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    Direct Mapping Reverse Mapping

    Please refer to picture 6.26. Please refer to picture 6.28.

    Component: Component:


    1. get records from Database 1. get records from Database

    2. doesn't contain any view 2. a view to embed interface view

    3. define a node STUDENT with attribute 3. define usage of component Y_EM_LAYOUT_RM

    Interface Node: Yes (can access by other component) 4. define a InterfaceController_usage, mapping Student to that of


    Input Element: NO (can't Input by other comp. ) 5. In WDDOINIT, append some records to Node STUDENT.

    4. In WDDOINIT, append some records to Node STUDENT. Y_EM_LAYOUT_RM:

    Y_EM_LAYOUT: 1. show records in a table

    1. show records in a table 2. define a node STUDENT with attribute

    2. define usage of component Y_EM_CONTEXT Interface Node: Yes (can access by other component)

    3. mapping the two STUDENT from Y_EM_CONTEXT and

    Y_EM_LAYOUT in tab context.

    Input Element: Yes ( Input by Y_EM_CONTEXT_RM)

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    Direct and Reverse mapping

    Posted by he longyang Apr 10, 2013

    Below are the highlights of the new SAP Corbu theme for Web Dynpro ABAP.

    Corbu Theme for WebDynpro ABAP

    Posted by Tarun Telang Apr 8, 2013

  • Highlights of the new SAP Corbu theme for Web Dynpro ABAP:

    A new modern, simple looking theme with improved overall look;

    Neutral design with light panes and flat surfaces

    Reduced contrasts & gradients create a light and clear user interface

    Color: Reduced use of neutral and dimmed colors increases the compatibility with other SAP designss

    Structure: Less structuring and separating elements to support a flat and lightweight appearance

    Correct Prioritization: Visual focus is on the content, instead of on navigation and functions

    Tables & Containers: Reduced colors and line contrast creates a less block-like appearance

    Increased font sizes to improve readability

    Readability: Enlarged and easier to read typography, for example, larger font

    Enhanced look for specific controls

    new panel stack visualizations

    new calendar design

    Large set of new icons and pictograms that are modernized with new theme without affecting existing icons in

    older themes -

    new icon style with 16 x16 pixel size icons

    All icons referenced as ~Icon/* are automatically replaced, based on the used theme.

    Icons from the old icon library, referenced as ICON_* or @nn@ are not automatically replaced.


    SAP Corbu theme is available for the following support packs:

    NW 731 SP02

    the new theme is delivered with further optimizations in NW 731 SP03 and SP04

    How To Apply Corbu Theme to Web Dynpro for ABAP application

    To apply or activate the newly-delivered SAP CORBU theme you have to simply append the URL parameter

    &sap-theme=sap_corbu to your application

    (otherwise by default Wedynpro for ABAP applications use the SAP Tradeshow Plus theme. )

    Development Effort Required

    the Corbu theme works for all WD ABAP applications out of the box with no additional development effort.

    Please perform visual verification of UIs to ensure no truncation of texts or misalignment occurs due to increased font

    sizes and line height

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    can any one provide clarity on these plz



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    Difference among component configuration,application configration and controller configuration?

    Posted by SAP WD Mar 13, 2013

    Please find the list of step need to perform to achieve the handling of event from source view to target view .

    Raising the event from one view and handling thesame event in another view .

    Posted by Om Awasthi Feb 1, 2013

  • Step 1 . Identify the source view from where the event will be triggered.

    Step 2 . Identify the target view where the event should be handled.

    Step 3 . Register the listener name, handle name , controller and event name in the targeted view .

    Listener name name of the view where even will be handled.

    Handler name the method in the target view which will handle the event raised in source view

    Controller name Name of the component controller used.

    Event name Name of the event which is raised.

    Sample code for target view written in DOINIT method .

    DATA: lo_componentcontroller TYPE REF TO ig_componentcontroller,

    lo_api_componentcontroller TYPE REF TO if_wd_component.


    listener_name = 'V_MAIN'

    handler_name = 'OK_HANDLE_MAIN'

    controller_name = 'COMPONENTCONTROLLER'

    event_name = 'OK_CLICKED_MAIN' ).

    Step 4 . you want the target view to handle the source view event just raise the event which is declared in component

    controller like below :

    wd_comp_controller->fire_ok_clicked_main_evt( ) .

    Resultant : Now once the ok_clicked_main event is raised from source view , the same event can be handled in the

    target view method OK_HANDLE_MAIN . You can perform any action/population in this method .

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    We have published a survey ( link) to check with Web Dynpro ABAP community, if they want a more modern and

    productive development environment for Web Dynpro ABAP applications development.

    The results were quite positive and ABAP in Eclipse is going in the direction to provide support for Web Dynpro

    ABAP applications development.

    ABAP in Eclipse 2.0 is just out as trial. Refer to blog to check how to download it: SCN Trial: ABAP Development

    Tools 2.0

    ABAP in Eclipse doesn't come bundled with Theme editor.Theme editor is available as standalone delivery which you

    can use to edit Web Dynpro Themes.

    What about having Theme Editor installed within ABAP in Eclipse IDE !!!

    One of the main objectives of ABAP in Eclipse was to bring all development scenario's into one IDE. Using eclipse as

    a base it is enabled automatically.

    Execute following steps to install Theme Editor in ABAP in Eclipse:

    1. Open the link Theme Editor download link

    2. Download "Eclipse PlugIn" from the list of available downloads

    3. Install ABAP in Eclipse. Follow the blog to check exact steps: Enabling ABAP in Eclipse

    4. Open ABAP in Eclipse.

    5. Go to Help->Instal New Software and choose Add option.

    6. Choose "Archive" option and select the zip file downloaded from step 2.

    7. Follow the wizard. ABAP in Eclipse will be restarted

    And you have Theme editor installed in ABAP in Eclipse. Now, you can do your ABAP development and also edit Web

    Dynpro ABAP themes using same IDE.

    Refer to the document (Link) to know more about theme editor:

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    Edit Web Dynpro ABAP themes in ABAP in Eclipse

    Posted by Ashwani Kumar Sharma Jan 31, 2013

  • Steps of calling of different component from select option F4 and using the value which are selected in different


    1. Create a component ZTEST. This component will have our select option . Also make component usage of

    WDR_SELECT_OPTIONS in the used components. In our example we have made GC_SELECT1 .

    2. Go to main view . Make a components add the component usage from step 1 ( which is created in component

    controller )

    3. Create a viewContainer UI element in your MAIN view.

    4. Add the WND_SELECTION_SCREEN view in the viewContainer UI element . Go to MAIN window , expand the

    window and in the viewContainer UI element right click and embed .

    5. Code in DOINIT method of view to create select option with a m_value_help_id = GC_SELECT1 which is created

    as a used component.

    6. Go to WDR_SELECT_OPTIONS component . Click on enhancement . add the component which you wants to add

    which should be called at the click of select option .

    7. Once added when you click on select option F4 the component added in WDR_SELECT_OPTIONS is

    called .

    8 . What ever value are entered can be passed back to the select option from where it is called .

    Calling of different component from select option F4and using the value which are selected in differentcomponent

    Posted by Om Awasthi Jan 25, 2013

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    Step to read the selected data from the table in webdynpro abap.

    1. Create a method for the table in the property onselect ( like get_data ) . Please find the screen shot below .