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    POSITION TITLE: Business Services Loan Processor/Servicer II

    REPORTS TO: Business Services Credit Administrator


    FLSA STATUS: Non-exempt

    REVISED: July 2016

    I. Basic Responsibilities

    The position is responsible to perform duties relating to the processing and

    servicing of business loans; including larger more complex commercial loans and

    those requiring specialized knowledge, i.e., SBA, participated loans, TDRs. The

    position is also responsible for helping to ensure compliance with all Credit Union

    policies and procedures and with State and Federal regulatory requirements.

    Position requires minimal supervision and direction and may independently

    handle moderate to complex member inquiries and transactions.

    II. Essential Functions

    a. Interact with loan officers, members, appraisers, title companies and other vendors to request, receive and follow-up on documentation and information

    required in processing and servicing of business loans.

    b. Review incoming business entity, collateral and insurance documents to ensure their accuracy and completeness.

    c. Review, report and reconcile exceptions on title report to clear title. d. Assist lending staff with documentation or procedural questions. e. Order appraisals, appraisal reviews, ensure appraisers are completing full

    scope of the assignment. Provide appraisers with feedback on quality issues;

    identify and escalate appraisal concerns. Maintain approved appraiser and

    review appraiser lists.

    f. Prepare and produce loan documentation for closing and set up new loans on the loan system.

    g. Prepare and file collateral documents with title companies and appropriate governmental authorities to assure lien perfection and priority.

    h. Complete loan funding, disbursements and data entry. i. Follow-up to make sure final deeds of trust and final title insurance policies

    are obtained on all real estate secured loans, titles are perfected on all titled

    vehicle loans and perform post-closing UCC searches on all personal property

    secured loans.

    j. Update and monitor the tickler system for hazard insurance, flood insurance, rate changes, UCC filings, annual term loan requirements, loan maturities,

    property tax, and annual fees.

    k. Review subordination requests and partial reconveyance requests for approval and processing.

    l. Set up new credit and collateral files and process paid loan files according to in-house procedures/guidelines.

    m. Process vendor invoices and submit these for approval and payment.


    n. Maintain current knowledge of Credit Union lending policies, procedures/guidelines and related forms and documents as well as an

    understanding of accounting and data processing in order to effectively

    interface with these areas.

    o. Assure the highest standards for member satisfaction through the timely resolution of member service issues, complaints and problems.

    p. Maintain complex PC spreadsheets and databases for use in collateral control monitoring, balancing and reconciling accounts.

    q. Follows policy and procedures related to Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Customer Identification Program (CIP) and

    Customer Due Diligence (CDD) daily to ensure compliance with current


    *BSA Specific Requirements: Understand compliance and complete annual

    training related to the Business Services Loan Processor / Servicer position

    including, but not limited to, The Bank Secrecy Act and the Patriot Act.

    Understand Bank Secrecy Act forms and procedures for monitoring and

    reporting suspicious activity. Notify the Compliance Department of any

    suspicious activities.

    r. Perform specific and delegated duties as assigned by management.

    III. Education and Skills Required

    a. Minimum five years prior loan experience including minimum of three years commercial loan processing and servicing.

    b. Must recognize and encourage the importance of staff and department functioning within the larger scope of company-wide policies and products.

    c. Present a positive and professional image through courteous and effective verbal and written communication skills.

    d. Ability to work well independently and within a team environment with proven ability to meet deadlines. Attention to detail is imperative.

    e. Working knowledge of member business loan policies, products and underwriting procedures/guidelines.

    f. Thorough understanding of commercial lending programs, title insurance, appraisals, UCC Article 9, flood insurance, environmental due diligence,

    property taxes, and applicable loan data systems.

    g. Demonstrated knowledge of financial real estate terms and principles. Familiarity with USPAP, FIRREA and regulatory appraisal and evaluation

    guidelines, appraisal theory, appraisal analysis techniques, understanding of

    valuation methods and techniques. Ability to comprehend, analyze, and

    interpret documents.

    h. Knowledge of real estate contracts and language. IV. Working Conditions

    a. Physical Demands 1. Occasional standing and walking. 2. Frequent sitting.


    3. Frequent use of hands in repetitive tasks such as grasping, twisting/turning of the wrists.

    4. Frequent finger manipulation to perform various clerical duties such as typing, filing, writing, and entering data in the computer system.

    b. Use of Senses 1. Frequent talking in person and on the telephone. 2. Frequent periods of time viewing a computer monitor.

    c. Mental Demands 1. Frequent interaction with others. 2. Highly receptive work. 3. Frequent attention to detail. 4. Problem-solving ability on routine matters. 5. Ability to understand and follow complex written and oral instructions. 6. Ability to comprehend complex functions and procedures and to be able to

    disseminate that knowledge in clear and understanding format to others.

    7. Ability to gather, assemble, correlate, and analyze facts and develop solutions.

    8. Ability to analyze statistics and financial data. 9. Frequent alertness, precision, and concentration to ensure accuracy of


    10. Frequent use of judgment, reasoning and patience resolving problems.

    d. Environmental Demands 1. Normal workday. 2. Occasional extended hours includes evenings and weekends as needed. 3. Occasional over-night travel. 4. Exposed to potentially hazard condition, i.e. robbery.

    NOTE: Job descriptions are not intended, and should not be construed to be exhaustive

    lists of all responsibilities, skills, efforts, or working condition associated with a job.


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