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for Compugirls, an Arizona State University summer program of STEM education for grade school girls


<ul><li> 1. WHO CARES ABOUT SOCIAL GAMES?a talk for CompuGirlsJohn Carter McKnightJuly 2011</li></ul> <p> 2. who am I and why am I here?adjunct professor of lawPhD student in Human &amp; Social Dimensionsof Science &amp; TechnologyI study how people build communities and negotiate rules in online spacesand I play a lot of games! 3. Games are a series of interesting choices Sid Meier 4. Social games (Facebook games)get trashed by game developers,who dont find the choices interesting 5. why not? 6. who makes games? 7. who plays games? 8. but those arent games games! 9. what kinds of choices are interestingto you? 10. the game mechanics those interesting choices are actually the same as in a game that developers,critics and game studies professors - love 11. same choices, different context! 12. so what? 13. who decides what choices are interesting? you do! 14. great games like great books are the ones you can come back toand find something interesting every time. 15. so. whats interesting?</p>