what is the main advantage of verticle gardening?

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1. WHAT IS THE MAIN ADVANTAGE OF VERTICLE GARDENING SYSTEM? www.sunstateorganics.co m 2. Vertical gardening system is currently representing the modern world of gardening and this is very much suitable for limited spaces. In some cases, this kind of gardening system is also popularly referred to as one of the major aspects of urban farming. 3. Vertical gardening system is quite sophisticated and decorative in appeal and this is one of the main reasons that it has successfully replaced the traditional form of gardening system which is pretty boring and unmanageable. 4. The plants can be maintained in healthier condition at lower cost and moreover different critical plant diseases can also be properly prevented. Damages to the gardening plants caused by wild or pet animals can be prevented by means of the same. 5. The plants can also be protected from unwanted exposure to harmful UV rays. Lots and lots of fresh oxygen is being created by the plants in your garden are which eliminated the most harmful element called carbondiooxide 6. For More Info Contact Name: Brian Donnelly Phone: (352) 620-8444 Address: 7337West Anthony Road, Ocala, Florida 34479 www.sunstateorganics.com 7. ThanK You

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