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  1. 1. APIdays Mediterranea Theinternationalconference about the tech& business of APIs May6th & 7th 2015 - Barcelona
  2. 2. Welcome aboard
  3. 3. Whats APIdays Mediterranea? APIdays is the main independent conference on APIs, data and cloud. It gathers together developers, IT managers, startups, corporations and those involved in the industry and business of data and APIs. APIdays started in Paris in 2012 and has spread internationally since with locals editions in San Francisco,Madrid, Barcelona,Berlin,Sydney and Moscow. APIdays Mediterranea is the next APIdays edition and it will take place in Barcelona,6th-7thofMayattheMobileWorldCentre. Sounds lovelybut what is an API?
  4. 4. What is an API? Why are they important? An API is the way for two applications, websites or things to communicate and exchange data in an automated and programmable way. For example, APIs are the ones that allows Twitter to communicate with Instagram. Adding maps and geographical info to any application can be done through Google Maps API. Payment services can be incorporated to third party webs or apps with the Paypal API, and so on. APIs are re-shaping the tech industry and digital business, and they are here to stay. APIs arethe hot thing rightnow!
  5. 5. If software is eating the world, APIs are eating software. Steven Willmott
  6. 6. Around the globe in 80 APIdays (APIdays events scheduled for 2015)
  7. 7. Thisisthethirdeditionafteragreat successin2013and2014.
  8. 8. APIdays Mediterranea 2014 in numbers +2000 tweets + 10 h video recording + 30h keynotes and workshops +40 speakers 25 proud sponsors & partners 2 days of sessions +10 dev communities +200 attendees 1 flying drone 50 sessions 50 l of beer
  9. 9. SomeshinyAPIpeople
  10. 10. Conceptos como el Internet de las cosaso los dispositivos 'llevables' son posibles graciasa las APIsy estn cambiando nuestra nocin de lo que un dispositivo pueden hacer por nosotros"La Vanguardia Barcelonaacoge el encuentro sobre tecnologa informtica APIdays La informacin Un sector que se presenta como el futuro delsoftware ysupone una revolucin tecnolgica que no solo incumbe a expertos yentusiastas de la programacin Barcelona LovesEntrepreneurs APIdays Mediterranea 2014, la mayor conferencia independiente sobre APIs se consolida GenbetaDev Media said APIdays Mediterranea rene a gurs internacionales, startups tecnolgicas y gigantes digitales La sociedad mvil APIdays seha convertido en un evento de referencia mundial en el negocio de las APIsy el Softwarecomo Servicio Adictosal trabajo El Mobile World Centre de Barcelona acoger los das 29 y 30 de mayo el congreso APIdays Mediterrnea, centrado en las APIs Expansin
  11. 11. APIdaysMediterranea2015will take place at the Mobile World Centre in Barcelona, 6th-7th May with a especial track on Natural Language Processing and the opportunities the API economy offers to the language industry.
  12. 12. Some great APIdays Mediterranea 2015 speakers Kin Lane Mike Amundsen Steve Klabnik Norberto Leite Tony Blank Andy Thurai Orlando Kalossakas Alberto Lpez API Evangelist CA Technologies Ruby Hero MongoDB Context.io Mashape Braintree_devIBM
  13. 13. APIdays Mediterranea 2015 proud sponsors
  14. 14. APIdays Mediterranea 2015 partners
  15. 15. Join the API fest by registering: http://mediterranea.apidays.io/ Meetupand warmupparty on the5th!