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<ul><li><p>Wall Dcor For Modern Homes </p><p>Each home has its own history and its own way to connect with its ancestors. While some </p><p>homes are adorned with antiques to connect with past, others are designed in a </p><p>contemporary way and are always up-to-date with the upcoming trends and style. </p><p>However, whether the homes are designed in antique design or a contemporary one, all </p><p>home dcor styles include wall dcor that provides a sophisticated and elegant appearance. </p><p>With changing times, homes have gotten more compact and more storage space is required. </p><p>Nevertheless, making storage spaces or installing wall shelves does not mean that it has to </p><p>be basic and overly boring. Generally, people have difficulty understanding the modern </p><p>home dcor and often prefer staying close to the long forgotten dcor choices. The changes </p><p>in the wall dcor style are generally portrayed in ways wall shelves are designed. </p><p>Previously, the wall shelves needed support and were quite a burden to clean. However, </p><p>with the turn of the era, the place of rustic wall shelves has been taken by the corner and </p><p>floating wall shelves. </p></li><li><p>These floating wall shelves offer a modern twist in the characteristics of the ancient </p><p>method of wall dcor. With the goal of creating something new from old, corner and </p><p>floating wall shelves are the latest trends that have become a staple in Indian homes. </p><p>Floating wall shelves open floor plans and even ensure that walls dont look too much </p><p>crowded. The minimalist and modern approach that this wall dcor brings is one of a kind </p><p>and perfect for modern homes where everyone is working. </p><p>Along with the minimalist approach, floating wall dcor even alters the appearance of </p><p>furniture in the home. The space that is left open showcases the entirety of the rooms and </p><p>is flaunted with placing furniture in an inviting manner. Every accessory that is placed on </p><p>the wall shelves is a star in itself. Accessories properly placed will not only give your home </p><p>a character, but also make it the envy of your friends and family. Along with the wall dcor </p><p>such as floating wall shelves, accessories also reinforces the beauty of your modern design. </p><p>http://www.decornation.in/shelves.htmlhttp://www.decornation.in/shelves.html</p></li><li><p>The character of the house is also emphasized by the furnishings that the homeowners </p><p>want to place in their homes. Accessories play a supporting role in home dcor yet are very </p><p>important in making a statement. It is the way they are placed that helps in giving your </p><p>home a character. To enhance to modern dcor, lights have to be layered accordingly. </p><p>Many homeowners think that a vase is just an ordinary item of dcor, but what they dont </p><p>know that vases actually play one of the most significant roles in constructing a fashionable </p><p>appearance. Vases are associated with infinity and harmony because of its globular form. </p><p>Modern vases created in the variety of different shapes gives an urbane or the classy feeling </p><p>of a modern designed home. </p></li></ul>