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Weird Creatures Billal Khan

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Weird Creatures

Billal Khan

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• Creature of Video games

• Symbol

• Parents– Creature of Videos– Creature of Games

• Spouse– Kalliop and

Penelope (KP)

• Personality– Overconfident– Talkative– Underestimated

• Domain:China

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Self-PortraitThe head is a steering wheel the hands are playstaion 1 remote controls ; the body is a PSP; the legs are Nintendo Wii remotes.

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Character Foil Modern Equivalence

Tony Stark (IRON MAN)

• Inventive• Genius• Tall

EA• Make Games

– Madden NFL– Sims– Need For Speed.

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MYTHThis is a hold page. Please listen to me as I read my myth

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• Represents Archetype• Represents Identity• Sin and Redemption

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