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Opening presentation and quiz's from CBS Repsonsibility Day 2009


<ul><li> 1. CBS Responsibility Day 2009 <br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Join Us!<br />twitter.com/cbssustainable<br />Sustainable Student @ CBS<br /> 3. SMS Quiz 1 (09.30-10.00)<br />QUESTION: In the European Union alone, consumers produce 8.7 million tons of techno trash each year. What % of this waste is in fact recycled?<br />5%<br />25%<br />40%<br />65%<br />Please send youranswer to 1272 indicatingCBS QUIZ1 A or B or C or D<br /> 4. SMS Quiz 2 (11.00-11.30)<br />IMAGINE THIS SITUATION: It is the end of the semester and you are under a lot of pressure due to exams. In addition to the exams you also have a written assignment to be handed in. Would you consider to copy-paste text from the Internet to ease the pressure and leave more time for exam preparation?<br />Yes<br />No<br />Perhaps, but it would depend on the situation<br />I dont know<br />Please send youranswer to 1272 indicatingCBS QUIZ 2 A or B or C or D<br /> 5. SMS Quiz 3 (14.30-15.00)<br />QUESTION: At some point in my future career I can imagine that I will:<br />Start a social enterprise<br />Work for a social enterprise<br />Have a normal job but spend some time volunteering for a social cause<br />I dont expect to have time for that<br />Please send youranswer to 1272 indicatingCBS QUIZ3 A or B or C or D<br /></p>