” [2]

Page 5: VW Advertising Campaign

StrengthS w eakneSSeS

opportunity t hreatS

Situation Analysis Situation AnalysisSituation Analysis

Brand evaluation

3 4

• Mini Cooper

• Fiat

• Scion TC

• 2nd generation position in consumer’s minds

• Great sport car market

• New design attracts a more masculine audience

• Customizable interior

• Diesel: 29/40 mpg

• Turbo

• “Teenage girl” stereotype

• Recalls in 2nd generation models

• Loss of past faithful customers

• Small in size, not utilitarian

• Decrease in market share with similar models

• Familiarity with brand name

• Acquainted with safety

• The “Beetle Club”

• Technologically advanced

• Gas mileage

• Attractive design

“Inside, you’d swear this was a

stout coupe instead of a Beetle...

There’s decent legroom behind the

front seats, and even with a flat roof

there’s plenty of headroom. Still,

there’s some playfulness — the

gigantic fuel gauge, the new dash

glovebox that can only fit napkins —

but overall, the Beetle feels weirdly

normal. A Mini Cooper is an insane

asylum where nothing, not even the

window switches, makes any rational

sense.” [4]

- Clifford Atiyeh

“At first glance, the Beetle seems

like an oddity. Do shoppers want

another nostalgia-laden two-door

hatchback? But the car’s high-

quality interior and style, plus its

competitive price, mean it can go

toe-to-toe with the Mini Cooper,

offering a more civilized driving

experience - if not as much fun

behind the wheel.” [3]

- Warren Brown

• Longevity: Longest running manufactured single design

• Over 21 million Beetles produced

• Memorable design, iconic build, and trendy

• 2nd generation Beetle dissmissed as a “girly car”

• Appeal to a nostalgic ride

• Diesel optional

• Statement-making independence

Page 6: VW Advertising Campaign


Situation AnalysisSituation Analysis

Brand evaluation continued


The 2012 Beetle is a car that’s a little less cute but a lot more functional. The redesigned car is longer, wider, lower

and has more upright A-pillars. This gives the Beetle more classic proportions, along with more legroom, a bigger

trunk and a more natural driving position. The interior design has been redone to be modern without losing the

Beetle heritage. The Beetle gets the same sensible electronics features and control interface that you see elsewhere

in the VW lineup, including Bluetooth, auxiliary plug and MDi cable, and a navigation system.

The redesigned 2012 Volkswagen Beetle has the traditional look that will appeal to the Beetle faithful, but sports a

modern visual that should attract new buyers into the Beetle fold.

The Beetle name has a great deal to offer, including the longest-running manufactured single design. Its design is

memorable, its build is iconic and its known around the globe. Whether for nostalgia or for the classic image that has

proven itself worthy over time, the Volkswagen Beetle is a car for the people, wherever the people are.

We believe that advertising the

following items will solve the

“teenage girl” car mentality.

This time around VW turns to a

sharper exterior design and interior

makeover (taking out the bud

vase) making it deliberately more


Salvaging the iconic image of the

Beetle, VW makes this redesign

appealing to males while still

keeping the female deomographic


For the past ten years, the Beetle

has been known to “occupy more

sorority parking spots at more of

our nation’s colleges” [5] than VW

would like to admit.

In plain terms, the Beetle has been

known as a car that girls drive,

not really appealing to a broad


• Turbo power

• Optional customizable interior

• Interior high-quality and color accented layout

• Diesel fuel

• Design drawn more from the orginal Beetle

• Option for 19 inch heritage wheels

Page 7: VW Advertising Campaign

Advertising Plan & Strategy


Competitive analySiS

Advertising Plan & Strategy

audienCe analySiS

7 8

1. Reposition to the male demographic

2. Bring back the “people’s car”

3. Advertise in all mediums, the majority being targeted at males

FIRST: Reposition the stereotype of the “teenage girl” car, to a more sophisticated vehicle for a middle-aged male who seeks for ways of expressing his independence.

• Scion TC Starting Price: 18,575 Mileage: 23 City, 31 Hwy Brand Longevity: 8 years

• Mini Cooper Starting Price: 19,500 Mileage: 29 City, 37 Hwy Brand Longevity: 53 years

For the environmentally friendly


• Scooter

• Public transportation

• Walking

• Riding a bike

• Fiat 500 Starting Price: 15,550

Mileage: 30 City, 38 Hwy

Brand Longevity: 23 years

SECOND: Promote the 2012 Beetle as the “people’s Car.” In this sense our target will drive a vehicle that is completely their own. Similar to personal style, the owner of the 2012 Beetle is able to show the world who they are.

THIRD: Publicize as much as possible, take advantage of all mediums, and appeal to the male demographic by giving them an opportunity to see how the new Beetle fits their lifestyle.

• Ben chooses quality over quantity.

He wants a product that will last a

long time and perform at its best

when he needs it to.

• Ben often lives in the heart of bigger

cities, but is not restrained there. He

doesn’t need a lot of space, in fact, a

studio apartment is a good fit.

• Male/Benjamin (Ben)

• Age: 28-55

• Art Director, Median Pay: $80,630

• Job size in 2010: 73,900 [6]

• Similar Occupations: Fashion

Designer, Multimedia Artist, Exhibit

and Set Designer [6]

DemographicsOther Competitors

Product Use GeographicsPsychographics


• Graphic designer

• Freelance photographer

• Listens to Indie music

• Sundance Film Festival enthusiast

• Creative cook

• Avid Poet

• Lives with girlfriend of two years

• Down-to-earth personality

• Politically involved

• Health sensative, exercises

• Independent-minded

• Prefers his collared shirt (top button

optional), skinny tie, cardigan, and

sued Sandstorms

Page 8: VW Advertising Campaign

poSition Strategy

9 10

Advertising Plan & Strategy Advertising Plan & Strategy

Rating: 5-Extremely 1-Not at all




Current• High school and college girls

• Reliable

• Trusted brand

• Environmental friendly

• Unlike any other design, very


DesiredThis campaign will reposition the 2012

Beetle from its current position as a

car for younger females to a car for

a more mature, stable, male who is

seeking a vehicle that will help express


Research FindingsThe following three graphs are based on both secondary and primary research. The first graph shows the interest people ages 18-34 have in purchasing a small car in the future. [7.1] The second graph shows the results from a survey conducted polling individuals concerning the importance of their car matching their personality. [8] The third graph shows the interest in purchasing a small car in the future based on household size. [7.2]

Our research unveiled who our audience might be: A new young couple and young single individuals. The couple looks to begin traditions independent of their parents, essentially declaring their independence for the first time as a family unit. In this way, young couples look to express their independence in certain ways, one of them being their choice of vehicle. The graphs also show us that young single individuals may be looking to purchase a small car in the future. This opens the door for marketing towards these demographics. [7]

Future interest in purchasing a small car, by age, Jan 2011 To you, how important is it for your vehicle to match your personality? Future interest in purchasing a small car, by household size, Jan 2011

Page 9: VW Advertising Campaign

11 12

Creative Plan

Advertising Plan & Strategy

Our target audience are those individuals who seek out ways to express their individualistic personality and lifestyle. Thus, this campaign is targeted at them. The BIG IDEA is to show how the 2012 Beetle is an outward expression of who they truly are. The campaign tagline

follows this idea with the simple phrase,

“Drive What You Are”

Our advertisements are designed to make you feel proud of who you are and spark a desire to overtly express it. When Ben sees the Beetle print ad, he is reminded of his longing to express who he really is and smiles when he recognizes that the Beetle has the ability to do this.

Everytime he sees the Beetle billboard on his way to work, he is reminded of his desire to express himself and how what he is driving at the moment, doesn’t meet this need.

These feelings are brought out because the tone of the advertisements outwardly expresses inner independence.

Print media will show an image of a male and woman, depending on the placement of the ad, standing next to the iconic 2012 Beetle. Next to them both will be a short list of

attributes the individual has, coupled with an attribute found in the 2012 Beetle. Showing how the Beetle has the ability

to express individual personal attributes.

Our out-of home media will appeal to the target’s emotions

or feelings about how they see themselves.

Our advertisements use a font that conveys elegance with class. The tall, thin, serif typeface is simple, clean,

sharp and sophisticated. Because the typeface conveys a “classy” feel, it relates well with the Beetle and at the same

time provides the audience with the assurance that the product is sophisticated and established.

The assurance, together with the copy of the advertisement, allows the audience to feel confident with the Beetle, but more importantly, relates how the Beetle

gives them confidence in their own ability to express who they are.

For individuals who desire a fresh twist on an iconic classic, the fully redesigned 2012 VW Beetle provides them with a way to overtly express their independence.

Strategy Statement:

• Given the general inclination to purchase ‘premium’

smaller cars, compact luxury cars can be an affordable

way for our target market to get “just a little luxury.”

• There is the opportunity here to create a whole new

class of consumers that never aspired to larger cars

or SUVs in the first place, and who are looking toward

subcompacts that are full-featured when it comes to

safety and options. These features are specifically

targeted towards men.

• Based on our primary research survey, individuals are

interested in making their car match their style. Matching

a car to an individual is a good creative strategy.

Our campaign promises our audience two things:

1. An updated and attractive look on the 1960’s favorite.

2. Confidence in driving a car that matches their style.

The Beetle carries a sharp, masculine touch, retro feel

and nostalgia that attracts younger, hip drivers as well as

older ones.

• “I bought it because it’s just like my car from when

I was a teenager. It’s definitely nostalgic to own the

same car again.” Male 2012 Beetle Owner [8]

• “My friend just bought one, and I really like the look of it, so I figured I’d come try it out. I think it’d be good for a single person, or someone just starting a family because the back seat doesn’t have very much room.” Male at the dealership [8]

Tone Manner

Big IdeaSupportKey Insights Creative Strategy

Page 10: VW Advertising Campaign






13 14

Page 11: VW Advertising Campaign

15 16

Page 12: VW Advertising Campaign

Radio Scripts Internet Banner Storyboard

17 18

2012 Beetle





Music: Vampire Weekend, A-Punk

VO: “The all new Volkswagen Beetle. Customizable and fit for your personality”

1 “They say a dog is a man’s best friend. Not anymore. When you drive the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle, your car is your best friend. Why? Because it’s you, in the shape of a car. Go to your local Volkswagen dealer today and experience a vehicle built for you and by you, and “drive what you are”.

2 “In the past, you’ve allowed your vehicle to be expressed in who you are. It’s time that who you are is expressed in the vehicle you drive. The all-new Beetle is fully customizable to match the driver inside, because you really should... [with emphasis] “drive what you are”.

Page 13: VW Advertising Campaign

Media PlanMedia Plan

19 20

ScheduleWe chose six mediums for this campaign, which are consistent with what our audience consumes on a daily basis. They are as follows:• Commercial television• Radio• Print Media• Out of Home• Web• Promotion

Commercials: $4.5 Million Begin frequent televising in the morning, lunch hour and evening during the early spring and gradually slow as the summer ends. We will make one final push mid fall through December. Since our audience is generally politically involved we have chose to broadcast over CNN, NBC, and Discovery Channel. Print: $3 Million Begin in June, displaying frequently in Time Magazine, Communication Arts, and Men’s Health as well as in Photography shops and small local restautants. Radio: $0.5 Million Using a flighitng strategy we will broadcast in the morning and late afternoon hours while our audience is traveling to and from work. Out of Home: $1 Million During the Spring and Summer, untill funds are empty, Billboards will be

Promotion: $0.5 Million Co-branding the 2012 Beetle with VISA, we have set up an agreement to give away a 2012 Beetle on every millionth swipe world wide, up to ten million swipes. This means that when consumers use their VISA Account Card, they have a chance to be the millionth swipe and could win a 2012 Beetle of their choice. Essentially, ten random consumers will win one Beetle over the course of the promotion.

The purpose of choosing these six media is the same purpose we have for this campaign, to target more of the male demographic and reposition the Beetle as the “people’s car.”

We believe that using commercial television over the specified networks and during the specified times, will provide maximum impressions for our audience. Also, the Summer is known to be a time of seasonal buying, so beginning in the Spring will provide an effective lead time for our audience.

Our audience could be doing any

numer of things during this time, so

placed in Suburban and Urban cities and

Using the specified print and web media, we are confident that our audience will have the necessary brand frequency for the Beetle to be appealing and change the “brand’s” image.

The radio medium will be one of our strongest media because we will use network radio advertising. Since our audience has a particularly specific radio consumption, we can effectively reach our audience.

Out-of-home advertising will serve as reminders to our audience. Since one objective is to reposition the Beetle, billboards will offer a “brand image touch up” with frequent exposure for our audience.

In this campaign it is important to

take advanatge of the summer and

its welcoming weather and inviting

opportunity to get things done.

we want to make sure we can

reach him. Using a budget

of $10 million, the following

sections describe how we

plan to do it.

near local VW dealerships. A simple powerful message will spark the

audience to take action. Web: $.5 Million

Using internet consumer

tracking to place ads on sites the audience most

often views.

Page 14: VW Advertising Campaign

21 22

Promotion ReferencesviSa=Beetle give away!

Every 1 million swipes*, one person will win a 2012 VW Beetle

*maximum 10 winners

visa and volkswagen team up to promote the fully redesigned 2012 vw Beetle

21 22

[1] Marsh, Sarah; 2008, www.reuters.com,

VW hits No. 1 in market value amid short squeeze.

[2] Ciferri, Luca; 2012, Jan 5, www.autonews.com;

VW closes market gap with Toyota.

[3] Brown, Warren; 2011, August 26,

Washington Post; www.cars.com,

2012 Volkswagen Beetle Expert Reviews

[4] Atiyeh, Clifford; 2011, September 24,

Boston.com; www.cars.com, 2012 Volkswagen

Beetle Expert Reviews

[5] Padgett, Marty; 2011, August 31,


The Car Connection 2012 Volkswagen Review

[6] 2012, March 29, www.bls.gov;

Occupational Outlook Handbook,

Art Directors, Summary

[7] Mintel.com:

• 7.1 - January 2011; Future interest in

purchasing a small car, by age

• 7.2 - January 2011; Future interest in

purchasing a small car, by household size

[8] Graham, Thomas; 2011, March 24,

Primary Research