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  • 1. Top 25 Tips and Tricks

2. Todd Viau Lori Feldman 3. 1. Template Design2. Database Segmentation3. Deliverability / Engagement4. Database Clean Up5. E-Marketing ROI6. Clinic Special 4. 1. Naming Convention1-Off Email Blasts Drip Marketing Campaigns 5. 2. Create a Plain Text Master 6. 3. Copy/Paste into Notepad first from the internet, Word, or any other program.(Windows Start button > Type Notepad). Notepad removes extraneous code, reducingformatting time in the Swiftpage content editor. 7. 4. Design for Mobile 8. 5. Use [First Name] not [Salutation] Not all data sources have a salutation Most have a first name (especially new contactscoming in from the web.) 9. 6. Remove Hyperlinks Underlines Looks prettier, more professional. First create your hyperlink as you normally do. Then, go to the template SOURCE and copy this code:Before: www.thedatabasediva.comAfter: www.thedatabasediva.com 10. 7. Publish Templates 11. 8. Add 10 Hard Line Breaks 12. 9. Personalize Segmentation 13. 10. Segregate free frombusiness email addresses Free accounts have higher opt-out rates, higher spamfiltering Are often checked infrequently. They will lower your overall deliverability, open andclick-thru rate. Mail these separately and compare metrics. Strive to replace these addresses with the recipientsprimary email address. 14. 11. Create an SPF Record 15. 12. Test your SPF Record 16. 13. Make FROM/DISPLAY AddressesReader Friendly 17. 14. Spam Check Before Sendinghttp://swiftpageconnect.com/Deliverability/spamcheck.htm 18. 15. Email a live proof torecipients on multiple browsersbefore sending live blasts 19. 16. Send Repeat Messages toUnopens with the DripMarketing Module 20. 17. Send a Final Outlook Email toOpt-Outs 21. 18. ExponencielsEmail Address Lookup (Free) 22. 19. Use SurveysTo Let RecipientsUpdate TheirOwn Data 23. 20. Use Hidden Fields 24. 21. Test Personalized Subject Lines Example Subject Line: I thought of you while writing this, [First Name] Note: Not recommended for newsletters and HTMLtemplates (too spammy) Wont work in the drip marketing module. 25. 22. Increase Click-Thrus with MoreLinks 26. 23. Split Test Subject Lines Sort your list by ascending email address (randomizesthe list). Send 500 contacts the same email at the same timewith 5 different subject lines, 100 per subject line. Check your open rates and click-thrus after 24 hours. Pick the winning subject line to send to the remaininglist. Potential to increase open rates by 20%+ 27. 24. Bounces Are Sales Leads 28. 25. Create a HOT Last 60 DaysReport 29. CLINIC SpecialOffers Good thru 5/31/13FREE Critique of1 Email Blast or1 Drip Marketing Campaign(www.AvivaLLC.com/contact-us) 30. Q&Awww.TheDatabaseDiva.com314-485-4350 (US)Skype: thedatabasedivaDiva@TheDatabaseDiva.com