why buy diamond+?

Why buy Diamond+?

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Justify the price and the value of Yantouch 3-in-1, 2-in-1, even as Music only


  • 1. Why buy Diamond+?

2. Diamond+ too expensive? 3. Too expensive if youonly care about music. 4. Yantouch Unique 3-in-1Best MusicSmart Light Natural Wake 5. If you care 3-in-1 LifestyleBT SpeakerValue>$300Smart Light$199 $125Natural Wake$169 6. Whats good aboutNatural Wake/Sleep? 7. If you never had sleep problem, then dontneed Natural Sleep/Wake.Otherwise, even 10% improvementfor next 5 years, well worth over $100. 8. Natural WakeWhy suffer? YantouchScary Alarm Natural Wake 9. Diamond+Natural Wake1. You set 7AM to wake2. By 6:30AM, D+ will gradual light up3. Bring you from deep to shallow sleep4. By 7AM, canaries will start to sing 10. Silent AlarmUse Light, instead of Soundto wake you up only Not to disturb spouse 11. Natural SleepWhy suffer? YantouchSleeping pills Natural Sleep helps to formgood sleep habit 12. Enjoy Reading with MusicSpace saving:Table lamp + SpeakerGradual dim down both music & lightto help you fall asleep naturally 13. Whats good aboutSmart Light? 14. Cool Phone app controlNot hot, energy saving LEDPractical Dimmable White lightRomantic 16,000,000 colorsWashwall sync with your favorite Music 15. Dual ControlPhone Control Diamond+ IR Remote 16. Adjustable Dimmable WhiteNot hot LEDColor temperature Adjustableby Remote/Phone 17. Romantic Washwall 18. Your most demanding Delicate ColorsFrench RedTurkish BlueDaisy GoldLavender Purple 19. Portable RomanticDiamond+ 20. Sync LightingBlue: BassGreen: VocalRed: Instrument 21. If you only care 2-in-1BT SpeakerValue>$200Smart Light>$100 >$100Natural WakeTreat asFree Bonus>$100 22. What if I only care Music? 23. It may still worth the money!Because,Diamond+ rated 4.7*,Only second to Boses 4.8*Best emulated Stereoand you can show off 24. CP Value: Amazon Top 100PriceAmazonRate#1 Bose SoundlinkYantouch Diamond+$100 $150 $200 $2504. UE mBoom#26 UE Boom#46 SoundDock2#59 SoundDock3#3 Jambox#13 BJambox#47 mJambox#22 Beats Pill#23 Oontz XLJBL Pulse 25. Emulated Separated StereoWhy suffer? YantouchJammed Left/Righthard to tell stereoLeft/Right ReflectionFrom WallsPatented 26. Yantouch perfectionof craftsmanship 27. Would you marry me again?Mt. Jade outdoor concert, Taiwan