we’re going to have some fun, but we’re going to work hard too !

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Welcome to year 5!Were going to have some fun,but were going to work hard too !

The teamMain Class teaching:Miss OShea- ElmMiss Davis- Beech

Teaching Assistants:Miss Jakeman, Mrs Tear and Mrs Malkiewicz.

PPA teachers:Mrs Smart, Mrs Wellock, Mrs Beaumont and Mrs Freeman (Music)

Your child and You!

What can you expect from us?For us to be fair.For us to be positive.To prepare your child for Year 6.For us to do our best for your child.We will try to make the lessons interesting and fun.We will value opinions.We will help your child to be a good role model.We will expect your child to make good progress. We will help your child to behave properly.We will praise their good work and good behaviour.YEAR 5 EXPECTATIONSIndependenceUsing their initiativePersonal organisationTaking responsibilityLearning from mistakesGrowing into happy, confident individuals.

equipmentPE kit in schoolOne pencil caseCoatsLong hair tied back Simple school bag/ rucksack.Drinking bottle that is not too big.Please make sure that all equipment and uniform is clearly labelled! We have a huge issue with lost property in school as we have so much and no where to store it. Lost property will be more regularly sorted through and unclaimed items thrown away!Painting apron

The CurriculumThe government have introduced a new curriculum which came into affect in September 2014This means that some of the topics which used to be taught in Year 5, and your child may have been looking forward, may not be in the curriculum this year. However, we hope the new topics we cover will become firm favourites!Each half term you will receive a curriculum newsletter which outlines what we are aiming to cover in each subject- please be aware that we have to be flexible and some topics may be longer/ shorter then anticipated!We have included activities and suggestions for things to do at home to support each subject/ topicThe CurriculumHere is a brief outline of the main topic areas we will be covering this year:HistoryGeographyScienceArt and DTICTPESpanishThe Mayan CivilisationThe Amazon BasinLiving things and their habitatsDrawing and paintingData MattersGymnastics- Bridges and flightVerbsThe Vikings and Anglo SaxonsWoodland HabitatsAnimals, including humansPrinting and collageRobotics and systemsDance- South AmericanThe weatherProperties and changes of materialsSculpture and textilesMorphing imageVolley ball and netballClassroom and schoolEarth and SpaceStructures and electrical systemsFootballSpace and planetsForcesCooking and nutritionAthleticsClassroom, alphabet,HomeworkHomework is always based on very recent work covered in class lessons.It gives you an opportunity to see what your child is doing at school.Allocating a quiet area is very important and sets a good precedent for further learning.Supporting child means different things for different children.Homework that is not completed on time may be done at lunchtimes.

Spelling on a Monday and back on Friday.A piece of topic work from the learning grid to be handed in on Monday.Maths homework or Literacy homework out Thursday and back Monday.The school is currently working on its homework policy.It is important that children read for understanding.Any opportunity that allows you to listen to your child read, for example, doing the ironing and washing up, is a bonus! Always ask questions to check their understanding.Please encourage them to pick books from a variety of genres.Children may need to read in their lunchtime if they are not keeping up their reading record as we believe it is a vital part of their learning.The children will be completing a reading record task every week.


It is crucial that your child learns their multiplication tables. Not knowing their tables really does hinder progress at this age.

Regular practice, with parental help is vital.

MathsWe intend to go to Kew Gardens as part of our topic on the rainforest.The Cuffley Camp residential visit has been provisionally book for the Summer Term. You should have received a letter already and there will be a Cuffley parents meeting in May next year.

TripsParent helpers for day visits and projects in school would be very much appreciated.


Please come in and see us!

Are there any questions?

Thank you very much for coming.