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  • What Is The90-Day

    KickstartChallenge?• Fastest growing health and weight loss movement in the world • Set a goal and commit to the Challenge • Lose weight, increase energy, & live a healthier lifestyle


  • What DoI Take?

    • Combination of QuiAri Shake & QuiAri Energy • 24 essential vitamins and minerals• Probiotics• Fiber • Greens• Maqui - the world’s new #1 superfruit


  • Simple As 1, 2, Done!

    Step 1: Enjoy a delicious shakefirst thing in the morning

    Step 2: Take 1-2 QuiAri Energy tablets immediately after drinking the shake


  • Who Is The 90-Day Challenge For?• Lose weight• Gain more energy• Live a healthier lifestyle

    Great for anybody and everybody looking to:

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.5

  • Real People. Real Results.

    Adam BrokerLost 90+ pounds!

    “QuiAri gave me my life back.”

    Patti SutherlandLost 30+ pounds!

    “I tried everything.Only QuiAri worked!”

    Lauren and Joel YorkLost a combined 60+ pounds!

    “We’ve never felt better andhave more energy than ever!”


  • How Much Does It Cost?

    Kickstart Combo Pack$125 USD

    Starter Pack$250 USD

    Lifestyle Pack$500 USD Save $45 USD• Our most popular option• 90-day supply of products• 1 extra month supply to help promote the Challenge

    • Perfect for 2 people to start the Challenge

    • 4-week supply of products each

    *Prices do not include shipping, duties, VAT or any applicable international product import fees.

    • Perfect for 1 person to start the Challenge• 4-week supply of products

    Single serve packets available for sampling



  • How Can I Get My Challenge ProductsFor FREE?

    YOUOn AutoDelivery

    CUSTOMER #1On AutoDelivery

    CUSTOMER #2On AutoDelivery FREE


  • Will I Save Money?Customers and Promoters are saving up to $30 USD a day!

    MorningCoffee Breakfast

    Fast FoodLunch




    $1-$2 USD$6-$12 USD$4-$8 USD$3-$5 USD $2-$3 USD $16-$30 USD


  • Company• Founded in October 2019• Headquarters in Tampa, FL• Bob Reina, Founder & CEO – Former police officer• 100% DEBT-FREE• Available in over 200 countries – Many global offices• Business For Home - Top 10 Momentum Ranks• Fastest payout in the industry


  • • Same Day Pay - Fastest payout in the industry - Get paid in 5 minutes• Refer Customers and Promoters to take the Challenge

    How Can I Get Paid?


  • 5 Ways to Earn… Fast Start and


    20% paid oninitial Customer

    or Promoter orders10% paid on all

    Customer reorders



    Earn up to25% of personally

    sponsored Promoters’Team Commissions


    Potentially earnover $1000 USD

    within your first 30 days,including a one-time

    Speed Bonus of$500 USD


    Earn up to$5,000 USD per monthfor business expenses,

    travel, car, etc.

    QuiAri makes no guarantee of financial success. Success with QuiAri results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and leadership. Your income will depend upon how well you exercise these qualities.

    Earn commissions on initial product sales

    and all product re-orders to

    unlimited levels


  • Earn up to $1,000 USD in your first 30 days including a $500 USD Speed Bonus

    • Generate 1000 Sales Volume (SV) on purchases from Customers and Promoters - Lifestyle Pack: 300 SV - Starter Pack: 150 SV - Kickstart Combo Pack: 75 SV

    • You and your Customers and Promoters must be on AutoDelivery

    • Paid instantly with Same Day Pay

    Speed Bonus


  • Everything YouNeed To Succeed• Free custom mobile app - Real-time commission cha-ching notifications

    • Free tour marketing system - COMING SOON! - 24/7, 365 days/year - Custom landing pages - Personalized marketing sites - Real-time reporting - Autoresponder follow-up campaign - And MORE


  • Step 1:Enroll as a Promoter

    Step 2:Get Active & Qualified

    • Build your Customer base • Personally sponsor 2 Promoters to become Qualified• Help your personally sponsored Promoters stay Active by generating a minimum 50 Personal Sales Volume (PSV) monthly

    • FREE • Get everything you need to build your business: self-replicating marketing website, Back Office, mobile app, free marketing tour (COMING SOON), and more

    Step 3:Get Your Products For FREE

    • Encourage 2 Customers to take the Challenge and sign up for AutoDelivery (save 10%)

    Step 4:Grow Your Business

    • Share your story with friends, family, and anyone you think wants to look and feel better • Get paid in 5 minutes

    Getting Started

    Product purchase is not mandatory in order to participate in the QuiAri Compensation Plan 15

  • Start the 90-Day Kickstart Challenge Now….As Customer ….As Promoter