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Web 2.0: What Works with Students. Melissa K. Prescott Robin L. Ewing CETL January 2009 Faculty Workshop Days. About us. Melissa K. Prescott Reference Coordinator & Assistant Professor Learning Resources & Technology Services mkprescott@stcloudstate.edu Robin L. Ewing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Melissa K. PrescottRobin L. Ewing

CETL January 2009 Faculty Workshop DaysWeb 2.0: What Works with Students1About usMelissa K. PrescottReference Coordinator & Assistant ProfessorLearning Resources & Technology Servicesmkprescott@stcloudstate.edu

Robin L. EwingAccess Services Coordinator & Assistant ProfessorLearning Resources & Technology Servicesrlewing@stcloudstate.edu 2OverviewBackground on student use of Web 2.0Web 2.0 Awareness SurveyLearning 2.0 Assignment Adapting for other classes3Our definition of Web 2.0 Social networking sites: Facebook, MySpace, Ning, Twitter

Social sharing and collaboration sites: Blogger, PBwiki, Wikipedia, podcasting, YouTube

Social bookmarking and tagging: del.icio.us, Ma.gnolia, Flickr, Google Image Labeler

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds and readers:Bloglines, Google ReaderOther Google products: Google Scholar, Google Docs, Google Maps

4Background on student use of Web 2.064% of online teens have created Web 2.0 content --Teens and Social Media survey -- Pew Internet & American Life (2007)

Content creation activities: posting messages or photos; creating and uploading videos, music, artwork, stories, etc.; creating own Web sites or blogs

Approximately 30% of online students have their own blogs -- Creating & Connecting survey -- National School Boards Association (2007)

22% have uploaded videos they created -- Creating & Connecting survey -- National School Boards Association (2007)

Informal Web 2.0 Awareness SurveyStudents enrolled in three-credit information literacy courses (IM 204: Research Strategies)Administered online via D2L59 students participatedAll undergraduates17% first-year students59% sophomores20% juniors3% seniors81% female, 19% male

Web 2.0 Awareness Survey detailsTools we includedSocial networking sites (Facebook, MySpace, Friendster)YouTubePhoto sharing sites (Flickr, Snapfish)BlogsPodcastsSocial tagging/bookmarking (de.licio.us, Digg)WikipediaOther wikisRSSGoogle Scholar

Web 2.0 Awareness Survey detailsLevels of awarenessHave not heard ofHave heard of but not usedHave read, listened to, or used oneHave added content to or created own

Web 2.0 Awareness Survey89225885148642431531392536393122859827119106429339073Background on student use of Web 2.0Survey findings64% of online teens have created Web 2.0 content (Pew)

Approximately 30% of online students have their own blogs (NSBA) 3% of SCSU students

22% have uploaded videos they created (NSBA) 5% of SCSU students

How do your students compare?

Learning 2.0 AssignmentModeled on professional development projects for library professionalsFormat of the assignmentTools covered in the assignmentLevels of Web 2.0 awarenessStudent reactions to the assignmentWhat well change for next fall

Web 2.0 ExamplesLearning 2.0 -- 23Things23 Things on a StickLearning 2.0 @ MacLearning 2.0 @ SCSU Two sections of IM 204: Research Strategies in fall 2008 semesterAll assignments were presented via the Learning 2.0 @ SCSU blog Students had one week to complete each assignmentAssignments were completed outside of classAssignment was mapped to course objectives

Weekly TopicsBlogsWhat is Web 2.0?RSS Social BookmarkingFlickrDigg, Newsvine, RedditPodcastingOnline collaboration toolsWikisYouTubeStructure of Weekly ActivitiesReadingViewingDoingBloggingSample Weekly AssignmentSocial BookmarkingPodcastingLevels of Web 2.0 awarenessIdentify Web 2.0 applications and recognize contentUse/read/view contentEvaluate contentCreate content

Student DifficultiesStarting multiple blogsURL for blogsNaming of blogs & blog postingsEmbedding photos & videosExample BlogsRoss Blogger SiteAssignment 2;)Christys BlogExploits of SOLCreating my first blog.

Student ReactionsEnd of assignment evaluation (51 respondents)88% -- assignment helped them get comfortable with emerging technologies49% -- would change nothing about the assignmentOthers:Spend more class time on the assignmentsChange the day the assignments were duePost all assignments at onceToo much work for allotted points, tediousHardest activities multiple students indicated RSS and Digg/Newsvine/Reddit

Student ReactionsIt was a great assignment and I know that at first I was stressed out about it because I knew nothing about it and I didnt want to do bad on it but after I learned exactly what it was it became fun and a good educational experience.I enjoyed the Web 2.0 assignment. I felt that it helped me learn a lot about the internet and the different tools that are available to me.The Web 2.0 assignments furthered my knowledge and will help me out a lot in the future.I like that new news and new updates can come to me on my blog from websites that I have shared onto my blog. I think it will be useful for my career later on in life, as well.

Student ReactionsI think that web 2.0 is really pointless. It just takes up more time outside of ther [sic] classroom and it isnt going to help me with other classes or outside of school.One thing I would change about this assignment would be that it made us sign up for everything we were learning about. Now I have a bunch of accounts on different things that I will probably never use and that I will never even remember how to get to now.

Next StepsBetter prepare students for assignmentThis assignment was a stretch for most studentsProvide a better explanation for why students should know Web 2.0 toolsClarify expectations for blog postingsPost all assignments at once

24Next StepsChange list of toolsEliminate Digg/Newsvine/Reddit activityRSS later in semesterRevise rubricPrivacy and intellectual property issues

25Adapting for Other CoursesHave students review discipline-specific blogs, wikis, podcasts, etc.RSS feeds 26What have you done in your classes?